Monday, October 12, 2015

Obama Destroyed By Liberal Steve Croft On 60 Minutes: Trump Comments: "What's Going on In Our Country...I Don't Get It"

Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama was on See BS 60 Minutes last night with Steve Croft. I don't watch that show, and I wouldn't watch Obama on that show because I'd be sure it was nothing but softball questions.

But something happened. I caught wind of it from a Facebook friend and former high school classmate, who commented on the interview.

But when I saw these video clips, I see that she was right in her assessment. I'm posting these two videos by a YouTube channel TheTruthDamit "Common Sense TV" run by a guy named E.T. Williams, who had some interesting commentary (WARNING - strong language).
"This is the best interview I've seen in a long time with a journalist being tough on this bastard. I've never seen nobody treat him like this. And Steve you supposed to be with the group. They're going to expose you now. They're going to dig up all kinda dirt on you cause the President is screwing up, and now they gotta make you look bad."

Mr. Williams continued his observations of Obama's interview, when the topic of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin challenging Obama's so-called leadership.

" gambled on a crackhead, and now America has lost."
"Barack Obama, now he's Vladimir Putin's personal bitch!"
"Climate change! Would you listen to this freaking clown! You ain't gonna be worrying about climate change when they'll be blowing crap up you dumbass you!
Donald Trump was on Fox and Friends this morning and was asked about Obama's interview.

"Well I watched his performance last night and I thought it was terrible. I thought was sad, because it's all negative, there's nothing positive. ...It's just very negative and then you know he goes 'what else do you got?' like he's doing great and he wasn't doing great. He's doing poorly. I don't get it, what's going on in our country. It can be fixed, in many cases very easily but we have somebody who's more worried about climate change than he is about all of the problems that we have. ...We have much bigger problems than climate change, we have 100 million people out of the workforce."
I haven't heard, but I'm wondering if Steve Croft is still employed at See BS after last night.

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