Tuesday, October 20, 2015

George W. Bush, Don't Look To Me To Defend You Anymore!

Part of the reason I started this blog almost 10 years ago (this coming January) was because of how the Democrat Party and the far Left, seen from my perch at the time in the San Francisco Bay Area, was on a relentless attack against the War on Terror and the Commander in Chief at the time, George W. Bush.

I never have and do not subscribe to the belief that 9/11 was entirely Bush's fault, nor do I agree with those who think the Iraq War was a mistake. But, I was a critic of Bush's obsession with "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" (read: amnesty) and the pre-Obama bailout of the banks.

I even had the privilege of meeting then President Bush, as well as Laura Bush and Dana Perino at the 2008 White House Christmas party, when I was a guest of my ex-father-in-law.

However, after what I read in Politico yesterday, George W. Bush can no longer look to me as one of his defenders in the blogosphere.
Inside a sleek Denver condominium, George W. Bush let a hundred donors to his brother’s campaign in on a secret. Of all the rival Republican candidates, there is one who gets under the former president’s skin, whom he views as perhaps Jeb Bush’s most serious rival for the party’s nomination.
It isn’t Donald Trump, whose withering insults have sought to make Jeb pay a political price for his brother’s presidency. It isn’t Marco Rubio, Jeb’s former understudy who now poses a serious threat to his establishment support.
It’s George W. Bush’s former employee — Ted Cruz.
“I just don’t like the guy,” Bush said Sunday night, according to conversations with more than half a dozen donors who attended the event.
One donor in the room said the former president had been offering mostly anodyne accounts of how the Bush family network views the current campaign and charming off-the-cuff jokes, until he launched into Cruz.
“I was like, ‘Holy sh-t, did he just say that?’” the donor said. “I remember looking around and seeing that other people were also looking around surprised.”
“The tenor of what he said about the other candidates was really pretty pleasant,” another donor said. “Until he got to Cruz.”
Bush took a harsh view of Cruz’s apparent alliance with Trump, who stood with the senator at a Capitol Hill rally last month in opposition to the Iran deal. While Trump, the current GOP poll leader, has attacked most of his competitors in the 2016 field, he has avoided criticizing Cruz.
One donor, paraphrasing the former president’s comment in response to a broad question about how he viewed the primary race and the other Republican candidates, said: “He said he found it ‘opportunistic’ that Cruz was sucking up to Trump and just expecting all of his support to come to him in the end,” that donor added.
Like I said, I do not subscribe to the point of view Donald Trump had stated about 9/11 being Bush's fault. That was mostly an outgrowth of the feckless response during the Clinton years to al-Queda terrorism. But, Bush, especially since the USS Cole attack happened a month before the 2000 election, should have read the tea leaves and looked to get a terror policy in place. In fact, the rules of engagement Bill Clinton put into place, where the military was unarmed, was not lifted during the Bush years. There was no military response to the Cole bombing until the War on Terror started. Why?

But where I will blame George W. Bush is for giving us Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama, because, thanks to that idiot named Karl Rove, Bush decided to embrace the "New Tone," no criticism of his opponents.

The Rove/Bush strategy is best illustrated by George McFly in Back to the Future.

It was Rove and the Bush White House's responsibility to go after the seditious lies being drummed up by opponents of the Iraq War, while our men and women were on the battlefield risking life and limb. They refused, and thus the war was lost by popular opinion, which led directly to the ascendancy of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama.  By refusing to take on the Party of Treason, Bush and Rove dishonored and abandoned the troops they sent to fight and die in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is what steams me about George W. Bush and the entire Bush family. They play nice with the Left, but are vicious toward conservatives.

Look at how Daddy Bush and Dubya are so close with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Iraq, the first attacks on the war were initiated by that murderous, drunk driver named Ted Kennedy, who accused Dubya, with no proof, of telling "lie after lie." What does Daddy Bush do? Gives the clown who has the only confirmed kill in the War on Women an award.

No, if he was any real father, Daddy Bush would have said the following to the Lifeguard of Chappaquiddick in public instead of giving him an award.
"Senator, I believe in 1988 you famously asked your party 'Where was George?' I'll tell you where I was. I was home in dry clothes, sober, and with my wife."
Not to be outdone, Little John Ellis Bush, aka ¡Jeb!, dares to accuse Donald Trump of not being a real Republican, but little ¡Jeb! spoke at an awards ceremony for Hillary Rotten Clinton on the one year anniversary of Benghazi, in another disgusting display of the closeness between the two political dynasties.

But conservatives and Ted Cruz get the back of Dubya's hand.

Fine, Dubya, you're on your own, don't look to this blogger to defend you anymore, and you can count on me to join everyone else to make sure that idiot brother of yours ¡Jeb! never sets foot in the Oval Office.

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