Friday, August 09, 2019

Note To President Trump, GOPs in House & Senate: Let's Not Rush Into The Left's Push For "Red Flag" & Other Gun Laws

Tomorrow has been a week since the deadly shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio; and the vultures have not only continued their slanderous attacks on President Trump, but also the Second Amendment and defenders of our constitutional freedom, such as the NRA.

It wasn't even hours after the shooting that the anti-gun Left began their assault on America by going after one of the key freedoms we are guaranteed as people. And, earlier in the week, the President signaled he was willing to look at some these proposals.

And that is the last thing America needs right now; a knee jerk reaction to these horrors by surrendering more of our liberty to the government.

I'm sure we all remember after 9/11, and so many of the changes that happened afterwards pushed by the Bush Administration. Federalized TSA workers and creating a new bureaucracy called the Department of Homeland Security. 

There was also various aspects of the Patriot Act. I supported much of this back then. But looking back almost 18 years later, I believe we rushed to implement a lot of things that basically just grew the size of government. I didn't have a problem with the NSA wiretaps on suspected terrorists; however, neither I or anyone else could imagine that we would one day elect a President who used these safeguards that were meant against foreign terrorist suspects to what we've learned was unconstitutional spying on an opposing Presidential campaign.

I'm not saying that there should not have been some changes in how the government protected Americans after 9/11; I am, however, questioning some aspects of the changes that allow for abuse of civil liberties and rogue elements of an administration.

But more background checks on guns? Don't we already have background checks? Why don't we do some kind of investigation into what went wrong and why any red flags about the shooter did not appear. We know that, after the Parkland, FL school shooting that there were a ton of signs that were missed or ignored. 

So why would more laws stop that?

Speaking of Red Flags, the "Red Flag" proposal sounds good on paper, but based on what I'm seeing, there's a lot of civil liberties concerns, like a gun owner's lack of due process (Fourth Amendment).

Six states have enacted these laws. At their core, they allow the police to convene a Kafkaesque secret proceeding, in which an American can be stripped of his or her gun rights and Fourth Amendment rights, even though gun owners are barred from participating in the hearings or arguing their side of the dispute. 
The first thing gun owners learn is when police knock on the door — ready to ransack their house and, if they resist, to arrest or even shoot them and their family. 
The standard is not whether there is probable cause to believe that the gun owner has committed a crime, as the Constitution would seem to require. Rather, the standard is some subjective determination about whether the owner represents some "danger."
As in the film Minority Report, Americans are stripped of their fundamental constitutional rights based on the subjective possibility of a "future crime." And we know from our limited experience that many accusers lie or make mistakes — even more reach delusional conclusions — and the target is frequently an abused victim who is most in need of the wherewithal to protect against an abuser.  
After a fixed period of time — say, 21 days — the gun owner can ask for a court hearing to restore his or her constitutional rights. But guess what? Few gun owners have the sophistication or the thousands of dollars it would take to hire a lawyer and expert witnesses. And few courts are willing to second-guess themselves and reverse the Gun Confiscation Order which has been issued.  
In fact, hundreds of thousands of veterans have lost their gun rights without due process pursuant to a comparable procedure. And recent revelations from the VA suggest that fewer than 50 have successfully invoked this "process" to get their rights back.  
But there's a larger issue: If the Constitution can be suspended in a secret hearing, where does this lead?  
What if this newspaper could be shut down for 21 days without due process — based on a secret complaint? Or an individual could be arrested or imprisoned for 21 days? Or tortured?  
Far from being a "consensus proposal," the suspension of the Constitution in a secret hearing is a constitutional Rubicon from which there is no return. 
The same goes with proposals with online media companies to police for possible shooters. The problem is, we've seen how tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and others have gone after accounts because of political content..

What I would tell President Trump and Congress is to take your time and act on this with prudence and good judgement, not out of haste and pressure from the Haters on the Left. Their goal, though they deny it, is eventual repeal and seizure of guns.

Don't think they can?

Remember how the pro-abortion crowd only wanted abortion up the first trimester, and only to save the life of a mother? Now, we have abortion activist cheer in one state as a law is approved that would allow abortions up to the time of birth!

Our Second Amendment is not an issue that can be compromised on. Plus, no matter how much you try to give them a little, it is never enough.

And they will still hate you anyway. 

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Liberal KY Attorney/Radio Host Tells Black GOP Candidate: “Stop Eating The Coon Flakes”

The overwhelming accusation from elected Democrats, their activists and their paid propagandists in the Corrupt Media about President Donald Trump is that he is a racist, a white supremacist and so are all his voters.


