Friday, May 06, 2016

Erick Erickson Is Right About The GOP's Hypocrisy On Bill Clinton With Trump As Nominee

Well, the most pathetic GOP Primary is over, and Erick Erickson, one of the voices who warned America about Donald Trump, as well as a leader in the #NeverTrump movement, thinks Slick Willie Clinton is owed an apology (The Resurgent).
Seventeen years after Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for covering up an affair, they are handing their party over to a man who has openly bragged about his affairs. On the day the Republicans first meet in Cleveland, Donald Trump will be taken to court for allegedly defrauding hard working Americans through Trump University.
What voters have already learned about Donald Trump during the primaries should give them pause. Many of his business dealings have left others worse off while he has played the bankruptcy courts to keep going. While investors in various Trump enterprises lost money, Trump made fortunes.
On the campaign trail, Trump was more a pathological liar than Bill Clinton ever was. He smeared his opponents, their wives, and their families. He embraced 9/11 trutherisms that George Bush was to blame for the attacks, he peddled malignant, false stories about Ted Cruz’s father, and few Republicans ever called on him to account. Many gave him passes on the lies they would never give to Bill Clinton.
Republicans owe Bill Clinton an apology for impeaching him over lies and affairs while now embracing a pathological liar and womanizer. That apology will not be forthcoming. In fact, for years Republicans have accused the Democrats of gutter politics and shamelessness. Now the Republicans themselves have lost their sense of shame.
As Marco Rubio withdrew from the Republican primary in Florida, Trump supporters showed up to heckle him as he was giving his withdrawal speech. In South Carolina, a Trump supporter refused to help a disabled woman who had been in a car wreck because the woman had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car. The man actually said he thought the Lord came to him. But these people have learned this behavior from their party’s new political leader.
If so much were not on the line, it would be somewhat humorous to watch. But the Supreme Court hangs in the balance; the relationship between the states and federal government hangs in the balance; and our relationship with our allies hangs in the balance. All of these things are at stake and the party that fancies itself as the grown up party has handed itself over to a huckster with a cult of ill behaved children.
Many conservatives and people of common decency will support neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. They will hope for a third party. But even if all the Republicans voted for Donald Trump, he would make no more gains than Mitt Romney on the electoral map and is putting in play states that would otherwise be solidly Republican.
Angry voters made a terrible miscalculation in the Republican primary. They presumed that the rest of the nation shared their anger. They were wrong and now, with so much on the line, the Republicans will field as their Presidential nominee the least popular Presidential candidate in American history. God save the republic.
I've seen quite a few people attacking Erickson for making this commentary. I've disagreed with Erick a few times but agreed with him for the most part. Here, I'm in full agreement with what some GOPers would label as Erick's "heresy."

Why?  In the effort to defeat the Butcher of Benghazi, Hillary Rotten Clinton, in the effort of voters to express anger at the GOP establishment for surrendering to Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama time and time again, why did the Republican Party (specially so-called "conservative" leaders) not only abandon the "family values" torch it has carried, as well as any semblance of the conservative values of Ronald Reagan, by nominating Donald Trump?

The endless conspiracy theories, bragging without any shame of extramarital affairs, implying he'd like to date his daughter. That's who is the GOP standard bearer is, and Bill Clinton was impeached over lying under oath and obstructing justice to cover up an affair?

Now, you might tell me, "Wait a minute. No one is perfect." I'm not saying that. All of us are broken people. All of us have sinned and fallen short of God's grace. But there's a difference in recognizing that and outright being proud of it. Donald Trump has said he doesn't feel any need to ask God for forgiveness. I thought that would be enough to finish him. Nevertheless, so many evangelical Christians and their leaders cast their lot behind him, a guy who thinks the book of 2 Corinthians is "Two Corinthians" and thought a communion plate is where you put the offering.

Not to say that the anger the American voter feels isn't justified. I'm just as angry. But Trump wasn't the person to lead the charge, and I think we're on the verge of losing what's left of America because of it.

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