Sunday, September 13, 2015

Romneybots Attacking Trump Show How The GOP Isn't Serious About Winning In 2016

Everytime I look at the Republican Party establishment (GOPe), the checked-pants, country club, good ole boys, I shake my head and say "just whose side are you on?"

It's bad enough the US Senate is led by a eunuch named Mitch McConnell, who talks about punching the Tea Party in the nose but bends over to help Obama in his fundamental transformation of America. Same thing in the House, where the drunken crybaby John Boehner is too scared of his own shadow to fight Obama.

But the GOPe will fight tooth and nail against anyone who stands in the way of their own power. They're going to roll out people associated with the loser Mittens Romney in their latest attempt to sabotage Donald Trump (Boston Globe).
Some of them go back to 2002, the win. Others slogged through Iowa, twice, and rode aboard the Mitt Mobile. In 2012, they were so close to the White House they could taste it.
Now, the Mitt Romney diaspora — an army of former aides and advisers from Romney’s long political career — are arrayed among a host of Republican presidential campaigns. But, through no concerted effort, they are curiously aligned once again in common cause, a stem-to-stern effort that has united old comrades even as they nominally play for different teams: stopping Donald Trump.
“We are united,” said one former Romney aide now working for another campaign, which he said would not permit him to speak for attribution.
It’s a common goal and not just for Romney people, but for anyone invested in Republicanism, conservatism, and anyone who gives a flying [expletive] about what we’re trying to do here. Even if you’re not getting paid, this isn’t good for anybody,” he said.
Trump said today on Fox News Sunday:
“I'm disappointed in Mitt Romney. He is the one that's leading it. He was a failure,” Trump said, adding that this is “pure Romney” trying to get back into politics.
First of all, this is nothing new with Mitt and his Romneybots. They pulled this crap back in 2008 against Sarah Palin, the GOPe had stopping her in their cross hairs in 2010 just so they could coronate Mittens as the 2012 nominee because "it was his turn." The Romneybots and the establishment GOP did all they could in 2012 when Newt Gingrich was really threatening Romney's "turn" as the party nominee, going on a vicious attack against Newt in a way that resembled Obama's campaigning.  It was so bad that Mark Levin, who was leaning toward supporting Rick Santorum, went on the attack against Romney and the GOPe for going nuclear on the former House speaker Gingrich.

And what happened in 2012? Mittens Romney, who was so rough and tough on Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and anyone else who stood in his way, played kid gloves with Richard Milhous Obama, and it didn't inspire people to vote for him. Instead, it got him creamed in November. Romney was the worst GOP nominee in the history of the party, he couldn't beat one of the worst, most evil persons every to hold the highest office in our nation. John McLame was the second worst.

And now this pathetic loser is working behind the scenes to destroy Donald Trump? Someone who endorsed him in 2012 over Newt? What an ungrateful loser and a scumbag Mittens Romney is.

For all the divisiveness of 2012, Romney could not unify the party, and he lost. He and the GOP estblishment are doing the same thing this year.

For all their attacks on conservatives, I don't think Rinse Preebus or the Republican Party are serious about not only winning the 2016 election, nor are they serious about rolling back Obama's destruction to America and our allies.

If you need proof of how the GOPe is comfortable with a liberal in power, look no further than the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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