On January 5, 2006, after having done some online political commentary for a San Francisco Bay Area website, I decided to dip my toe in the blogging pool. Now, seven years later (as of this writing in 2013), it appears that instead of “dipping my toe,” I dove in head first.


I am a native Texan. Born in Austin, but grew up from the time I was five in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas, along the Texas/Mexico border. I remember when you could go to the border towns and you didn’t have to fear for your life. There was so much about growing up in the Valley that, looking back, I can say shaped me into who I am today. For one, my maternal grandparents ran a floral nursery on the property my great-grandfather built. I can recall watching them count their cash box every evening after 5:30 while watching Walter Cronkite on CBS News. Little did I know then that I was watching entrepreneurship in action.


I was 11 years old in 1980 but was attracted to the candidacy and message of Ronald Wilson Reagan. A couple years earlier, the son of a neighbor had told me the Soviet Union had a weapon that was going to destroy the planet and kill everyone. When I heard Reagan, I thought maybe this man could stop the Communist Soviets from annihilating the world. When Reagan came to the Valley in September 1980, my family and I lined up along the route to his event and saw him and Mrs. Reagan pass by. As a conservative, Reagan, to me, is the gold standard.

My first vote for President was for George HW Bush in 1988. But under Bush 41 the GOP began to reverse course, back to the hands of the country-club GOP establishment (breaking the “Read my lips” pledge). So, in 1992, (this is embarrassing to admit) I voted for Slick Willie Clinton. Why? Though I liked Reagan, I wasn’t intellectually grounded in conservatism, and bought the Slickster’s hogwash pumped out by the media. I had also finished the liberal brainwashing known as “higher education.” One poli-sci professor gushed over my change in direction, mostly after hearing him talk about how Republicans were only for the rich and big business. It was around this time I heard Rush Limbaugh the first time and didn’t get it. I thought, like my liberal friends did, he was a blowhard, out of touch with the rest of us. Plus, he was full of it when he said the media was biased, so I thought.

Then reality bites!

I finally landed a job (after about a year of hard times) at a business newspaper in Central Texas (even briefly did radio business reports on an Austin talk radio station). My political awakening began over this time.

One awakening happened at a business luncheon with Paula Zahn in Austin, where my new publisher talked about women in business as “the real power.” I mean sure, I’m for equal opportunity and equal pay, but that comment to me smacked of sexism. Plus, the attitude of the female managers toward many of the men was, to me, arrogant and cocky. Some of us were “laid off” as a part of the new company take over. Around the same time (late 1995), a co-worker and I went to see P.J. O’Rourke give a book talk in Austin. O’Rourke responded to a question about what made him become a conservative and he said it was when he got his first paycheck and saw how much he was paying in taxes. A few months later, I found out exactly what he was talking about, after achieving something called “capital gains” and having to pay taxes on it. So at that point, I actually listened to Rush Limbaugh for the first time in my life and checked out what he had to say by doing my own research.

Unemployed and looking for something new, I headed out to the San Francisco Bay Area with delusions of grandeur as a performing blues/rock guitarist (oh the follies of youth!). But I had to make a living, so I ended up working in mortgage lending off and on for a number of years in the Bay Area. I wasn’t really political so to speak, except for voting and, beginning in 1999-2000, a growing addiction on talk radio (especially the KSFO Morning Show­--Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan, where I also got my first big mention years later) kept up not just the education from Professor Limbaugh, but got me interested in activism and probably a lot of why I’m writing this blog today.

Then 9/11 happened. This was the event that tipped me over the edge into activism. Because a week and a half later, the sight of the local Communist group (masquerading as “Peace and Justice”) with their signs made my blood boil. Planes with passengers crashed into buildings, people jump to their deaths, all those heartbreaking final phone calls and you’re on a street corner in Moron County saying “an eye for an eye makes the world go blind” you stupid, stoned-out, hippie freak from the 60s? So, I joined the counter-protest movement that showed support for our troops. As an extension of this activism came my desire to get the writing juices flowing again. I did political commentary and news editor duties at one Bay Area website for about a year. I took a break after 2004, but by 2006 decided to start this blog.

By late 2007, I had relocated to the Washington DC area (Fairfax County, VA) after the mortgage business collapsed like a house of cards. So, I’m technically no longer “marooned” in Moron County and am living in exile, but the name still remains. Plus maroon (and the background color of the blog) is also in reference to the school color of Texas A&M University of which I’m a graduate of one their branch campus in Kingsville (south of Corpus Christi), where, embarrassing to say, Obamabot Hollyweird Lib Eva Longoria is fellow alumni (she graduated a few years after I did). I have dual loyalty for a Texan…born in Austin, or T-Sipper (University of Texas) Country, and graduated from an Aggie school.

It’s been quite an experience the last seven years blogging here. Over that time, I’ve met many of the fine people who read this blog, and have met, as well as made friendships with many in the conservative blogosphere, activists, media types, and so many others. I’m proud of the times when I’ve been able to expose lies, or something the media refused to report. Recently, I even had the honor of appearing in the recentr documentary, Hating Breitbart (see here for more details).

As 2013 and the second Obama term starts, it is important for all hands to be on deck. As has been done since 2006, I will do my utmost to inform and expose to you what the media is hiding.  All of us are important to preserving the future of this great nation, resisting the Obama Regime’s soft-tyranny and holding those in the GOP accountable for their actions or inaction.

Stay tuned!


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Kay Day said...

Really interesting background. I had similar experience, although most of my career was freelancing. I think indie bloggers should form a network. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. LOVE IT! Bookmarking it! Thanks for all you are doing in the name of Freedom and Conservatism.