Well, in Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, a black Republican who is running as State Attorney General, was attacked by a local attorney and radio host named Dawn Elliott with a racial slur (LifeSiteNews)
“How does a person of color proudly flaunt an endorsement from a president who is clearly racist and is determined to oppress the very people that gave Mr. Cameron life? … My suggestion to Mr. Cameron is to stop eating the ‘Coon Flakes’ the White House is serving,” she said according to the Louisville Courier Journal. “Daniel is slapping all the black ancestors in the face. All their hard work, struggles and even death means nothing to him.”
Isn’t this typical? Liberals always brag about how open minded and tolerant they are. But if anyone dares to think for themselves, they are considered “uppity” and attacked with slurs.

Any yet liberals have the audacity to accuse Republicans of being linked to white supremacy?

Do You Remember The Protests When Obama Came to Tucson, AZ After 2011 Shooting?

Question: What did the horrific 2011 shooting in Tucson, AZ have in common with the mass murders in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend?

Several things.

One: was that liberal activists used these terrible tragedies to blame two politicians they hate and want to get rid of for perpetrating the shootings. Just as President Donald Trump has been falsely accused by opportunistic Democrats and their Corrupt Media lackeys, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was relentlessly blamed (with no evidence whatsoever) for inspiring the shooting. The flimsy reed used to link Palin to the shooting was the election 2010 map "targeting" Rep. Gabby Giffords' district with a surveyor's target. The allegation that Palin was responsible was made despite the fact that the gunman, Jared Loughner, had no evidence of support for Palin or the Tea Party. Evidence did show, however, he had an obsession with a conspiracy theory film. Zeitgeist that attacked Christianity and promoted 9/11 Trutherism, among other things. (R.S. McCain at The Spectator).

Two: Piggybacking on the first point, the corrupt media and political opportunists used this tragedy for their own political aims. Pushing more gun control and silencing their political opposition, accusing their political opponents (at that time, the Tea Party movement) of inciting vitriolic speech. It is worth note that the El Paso killer's "manifesto" did reference Hispanics, but that one section was cherrypicked among his socialist (advocating for universal healthcare, a guaranteed income) and environmentalist rantings.

Three: The President (Barack Obama in 2011; Donald Trump in 2019) visited the communities affected by the shooting.

What is the difference?

Obama gave a televised speech, while Trump met with the families and those wounded, as well as local officials.

In Dayton, Ohio, the Democrat Mayor Nan Whaley encouraged protests of the President. She also held a press conference afterwords with fellow Democrat, Senator Sherrod Brown and used it to for a partisan attack the President. In El Paso, Democrat Congresswoman Veronica Escobar and the faux Hispanic for political purposes Robert Francis O'Rourke said President Trump was not welcome in El Paso. Escobar declined to participate with the President during his appearance.

Flashback to 2011. Barack Obama previously had a very contentious relationship with then Arizona Governor Jan Brewer over the Obama Regime's unwillingness to secure the Mexico/Arizona border, to the point at one of his visits she pointed her finger at him expressing her displeasure.

However, when Obama appeared for his speech in Tucson, Brewer and other Republicans were in attendance. In an internet search, I could not find any reference to protests of Obama appearing in Tucson, or, for that matter, Brewer or any other Republican either refusing to attend Obama’s appearance and/or encouraging protests. Brewer did sign legislation to prohibit the disgusting, faux "church" known as Westboro Baptist to protest the funerals with their vile signs.

Both sides of the aisle came together for a few minutes. Obama gave a speech that sounded good on the surface, but he, his party, and their radical activist base were anything but civil over the rest of 2011.

You want to lecture me again about incivility and inciting language?

Elected Democrats and their media propagandists can talk about unity only when it suits them. But while they point their fingers toward Donald Trump accusing him of hateful rhetoric, inciting violence, their actions show that they, the Left, are the ones who embrace violent, hate, inciteful rhetoric as a political tool that does not unite, but only divides.

That is what America saw from these Leftist like Whaley, Brown, O'Rourke, and Escobar yesterday. A far different sight from Tucson eight years ago. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Is The White Supremacy Terrorism Allegation Just A Ruse?

If you've tried to look at social media, the news, or the online Leftist sewer known as Twitter, it seems every elected Democrat, their paid propagandists in Corrupt Media outlets like CNN or MSNBC are labeling "Orange Man Bad, He's a White Supremacist."

This is a venomous label, the worst kind of allegation you can throw at any individual, with the intent of silencing those who you disagree with, especially when you are unable to defeat their argument.

I remember right after Donald Trump was elected President and someone expressed concern to me about this "alt-right movement," and how could I vote for someone connected to the "alt-right?" I scratched my head and pled ignorance. I followed news during that time, I was starting to wind down my blogging, and yet for the life of me I hadn't heard of the f$&#!@g alt-right. I'd never heard the name Richard Spencer (aka Dick Spencer). But the sore losers among elected Democrats and the corrupt media held their magnifying glass up at them, making them look like a big group, when in reality they couldn't fill a bathroom stall at a Buc'ees in Texas.

