Friday, April 17, 2020

Democrats & Media Sycophants Kick & Scream As Trump Lays Path To Reopen US Economy

Yesterday, President Trump announced new, three-step CDC guidelines to open America up for business again, after the CCP Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has ravaged the world, and the ensuing health emergency/state closures over the last month have destroyed the US economy after three years of miraculous growth, with around 22 million Americans out of work in the last month, as well as a loss of savings due to the falling stock market.

But will states with Democrat governors take the initiative in reopening the country? Will the Corrupt Media, who have marketed nothing but pessimism and falsehoods, continue their efforts to scare Americans from participating in anything but hoarding toilet paper and other items from grocery stores?

Earlier this week, the blackfaced pro-infanticide Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, decided to extend his executive order closing business for two more weeks from his initial April 23rd date to May 8th, and still has the state on lockdown until June 10, regardless of the fact that the Commonwealth has not been in the top 10 percent of deaths or infections. Like other Democrat governors, who have used this national emergency to act as little totalitarians, "Coonman" has used the shutdown to strip the voter ID requirement in Virginia voting, expanded abortion laws and signed gun control legislation, no doubt during a time to suppress any protests (like the one back in January) with his mandatory lockdown.

Other Democrat governors in the East & West Leftist coasts are forming “compacts,” reminiscent of the 1860 Democrats who formed the Confederate States of America, to decide on their own when to reopen for business. Like their confederate counterparts, these Democrats scream “Federalism” and “States Rights,” with a lot of pseudo-conservative support in the #NeverTrumper cabal.

But, as Mark Levin noted on Fox News’ Hannity show lastnight, the police power to shut down the state does not extend to interfering with interstate commerce, thus taking away the “Federalism” argument.

Democrats and their water carriers in the Corrupt Media have attacked any plan to reopen, stating that the President and those in his party care more about the stock market than people’s lives. They say they cannot reopen until there is the ability to test while screaming “SCIENCE!!!” (cue Thomas Dolby) as their rational. But these are the same liberals who, when the President has noted hydroxychloroquine has worked in several cases of treating COVID-19, have attacked the idea, with some governors (like Nevada’s Gov. Sisolak and Michigan’s Governor Whitmer), abusing their positions to forbid doctors from prescribing it. It as if these Leftists are rooting for the country’s failure, so they can benefit from it politically, as Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” This can be seen as how the Democrats are using this crisis to push for “Vote by Mail,” a recipe for vote fraud. If you need proof, see how California 2018 mid-term elections were the dressrehearsal for vote fraud by “ballot harvesting.”

Don’t be fooled. SCIENCE!!! is the religion for the godless, but when it comes in the form of something that flies in the face of what a Leftist in a lab coat or who has PhD by their name, they close their ears to shut it out. The problem with Leftists is they base their blind faith in science on the word of scientists who utter Leftist theories and use their positions to claim it is science. However, all the models that we used as “SCIENCE!!!” to shut down various states were based on computer models that had flawed data. Kind of like that is used to forecast the weather (and how often is the weatherman wrong?). Actual science, conversely, is not based on opinion, forecasts or projections, but repeated and consistent fact.

While real science is perfect laws (based on a Supreme Being that the Left denies), we as human beings do not live in a perfect world. This is the flaw of liberalism or “progressivism” (aka socialism/communism). Despite his best efforts, man will never create Heaven on Earth, and it is the delusion of seeking of utopia by laws or decrees that history has shown never works. In the process, denies man of his God-given rights, making him a pawn of the State. In this emergency, there is no perfect scenario or end-game.

It is easy for a Leftist like Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, the Brooklyn ambulance chaser Chuck Schumer, or any others to talk in terms of having the perfect scenario to reopen the economy. But here’s the problem; how many of them are still receiving paychecks and have never experienced a day of being broke or being unemployed, wondering where your next check is coming from? That’s because many of them have never spent a day in the private sector, spending their time in government instead and using their positions as public servants to ride a gravy train of conflicts of interest (see Biden, Hunter) to enrich themselves and their families. These Democrats cannot relate to the “common man” they claim to speak for. Even Communist/Socialist regimes have a small “elite” who have all the money and power.

Likewise, what the Left doesn’t get is that a closed economy doesn’t just repair itself, and no amount of government spending will fix it. An active participatory workforce creates economic health, not classifying people as “essential” and “non-essential.”  The same people who mocked “trickle down” economics in the 1980s do not understand the trickle-down effect. Sure, many Americans have been blessed with the ability to work from home while their offices are shut down. However, if those Americans who are unemployed are unable to pay for the goods and services that those working remotely can provide, then that has a trickle effect on the economy, affecting the livelihood of those working remotely and those working in the service industry (supermarkets, etc.). Then, that affects tax revenue to the local, state and the federal governments.

Getting America back on the road to recovery cannot be an “either or” proposition. It must be based on a balance of infection numbers and common-sense measures that ensure economic health as well as physical health/recovery of those infected.  

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