Thursday, January 21, 2016

I Miss The Sarah Palin Who Stood By Conservatives & Against Crony Capitalists

Anyone who knows me or has followed this blog since 2008 knows I have been a vocal defender and advocate of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, standing by her when many who first shouted praises started sniping at her.

It wasn't because of her personality, it was because she stood on principle, and was willing to make tough, courageous stands, even if that meant going against conventional wisdom or the grand poobahs in her own party.

Along the way, it was great to meet her at her first booksigning, hear her speak at several events, even one time (at CPAC 2014) sitting underneath the podium as she paid tribute to Texas Senator Ted Cruz reading "Green Eggs and Ham" on the Senate floor during the Obamacare filibuster.

The Sarah Palin who stood up for real conservatives, who stood up against crony capitalism, who stood up against the GOP when they were wrong. I loved that Sarah Palin.

Today, I miss that Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, Sarah Palin broke the hearts of many conservatives and those in the Tea Party movement who stood by her. Like the cute girl who flirted with you and led you on to believe you meant something to her, she saw the rich, slick bully Donald Dump (Trump), and was wooed by his slickness and wealth, leaving you dumped on the side of the road.

The same Sarah Palin who stood against ethanol subsidies? Her "Biff" boyfriend Donald Dump thinks we should have more of them.

Then there is how Donald Dump has engaged in the worst smears, in the style of the Left, against Ted Cruz, questioning his character and engaging in wacko conspiracy theories. Wow! I remember when "birtherism" was considered racism. Now, the GOP establishment will embrace with it and get in bed with the devil they didn't like (Trump) to stop Ted Cruz, a real conservative.

And you think the Democrats are the only ones who are unpatriotic? There's plenty in the GOP who are. Because they're willing to sell out the country for more power.

I guess Sarah Palin thought she could as well. But, instead, she just ended any chance of ever being President on Tuesday. Ronald Reagan may have made political mistakes along his path, but he never abandoned principles. Sarah Palin abandoned the principles she championed and rallied others behind to jump on the bandwagon of a Cult of Personality, for what? A cabinet post?

You broke our hearts Sarah!

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