Thursday, June 16, 2016

Democrats: The Party of Islamofascist Terrorism Denial


That's the label that Democrats and liberals throw around to those of us who question the newest tenet of their man-made religion: Climate Change, aka GloBULL Warming. Earlier this year, 20 attorney generals (all of them Democrats) have begun an inquisition into "climate change deniers."

The Washington Free Beacon put this video together of how Barack Hussein Obama, Hanoi John Kerry and Clueless Joe Biden drone on about climate change being our biggest threat. Indeed, as points out, Obama has made that claim at least 22 times.

What is missing from that video, and can soon be added to it, is the horrible terror that happened in Orlando this past Sunday night, once again committed by a Muslim fanatic, and the pivot from Democrats to blaming guns, the NRA and anything else but the ideology behind it...Islamofascism. I've not heard anyone outside the conservative blogopshere comment on this video that I saw passed around Sunday morning when we were waking up to news of the terrorist attack.

Yet the Democrat Party Response? Denial

From Obama's Astorturf Organization:

And then Mayonnaise hair Debbie Wasserman Schulz came to come spew her venom.

Do you think being from Florida that Wasserman Schultz would have known about this Imam, but nooooooooooo! She immediately points her crooked finger at Donald Trump and calls him a bigot, probably because Debbie has a problem with men anyway.

The Democrat tantrum and attack on our right to defend ourselves from such Islamic madmen (and their denial of that problem) continued. Interrupting a moment of silence led by the putrid House Speaker, Paul Ryan, and then the Senate Democrats held their own temper tantrum about guns, until the GOP Senate eunuchs gave in to the spoiled children. Democrat Chris Murphy can say they're doing this about the children, but it's hypocritical to claim, especially since they're the biggest supporters of liberalism's sacred blood sacrament: abortion on demand.

And don't get me started on the media. I have never seen as much dishonest reporting with such an agenda since the Tea Party and Sarah Palin were blamed for the Gabby Giffords shooting, or the time that the Congressional Black Caucus claimed the Tea Party called them the n-word.

Instead of fulfilling their oath of office to defend America from "all enemies, foreign and domestic" the Democrat Party show they're more concerned about defending one group of people, while demanding the rest of us give up more of our liberties. Trust us they say, but I cannot trust this government, who has let Islamic terrorists slip under their radar multiple times because they've given into pressure from the Muslim grievance organizations.

So if we're going to talk about "deniers," lets talk about Islamofascist Terrorism Deniers and where it resides: the Democrat Party and liberalism. The last few days show the truth in that statement. All the proof from not just the last nearly 15 years since 9/11/2001, but world history show that Islam is an ideology bent on world domination and submission. Yet liberals and Democrats deny the facts of history because of "racism" and "diversity." Democrats, unlike FDR and Truman, no longer let politics "stop at the water's edge" when it comes to attacks on our citizens. Instead of the knowledge that we're all in this together, they look for more ways to pit one group of Americans against the other.

You think I'm kidding? Look at how liberals so-called patriotism lasted after 9/11, just about 30 minutes. Nearly half of Democrats are so unhinged they believed the loony 9/11 Troofer theories that Bush knew about the attacks. Because Bill Clinton was the first Islamofascist Terrorism Denier. From the first World Trade Center attack a month after he took office to the USS Cole, Slick Willie cautioned us never to "rush to judgement," and was too busy dropping his pants instead of bombs on al-Queda training facilities when they were planning 9/11. So, naturally, after 9/11, the Democrats decided Muslims were the real victims and saw another group they could pander to for votes and pit against the rest of us. Because they thought the cowboy Bush wanted to blame the Middle East and go after their oil or something like that.

And what has all the butt-kissing to the Islamic world by Obama gotten us? Certainly not peace, but a more dangerous world. And Democrats are not only putting more lives at risk with their Islamofascist Terror Denial, they are, by proxy, aiding the enemy who has been at war with us.

Isn't that called treason?

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