Tucker Carlson at Fox News is once again under attack today by the online gestapo at Media Mutters who are trying to fire him for daring to question the validity of a rise of "White Nationalist Terrorism."

Julie Kelly wrote the interesting piece at American Greatness that I heard her discuss this afternoon on the Larry O'Connor show.
The anti-Trump forces, now stripped of their Russian collusion ammunition, have invented another imaginary threat they hope to weaponize against the president: The public menace posed by “white supremacist” terrorism. 
Much like the collusion conspiracy theory—which relied on random incidents, fictional villains, unconvincing evidence, and the Bad Orange Man in the White House—there is little substance to this purported danger. 
Unironically, the whole ruse is being pushed by the same people who foisted the Russian collusion hoax on the American people for three years in the hopes of prompting President Trump’s impeachment and removal. The political agenda behind this manufactured white supremacy crisis is equally sinister because its specific purpose is to influence and undermine the 2020 elections. 
The “white supremacy” canard is intended to further demonize Trump; falsely defame his supporters as white supremacists; and pressure nervous voters into defeating Trump and Republican candidates next year. The strategy is as cynical as it is pernicious. 
....In his Senate testimony last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray was intentionally vague when questioned by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) about the supposed rise of white supremacy. 
“In terms of number of arrests, we have, through the third quarter of this fiscal year, had about, give or take, a hundred arrests in the international terrorism side, which includes the homegrown violent extremists,” Wray explained. “But we’ve also had about the same number, again, don’t quote me to the exact digit, on the domestic terrorism side. And I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence but it includes other things as well.” 
Some version of what you might call white supremacist violence? Even giving Wray the benefit of the doubt, that means the FBI investigated roughly 50 or so cases of some version of white supremacy. Not exactly solid evidence to justify a law enforcement, political and media war against white supremacy.
But the real danger is in the possibility of "Red Flag Laws" which on the surface sound good, but can be used for nefarious purposes.
What should frighten every American is that the emerging proposals to mitigate “white supremacy” include a jaw-dropping array of strong-arm tactics that will, in short order, violate the free speech rights of millions of Americans as the government and news media malign anyone they identify as sympathizing with “white supremacy.” 
If these measures are enacted, they will give legal and political cover to social media platforms to ban Trump officials, his supporters and perhaps even the president himself—they may extend to anyone in the Republican Party. Guns will be confiscated, careers ruined, and reputations irreparably destroyed. It will be the Kavanaugh hearing and show trials on steroids. 
Conservative news and opinion outlets such as this one could be placed on some kind of watch list, or worse, shuttered altogether simply for challenging immigration policy or defending the president. Private companies and financial institutions could be warned against doing business with the Trump campaign or Republican candidates and lawmakers. Donors could be censured under the guise of aiding and abetting a domestic enemy. 
MSNBC already is advocating on behalf of taking that path: “Because you keep writing checks to this president, it’s on you . . . because you are funding this white supremacist campaign . . . It is your money that is funding this white supremacy,” claimed Joe Scarborough on Monday’s show. 
Pending approval of a catalog of harsh policy prescriptions, the Democrats, the news media and NeverTrump Right will continue openly to brand any voter planning to reelect Donald Trump as a white supremacist. The social shame will be as destructive as any measures that could be taken by any law enforcement agency. 
And while the Trump haters scream at shadows and unleash the dogs of war, the real danger—how we address the mental, emotional and social defects in a generation of isolated young men—will be ignored just so #TheResistance can move poll numbers before November 2020.
I think there's another cynical ploy in smearing Trump as a racist or white supremacist. Despite the language from the Democrats and their propaganda arms, many polls have shown not only are Hispanics (who are supposed to hate Trump because of the Border Wall) rallying to him, but also he had support rise among black voters.

Kind of like when the Tea Party was starting to attract a lot of prominent minority voices, all of a sudden, it was time for the Democrats to scheme and come up with another cynical ploy for them and the Corrupt Media to slander the Tea Party as racist and scare any minority voter away from voting other than Democrat.

As the late Andrew Breitbart said in the 2012 film, "Hating Breitbart."
"There is a historic amount of black candidates who are Tea Party created in essence. And so while the Left is trying to say that the Tea Party is racist, a batch of brilliant, pro-American exceptionalism, pro-American freedom, pro-fiscal responsibility black conservatives start inhabiting the Tea Party and the Democratic Party says 'Uh oh! We've got a problem here.'"
And I think the Democrat Party is thinking the same thing today, hence why the "white supremacist" slander is getting tossed around.

Speaking As One American—An Open Letter to the President, Congress, The 2020 Candidates, The Media, Pop Culture After El Paso & Dayton

Saturday, August 3rd started like a routine weekend. A rare day to sleep in late, late breakfast, then getting prepared for my wife and I go to an early afternoon movie.

