Wednesday, December 02, 2015

MASS SHOOTING IN CALIFORNIA; NBC News "Sayeed Farook" ID'ed As Suspect

Another horrible shooting, this time in Southern California. Fourteen are dead, and at least more are 17 injured (KTLA Channel 5)
Investigators saw what they thought was the suspects’ vehicle leaving a home in Redlands that was being looked into in connection with the deadly shooting the Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan. Officers saw a vehicle leave the area and followed it.
A pursuit led them back to San Bernardino, where the vehicle stopped on East San Bernardino Avenue near Mountain View Avenue.
Police fired on the vehicle, leaving the two people inside dead, Burguan said.
Aerial video from Sky5 showed the damaged SUV stopped with several of its windows shot out and the doors open. One person was down in the street — in a pool of blood — near the vehicle. Authorities used a pole to pull what appeared to be second person from the SUV.
Burguan later said the pair were armed with assault rifles and handguns, and were wearing “assault-style clothing.” The relationship between the two was not know, authorities said.
The injured officer, believed to be a San Bernardino city police officer, was transported to a hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life threatening.
Officers also could be seen surrounding multiple homes in the area, including on Gould Street, near Richardson Street, a few blocks away.
I've been following the information on the Internet and Twitter. Reports of explosives and IEDs having been found.

A few names have been put on the Internet from people following the San Bernardino PD police scanner. NBC news reports confirm one of the names as Farook Sayeed.

It's too early to speculate as far as to links Farook might have to terror groups, or if this is ISIS related.

It's worth noting a recent guest on Megyn Kelly's show around November 17th stated he thought there might be an attack in America within two weeks (FreeRepublic).

To their shame, Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and Fartin O'Malley wasted no time to exploit this tragedy / potential terror attack for political gain and to push their radical, gun-grabbing agenda.

Other than this, I really don't want to speculate until there is hard evidence.

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