Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/11 14 Years Later - "Never Forget" Is Empty Phrase For A Government Willing To Fund Iranian Terrorism

With each year that we get further from the horrors we woke up to on September 11, 2001, it feels like the lessons we supposedly learned that day have been conveniently forgotten, or that America, especially our government, hit the snooze button and went back to sleep.

This is how Congress reacted on the afternoon of 9/11/01, to the attack on this nation that morning, gathering on the steps of the Capitol building which was spared a direct hit from the heroes of United 93.

Now, how many of these people who sang "God Bless America" that sad day are now, 14 years later, supporting the Iran Deal brokered by John Kerry and Richard Milhous-Hussein Obama that would fund more acts of terrorism not only against America, but against our ally, Israel? How many members of the Party of Treason, the Democrat Party, were willing to participate in a political stunt on that horrific day, but are willing to abandon their oath of office and align themselves with a domestic enemy in the White House under the pathetic excuse of "My Party, My President-right or wrong."

"But Iran wasn't behind 9/11!"

Oh really? Iran has kidnapped and tortured Americans, been suspected in bombings that killed our Marines (Beirut 1983) and funded Hamas and Hezbollah terror groups who participated in the kidnapping, torture and deaths of American hostages in the 1980s. It's part of the same ideology of Islamic extremism which led to 9/11, and how do we know Iranian dollars were not involved in the planning of 9/11?

The direction taken since 2009 by our government has made the world less safer for those who love freedom, and has done nothing but embolden those who would plot terrorist attacks against our nation. It didn't help matters when the Party of Treason chose as their 2008 nominee who was elected to our nation's higher office a dangerous, Jim Jones like Cult of Personality with an Islamic last name, who has turned 9/11 into a day of taking your neighbor's trash out. Our government has attacked their political opposition as "terrorists" and "hostage takers" but has done nothing but make excuses for real acts of terrorism (Little Rock, Ft. Hood, Benghazi, Chattanooga, etc). Obama has acted as the biggest apologist for Islamic extremism, while at the same time poking the eye of our greatest Middle East ally, Israel.

What has all of Obama's appeasement and apologist approach to Islamist extremism gotten us? Not more peace, but a greater rise of Islamic terror. The horrors of ISIS and now the willingness for our government to fund a nation that has been our enemy for over 30 years.

Despite his narcissistic arrogance, Obama's way is not the only way. He'll stand at a podium with his Mussolini-like chin in the air, asking "where's your plan?" How about more sanctions? How about glutting the world oil market with more American made energy that would not make the Middle East wealthy? How about funding and supporting real reform movements inside Iran who want to topple the Mullahs? Iranians cried and died for an attempt at freedom in 2009, but Obama was too busy on having ice cream to care about their cries.

If members of our government really cared about the phrase "Never Forget" the would put their loyalty to the Constitution and our nation ahead of their party or the temporary occupant of the White House. The bad Iran Deal is an insult to the memory of all those killed on 9/11, their families, and all who have died in the defense of our nation. Until our political leaders are willing to defeat this measure and stand up for the defense of our nation, they aren't worthy to sing "God Bless America" on the steps of the Capitol, because it's nothing but just one more empty political gesture they constantly engage in.

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