Thursday, October 08, 2015

Despite SF Murder, Number Of Sanctuary Cities Grows, More Criminal Aliens Released

Sane, rational-thinking Americans were horrified at the murder of Kate Steinle by a several-times deported illegal alien in the sanctuary city of San Francisco over the summer.

But despite the media attention to this horrible crime, statistics are showing the number of sanctuary cities is growing (Washington Times).
The list of sanctuary cities has grown to more than 340, and they shielded an average of 1,000 immigrants a month from deportation last year — and more than 2,000 of those released have already been arrested for yet more crimes, according to a report being released Thursday by the Center for Immigration Studies.
Among those released are illegal immigrants accused of murders and brutal assaults, said Jessica Vaughan, the author of the report, which comes just as the Senate is poised to begin debating legislation to try to crack down on sanctuary jurisdictions.
“Our elected officials must not sit back and watch these sanctuary jurisdictions continue to release thousands of criminal aliens back into our communities in defiance of ICE efforts to deport them, and then witness the harm that inevitably ensues when these removable offenders strike again,” said Jessica Vaughan, the report’s author.
All told, there are now 340 jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate to some extent with federal deportation requests, Ms. Vaughan said, citing ICE numbers. She keeps a tally listing most of those jurisdictions, and recently added nine new names to its list, including Prince George’s County and Montgomery County in Maryland, and Chesterfield County in Virginia.
Ms. Vaughan keeps a map of the known sanctuary jurisdictions at:, giving residents a chance to see if they live under one of the controversial policies.
I looked at the map referenced in the article and I wonder if Ms. Vaughan may have inaccurate numbers. Not that there's 340 sanctuary cities, but that there may be more than that number.

Take Texas for example. CIS has Travesty County (Travis County...Austin metro area) as a sanctuary county. I was always under the assumption Austin was the only area. However, a friend on social media messaged me over the summer, telling me how a Google search revealed that Denton, TX, where he grew up and lived for many years, was a sanctuary city. This led me to investigate. According to, who linked to a website by Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, Denton is on the list of sanctuary cities in Texas, along with Baytown, Brownsville, Channelview, Dallas, El Cenizo, Fort Worth, Houston, Katy, Laredo, McAllen and Port Arthur.

The CIS map also leaves off my old stomping grounds of Marin County, CA (especially San Rafael, CA in 2007, when Mayor Al Bozo said that city "would not enforce" immigration law), as well as my current area of residence--Fairfax County, VA, where former County Supervisor (now Congressman) "Jihad" Gerry Connolly called enforcing immigration law "demagoguery."

And not only are the numbers of the cities growing, but the Obama Regime refuses to do anything about it, even pushing release of these dangerous criminals. How many more Kate Steinle's will there be before we have leaders who are willing to the right thing?

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