Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Ten Year Blogoversary

Well, I cannot believe it, but today is the ten year anniversary of this blog, which began with this post.

A lot has happened in ten years. For those who don't know, I'm no longer "marooned" in Marin County, CA. I've lived in the almost equally insane liberal area known as Farifax County, Virginia (just outside of even more insane Washington DC) since 2007. Along the way, I've met many interesting people, covered many newsworthy events, helped expose a few lies, oh, and I appeared in a movie as well.

The last couple of years have been personally difficult, and that has affected my output.

I had no idea what all would have happened when I started this blog. I initially started it because I needed an outlet. The uber-liberal Marin IJ would only publish so many letters to the editor, and there wasn't much of viewpoint other than the typical 1960s hippie-dippie drivel. So, I wanted to give at least one real "alternative" voice.

I don't think 10 years ago I, or anyone else, imagined how our freedoms and way of life would be threatened by the liberals as they are today, under the (for all practical purposes) "Dicktatorship" under Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama and his DemonRAT party. Even worse is the absence of any opposition party in the Republicans, and those Republicans who dare to oppose are treated like "wacko birds" or the kid with the measles.

That's why 2016 is the most important year we as a nation face. It will decide whether or not we have a Constitution, a rule of law, or the blood of those who sacrificed in wars to defend our way of life will be all in vain if the GOP decides to keep going the way of the moderate who is all but indistinguishable from the liberal.

So now that the year is started...

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