Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Election 2015--Virginia Makes McAuliffe The Lamest of Ducks

"Terrible" Terry McAwful was handed a rebuke at the polls last night, according to none other than the liberal Washington ComPost.
Republicans held onto the Virginia Senate in fiercely contested elections Tuesday, leaving Gov. Terry McAuliffe without legislative leverage or political momentum as he works to deliver Virginia for his friend and ally Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.
The outcome was a blunt rebuke to McAuliffe (D), who had barnstormed the state with 24 events over the past four days and who portrayed the elections as a make-or-break moment for his progressive agenda.
All 140 seats in the General Assembly were on the ballot. But all eyes were on a handful of Senate seats that would decide whether Republicans held their 21-19 majority in Richmond’s upper chamber. Because the GOP dominates the House, flipping the Senate was the term-limited governor’s only hope for building a legislative legacy.
Democrats could have taken control by picking up just one seat because of the tie-breaking authority of Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D). But Republicans held all of their seats.
“Today, Virginians voted for a fiscally responsible and conservative majority,” Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment (R-James City) said Tuesday. “Our victory is all the more impressive in that it was achieved despite the record-breaking millions of dollars spent by Governor McAuliffe, his allies and out-of-state PACs. This election was decided by Virginians.”
McAwful was making the 2015 off year election about nothing but Obama's liberal agenda, including expansion of Obamacare in Virginia and attacks on the Second Amendment, especially in the wake of the tragic shooting in Roanoke last August by black racist Vester Flannigan.

I'm sure another issue that didn't help McAwful was his proposal to put a $17 toll on Interstate 66 to pay for bike lanes in Arlington County. Republicans has voiced strong opposition to the Governor's idea to rename I-66 the "Gov. Terry McAuliffe Thruway."

Except it will cost more than a dime.

The one downside to the elections was Fairfax and Loudoun counties, which are becoming more liberal. Tom Rust, who is retiring from the House of Delegate, was replaced by liberal Jennifer Boysko, who did nothing but run a fear mongering campaign about the mean ole GOP thinking women can't make their health decisions (read: abortion).

But I fear that McAuliffe's real purpose is for next year's presidential election. I've heard a few Republicans, like Michael Reagan, say "oh, we want Hillary to be the nominee because she'll be the easiest to beat." Really? Did they forget that Virginia, since 2008, has now become a swing state, thanks to Northern Virginia becoming a part of Washington DC and Maryland. Plus, thanks to the backstabbing of Ken Cuccinelli two years ago by the GOP establishment and Bill Bolling all but installed McAwful, the former leader of the Clinton Hillbilly Mafia, to the state's highest office. And since his partisan attorney general won election the same year in a fraudulent manner (I suspect), they'll pull out all the stops and dirty tricks to help the Hildebeast become President.

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