Thursday, August 08, 2019

Do You Remember The Protests When Obama Came to Tucson, AZ After 2011 Shooting?

Question: What did the horrific 2011 shooting in Tucson, AZ have in common with the mass murders in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend?

Several things.

One: was that liberal activists used these terrible tragedies to blame two politicians they hate and want to get rid of for perpetrating the shootings. Just as President Donald Trump has been falsely accused by opportunistic Democrats and their Corrupt Media lackeys, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was relentlessly blamed (with no evidence whatsoever) for inspiring the shooting. The flimsy reed used to link Palin to the shooting was the election 2010 map "targeting" Rep. Gabby Giffords' district with a surveyor's target. The allegation that Palin was responsible was made despite the fact that the gunman, Jared Loughner, had no evidence of support for Palin or the Tea Party. Evidence did show, however, he had an obsession with a conspiracy theory film. Zeitgeist that attacked Christianity and promoted 9/11 Trutherism, among other things. (R.S. McCain at The Spectator).

Two: Piggybacking on the first point, the corrupt media and political opportunists used this tragedy for their own political aims. Pushing more gun control and silencing their political opposition, accusing their political opponents (at that time, the Tea Party movement) of inciting vitriolic speech. It is worth note that the El Paso killer's "manifesto" did reference Hispanics, but that one section was cherrypicked among his socialist (advocating for universal healthcare, a guaranteed income) and environmentalist rantings.

Three: The President (Barack Obama in 2011; Donald Trump in 2019) visited the communities affected by the shooting.

What is the difference?

Obama gave a televised speech, while Trump met with the families and those wounded, as well as local officials.

In Dayton, Ohio, the Democrat Mayor Nan Whaley encouraged protests of the President. She also held a press conference afterwords with fellow Democrat, Senator Sherrod Brown and used it to for a partisan attack the President. In El Paso, Democrat Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and the faux Hispanic for political purposes Robert Francis O'Rourke said President Trump was not welcome in El Paso. Escobar declined to participate with the President during his appearance.

Flashback to 2011. Barack Obama previously had a very contentious relationship with then Arizona Governor Jan Brewer over the Obama Regime's unwillingness to secure the Mexico/Arizona border, to the point at one of his visits she pointed her finger at him expressing her displeasure.

However, when Obama appeared for his speech in Tucson, Brewer and other Republicans were in attendance. In an internet search, I could not find any reference to protests of Obama appearing in Tucson, or, for that matter, Brewer or any other Republican either refusing to attend Obama’s appearance and/or encouraging protests. Brewer did sign legislation to prohibit the disgusting, faux "church" known as Westboro Baptist to protest the funerals with their vile signs.

Both sides of the aisle came together for a few minutes. Obama gave a speech that sounded good on the surface, but he, his party, and their radical activist base were anything but civil over the rest of 2011.

You want to lecture me again about incivility and inciting language?

Elected Democrats and their media propagandists can talk about unity only when it suits them. But while they point their fingers toward Donald Trump accusing him of hateful rhetoric, inciting violence, their actions show that they, the Left, are the ones who embrace violent, hate, inciteful rhetoric as a political tool that does not unite, but only divides.

That is what America saw from these Leftist like Whaley, Brown, O'Rourke, and Escobar yesterday. A far different sight from Tucson eight years ago.