Friday, May 06, 2016

On A Personal Note...All Good Things Must Come To An End

I was going to tag this at the end of my last post about the 2016 primary, but it seemed that this was more deserving of its own, stand-alone post. I want to address a decision I've made in the last few days that has been on my mind the last couple of years, and even more so the last few months. I've been blogging for the last 10 1/2 years and I feel like I've taken this project as far as I can take it.

I've had a lot of fun doing this, met a lot of people I would have otherwise never met, and made a number of friends along the way. But in the last couple of years, I've undergone various personal challenges, including separation/divorce, the near death and miraculous recovery of my father, and professional upheavals that have taken an emotional toll, as well as sapping the energy, passion and desire I had to blog. The clown show that was this year's primary was the final straw. Though I still plan on using my Twitter and Facebook accounts linked with this blog (I'm not going away entirely), it's time for me to suspend blogging to recover, do the things I find fun to restore my soul, be a co-parent and role model to my son, and seek God's will in finding out what my next move should be.

But I have some people to thank and times to recall.

Melanie Morgan (now at KSRO in Santa Rosa) gave me my first exposure in my early days as a blogger when I was going up against the liberal loons in the Bay Area when she was on KSFO with the late, great Lee Rodgers. They were both an inspiration to me to get involved in activism back in 2000. I'm eternally grateful and indebted to her for her support and friendship over the years, even after leaving the Bay Area.

Michelle Malkin was an inspiration to read as a blogger, and I don't think I would have started this blog had it not been for reading her work. I've never had the chance to meet her, but when she's given me some link exposure over the years, I was wow'ed be noticed by someone who was an influence on me as a writer and thinker.

So many bloggers and activists have been great support over the years. Kristinn Taylor at, Alana Burke who interviewed me when she was on the radio up in Redding, CA, Donald Douglas at American PowerJonn Lilyea at This Ain't HellTania Gail (aka Skye, the former blog host of Midnight Blue) Sister Toldjah, John Ruberry at Marathon PunditAaron WorthingRobert Stacy McCain, Dana (and Chris) LoeschJosh PainterErica at Conservative JunkieszombietimeWilliam Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, Larry O'Connor (formerly of now on WMAL in Washington, DC), Bookroom Worm, Brandon Darby, Lee Stranahan, and I'm probably going to leave out so many so please forgive me, but you know who you are!

If I were to be asked what was my proudest moment in blogging, it was the accidental moment I took a nine-second video on March 20, 2010, as well as a follow up video about an hour later, both on Capitol Hill. Those videos were among a few which showed that the "Tea Party called us the n-word" accusation pushed by Andre Carson and the Congressional Black Caucus (with a little help from the liberal media) was nothing but a flat out, blatant lie in an attempt to tar and feather opponents of Obamacare. It was due to the first video I took that I came in contact with the late Andrew Breitbart. If you haven't yet, go to Netflix and watch Hating Breitbart. Thanks also to Andrew Marcus for using the video in the movie and for including the time Breitbart and I met in Washington DC at a Tea Party rally.

Most of all, to all of you (especially you, Mom! my biggest fan), who took the time to read my writings, e-mail, like my FB page or Twitter account, I cannot thank you enough. I am a Blessed man.

Please feel free to e-mail me, send a Facebook message or Tweet and I'll get back with you.

Until we meet or talk again, maybe some future time?


Donald Douglas said...

Come back and blog soon!

Clarence said...

Use your time off to reflect on the tone and quality of your conservative commentary. In reading a variety of your posts, I see a man who has grown increasingly caustic and dismissive of other points of view. This is not the kinds of thoughtful conservatism that will change minds. A more optimistic and inclusive approach might. The Republican Party as a whole needs to learn this lesson before it fractures into irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

Happy trails! Maybe come back sometime? More of a lurker, but, share many of your views and the opinion about Lee Rodgers (decidedly missed from both KSFO and KGO).
For Clarence, read David Brock's screed and you'll understand why "going along to get along" doesn't work in this age of weaponized propaganda: