Friday, September 11, 2015

(VIDEO) 9/11 ... 14 Years Ago, (And Three Years Ago) -- NEVER FORGET

Watch this to remember, and remind those who forgot.

The phone calls from those trapped in the Towers.

And from American Airlines Flight 11.

Those who jumped from the towers to their deaths.

Certainly not a fan of Howard Stern for his lewdness, but his broadcast from that morning is worth listening to, especially at around 7:00.

But as many of us know, there was another attack on this day, three years ago, which the current Regime tried to play down and has been trying to cover up the reasoning behind.

"Never Forget." A lot of us haven't, but sadly, the Party of Treason (Democrats) assisted by some RINOs are dishonoring those lost on 9/11 and in the fight against Islamoterrorists by rewarding Iran, the biggest state funder of terrorism. They are guilty of treason, in my book.

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