Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2016 Endorsement: Ted Cruz for President

Well, the headline is giving it away, but I feel ready to now make an endorsement of who I would vote for, and hope to see as the 2016 Republican nominee...as well as the 45th President of the United States.

None other than the Senator from my home state of Texas, Ted Cruz.

On March 23rd, I wrote the following after watching his announcement seeking the Republican nomination in a speech at Liberty University that I called one of the greatest in recent political history.
Why is this speech important. Because Ted Cruz used his 2016 candidacy announcement to remind America of the greatness of this nation, our core values, and how what we take so much for granted is not from government, but from God.  Basically, Cruz reminded us that what makes this nation great is far greater than any man or woman, any political party, or any government. It is in our core values and in the heart of the American people. That's something the current Regime, his party, and quite frankly too many Republicans have lost sight of.
True, Cruz spoke without a teleprompter, because maybe you don't necessarily need one when you are able to speak from your heart. In sharing his personal story, Cruz connected with his audience and showed the greatness of American. Plus, Cruz acknowledges a Being higher than him, instead of a certain guy who you'll find on a golf course in DC who mistakenly thinks he is God.
Whether Cruz will end up being the nominee is another thing, because it's a long way to the nomination. However, Cruz raised the bar that every 2016 GOP candidate must meet. It isn't enough just to be a Republican, you have to stand for something. Being for Common Core, being pro-amnesty, and making money off of Obamacare isn't acceptable. It's not enough to be for "quasi-big government," or  to be a "compassionate conservative." Talk is cheap. Are you as a candidate going to be willing to be one of "bold colors, not pale pastels"?
That's what Ted Cruz showed today, bold colors. That's what whoever the GOP candidate needs to articulate and show by their actions.
As we are nearing the time when the 2016 caucuses will begin, it is time to start gathering around a candidate. Cruz, in my book, lives up to his billing as being the most consistent conservative in the GOP field.

Why? Because he has shown something over and over which too many, and especially inside the Republican Party, have been afraid to show, something John F. Kennedy called a "Profile in Courage." Cruz has never made positions based on polls, or what is in the best interest of the party, it is always what is in the best interest of the nation. Very much like a similar character named Ronald Reagan who was seen as "too extreme" but ended up being our last greatest President.

Since Reagan, America has hungered for a leader, and everyone since then has fallen short of the mark. There never will be another Reagan, but it is not a "Cult of Personality" we seek, it is someone who can uphold the principles that made America great, that made it a land of opportunity, a beacon of hope and freedom, a "shining city on a hill."  That's what made Reagan great and as beloved as he is, and that's what I believe Ted Cruz can be for America.

Too many of the other candidates in the 2016 field are just the "same old, same old." Bush, Kasich, Christie, FioRINO, and even Marco Rubio, who has been a disappointment, especially in ganging up with the Brooklyn ambulance chaser UpChuck Schumer on the Senate's try at amnesty. Too many of these candidates have wanted to do the work of the GOPe Party Bosses in trying to take out Donald Trump. But Cruz hasn't played that game. He's smart, a lot smarter than the media and establishment types give him credit for.

I think Donald Trump and Ben Carson have done important work in illustrating the disconnect between many Americans and the political class. Not just Republicans, but also many Democrats. The GOP establishment has been too caught up in the "good ole boy" mentality that they could care less. Trump and Carson have shook that up. Carson, I don't believe has the seasoning to be President, but that doesn't mean he should not have a role to play in an upcoming Cruz administration. Trump could also be a good adviser, but Trump has gone many different directions over his lifetime as far as political beliefs that it's hard for me to trust him in a GOP primary. I think he's made important points about border security, national security, and economics that are on the minds of many voters, not just Republican voters. I know that Cruz believes the same way, but unlike many others in the GOP field, Cruz has been smart not to get in a fight with Trump, so as not to alienate his supporters.

So, there it is. If ever America needed a strong, conservative leader, it is now, and I believe in my heart Ted Cruz is the man. That's why I'm making this endorsement.

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