Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Star of Tonight's Fox News GOP Prime Time Debate...

My good blogging friend Tania Gail, who asked the following question answered by Marco Rubio. interviewed Tania after the debate:
TANIA CIOLKO filmed her question for GOP candidates before the debate Thursday night, but never expected it'd be aired live and answered on national television. 
"Most people I know want to work," she told the 10 presidential hopefuls. "They don't want handouts. They want the freedom and opportunity to create a living based upon their own talents." She wanted candidates to name one thing they'd do to promote small-business growth and entrepreneurship, after the nation's economy declined in the previous decade. 
...Ciolko, reached at her home in Northeast Philly on Thursday night, said she wanted candidates to give "specific, no-spin answers." 
"Don't give me laundry lists or rhetoric," said Ciolko, who described herself as a health-care analyst at a Philly area hospital, and whose last name was misspelled by Fox. 
Although Rubio did rattle off several ideas for fixing the economy - including cutting taxes, fostering growth of small businesses and even repealing Obamacare - a somewhat starstruck Ciolko wasn't ready to judge the response just yet. 
"I was just so blown away," she said. "Before I commit to anything on this, I want to review [the debate]." 
And, she said, she hopes Democratic candidates will offer up answers, too. 
"It's an important question," she said. "We all have dreams, we want to work hard and build them."
Proud to know her!

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Trish said...

This is awesome, and I don't know how I missed it! Skye/Tania has been a friend since about 2006. She used to cover the "Peace Movement/Anti War Protest" in West Chester PA. A lone US Army Vet began a counter protest by standing in their midst with an American Flag, and I was one of the many who saw that, and began standing with him every weekend for years now. Her political story is a great one, and she is a lovely person as well as truly bright mind! Can't wait to share this with friends who also know her!
Good to see you blogging.