Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Obama Has Said "We Leave No One Behind," But Gets Testy When Confronted On Four Americans Held In Iran Not Part Of Deal

How many times has Richard Milhous-Hussein Obama told America that "we leave no one behind?"

Probably as many times as he said you could keep your doctor, your medical plan, and your premiums would decrease by $2,300.

Of course, the Benghazi Four are unavailable for comment about whether of not Obama's America leaves people behind, but four other Americans are currently being held by the terrorist Regime of Iran, whom Obama negotiated with.

Major Garrett of See BS actually did something called journalism and asked a tough question to Obama this afternoon. Watch how Obama shows the world just how thin-skinned he is when his motives are questioned by someone who sees through the BS.

How petulant and classless!

I guess the operating procedure is, we leave no one behind, unless the fragile ego and legacy of this narcissistic little man-child is at stake.

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