Friday, February 12, 2016

Cruz "Office Space" Parody Ad Is The Kind Republicans Need To Run To Win

I chortled loudly while looking at social media during lunch in my cubicle at the new Ted Cruz ad against Hillary Rotten Clinton, mocking her private server in a parody from the cult movie classic "Office Space."

Even down to Hillary fighting the computer dressed in "Ole Crusty."

Here's the original scene that inspired the ad, and everyone who works in an office who'd like to do this to at least one faulty printer, computer.

This is a genius ad on the part of the Cruz campaign, tapping in on a pop-culture phenomenon to make a point. The RNC and any other RINO would never run an edgy ad like this.

And if you want to spread the message of conservatism, you have to use the culture to do it.

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