Before the feature started, there was the ominous “report any suspicious behavior, find the nearest exit.” My mind flashed to the deranged individual who went into a movie theater a few years ago to kill people.

It wasn’t until after the movie ended, and we were back at home that I scanned social media to find out the horrors that happen in El Paso, in my beloved home state of Texas.

The news got worse that night, as all of us saw the news of another mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio.

It is hard to imagine the shock, grief, and other feelings family members of loved ones must feel when they are waiting for news of a family member who has not been heard from, only to find out they aren’t coming home. Their lives taken away by some crazed mass shooter who was too cowardly to find help for themselves, who selfishly did not care for the lives and loved ones of the people around him, and then extinguished the light of their lives.

Not only did these insane madmen and others like them in recent years wreck those lives, but they attacked America. They attacked the idea of their fellow citizens living out their God-given gift of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

In horrific events like what happened this past weekend, the “better angels” of our nation feel a sense of vulnerability. Could such a horror happen around them? They also grieve and pray in their hearts out of sympathy for people they don’t know, but who are connected to them as citizens of our great nation.

Unfortunately, while those of us who felt grief and sorrow for the families and the victims; we braced ourselves at the same time for the tidal wave of vitriol from the opposite of our “better angels, “ those “worst devils” who use tragedies like this like vultures circling their prey, all for some gain.
Following Rahm Emmanuel’s credo of, “never let a good crisis go to waste,” these vultures among us did not seek unity, they only brought division. Where love, compassion, prayer, and a time for mourn is needed, these vultures mock the idea of “thoughts and prayers,” demanding action instead, and incendiary rhetoric to punish those who do not think as they do.

Who are these vultures? I will name a few:

Almost all elected Democrats, among them Robert Francis O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttgieg. Also Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff, the corrupt and disgraced James Comey, Jake Tapper of CNN, Chuck Todd of NBC, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Nicole Wallace of MSNBC.

These ghouls used a horrific tragedy as a weapon to attack President Donald Trump using some of the worst, dirtiest, and slanderous language possible, using terms like “white supremacist,” “racist,” “bigot,” along with comparisons to the Third Reich.

But these vultures were not just content in attacking President Trump. While claiming to speak out against racism, they use racist attacks against his voters and supporters, labeling all them “white nationalists.” They attack law abiding gun owners who make up the National Rifle Association as terrorists. They attack any news outlet (i.e. Fox News) who dares not to act like Democrat Party propagandists, masquerading as objective journalists.

This is not to say that legitimate criticism or questioning of a President is off limits. But there is a difference in legitimate and reasoned criticism vs. slanderous allegations, in racist accusations of a President and his supporters, in the Corrupt Media cherry picking the lunatic rantings of the gunman’s manifesto (they skipped over his socialist ideas) in desperation to link anyone not a “progressive” as a white supremacist and blame them for a mass murder they did not commit.

Why? All because of resentment over the 2016 election (looking at you Hillary), the acquisition of political power in regaining the White House, as well as chasing ratings on their 24 hour news networks and clickbait for likes and retweets on the Internet and social media.

By engaging in such irresponsible rhetoric, these vultures have unwittingly aided and given credence to this demented killer and his lunatic rantings. They think they are attacking the President, but in a greater sense, they are attacking America and what has made us great as a nation.

To any of you elected Democrats, you media personalities I named earlier; have you no shame? No decency?

Speaking as one American, I say out loud, STOP IT! Let these families and their communities and we as a nation mourn. Let us think of real solutions to address the issues instead of proposing more laws that threaten liberties of law abiding Americans. Probably the saddest footnote to the horrible mass shooting over a year ago in Florida has been the number of suicides of students who survived that shooting.
The politicization and media-frenzied response to the murders overwhelmed and eclipsed the real, personal needs of the survivors and their loved ones. To be blunt, the cacophony of voices on gun control drowned out and suppressed a needed conversation on the mental health needs at the school and in the community. For that failure, our community is paying a heavy price.
Think about that, Robert Francis O'Rourke, as you are so desperate to gain footing in your vain attempt to become President that you'll prey off the blood of those who were killed in your city.

And for all the complaints about the so-called “incendiary language” of the President, why is it that you people pointing your fingers don’t look at the three fingers pointing back look at your own speech? You’ve spent the last 50 plus years attacking everyone to the right of you as a Klansman, a Nazi or some other demoralizing language, and too many have shrunk away timidly, thinking that by not saying anything you’re not fueling the rhetoric. That’s dangerous. It’s been noted that if one repeats a lie often enough, soon it will become the truth. That’s the way demagogues came to power. In that vein, that is why this once “reluctant Trump voter” (check out my posts from three years ago), is glad he takes on these vultures, and why more of us need to stand up against it.