Monday, November 16, 2015

Shame On YOU, Terry McAuliffe! VA Governor Refuses To Block Syran Refugees After Paris Jihad

Today, the governors of Michigan, Alabama, Louisiana, as well as my beloved native state of Texas (among others), used their authority to say they refuse to take Syrian "refugees" after Friday night's jihadist attack in Paris by radical Muslims, after evidence has shown some of them posed as refugees.

But some states are refusing to, apparently the current home base of the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of them (Richmond Times-Dispatch).
Gov. Terry McAuliffe indicated Monday that Virginia would not be among the growing number of U.S. states seeking to block Syrian refugees, despite calls from Republicans for the state to close its doors to those fleeing war in Syria as a security precaution following Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris.
As of early Monday afternoon, nearly a dozen Republican governors had announced they were taking steps to block Syrian refugees from their states, and Virginia Republicans urged McAuliffe to follow suit. In a statement, the governor's office said security measures are in place for all refugees entering the United States.
"With respect to refugees, the governor and his public safety team are in constant communication with federal authorities about all refugee resettlements, including those involving refugees from Syria," McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy said in a written statement.
"Every refugee who is settled in the U.S. undergoes intensive security screening, and the governor has asked [Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian J. Moran] to ensure that every proper precaution is taken to keep Virginians safe."
The governor left Friday for an 11-day trade mission to India and the Middle East, where he recently met with leaders of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to discuss economic development.
I don't believe one word of this clap-trap from from the aptly named Brian Coy. If McAwful really wanted to keep Virginians safe, he wouldn't accept these refugees, especially when DHS officials have admitted there's no way that these "refugees" can be properly vetted. McAwful sounds no different from Hillary Rotten Clinton or any of the other contenders for the Party of Treason (Democrats) seeing the 2016 nomination.

So here, we clearly see that McAwful's loyalty is not to the citizens of the Commonwealth, whom he swore an oath to defend. His loyalty is only to the Clintons, Obama, and the Democrat Party. His only goal as Virginia's governor is not to make Virginia safe or prosperous, but to make sure it ends up in the electoral column of that criminal witch Hillary in November hook or crook.

Where Terry McAwful's loyalty lies...with the Clinton Crime Syndicate

If that's the way he wants to be, then Terry McAwful should be prepared to be held responsible should any terrorist attack, or any killing of an American be perpetrated by a Syrian refugee who was residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, because he (like all liberals) puts ideology and party ahead of his state and country.

Shame on you, Terry McAwful! And shame on the Virginia RINOs who helped elect him in 2013!

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