Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Neil Peart Proves He Is An Ignorant Sellout, Bashes Rand Paul--"Hates Women, Brown People"

Anyone who knew me as far back as 1984 knew I was a fanatical fan of the band Rush.

They were my first concert, back at the (now demolished) Hemisfair Arena in San Antonio in 1986. I even received a handwritten postcard from drummer and lyricist Neil Peart right before the show in response to a fan letter I sent him. They were great musicians, and what really grabbed my attention besides the musicianship were lyrics like those found in "Subdivisions," "Anthem," "2112," many of which were influenced by Ayn Rand. These lyrics spoke of individuality, non-conformity, and being a free thinker.

Peart told Creem magazine in 1981, around the time they hit their big success album "Moving Pictures."
"I think everything I do has Howard Roark [the non-conformist, protagonist of Rand's The Fountainhead] in it, you know, as much as anything. The person I write for is Howard Roark."
However, Peart and Rush appear to be writing more these days for another character of The Fountainhead, Peter Keating, the polar opposite of Roark, in that Keating was a conformist who craved the approval of his superiors. He's even come a long way from someone who once said "It is a fundemental tenant of my personal philosophy that people should believe what they choose to believe." That Neil Peart and Rush are dead.

Why? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Rolling Stone(d) magazine, beckoned. I remember several RS writers saying they'd refuse to nominate Rush into the Hall of Fame, because of their lyrical content (music "writers" in the late 1970s called them "fascist"). Even though they claimed they didn't want the Hall of Fame, Rush's sellout began.

In 2007, Rush released "Snakes and Arrows," (first album of theirs I never bought) an album that was full of faith bashing lyrics by the athiest/agnostic Peart, influenced in part by the hater known as Richard Dawkins. Then came the Stephen Cobert show appearance, and the sellout to the Left-wing pop-culture gods began. The band then attacked Rush Limbaugh in 2012 (for which I announced here they had lost me as a fan).

This week, they completed their sellout to the Left-wing, gods of pop-culture, just for the thrill that will getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone(d), with the supposed intellectual Peart displaying his colossal ignorance by slandering Senator and GOP Presidential Candidate Rand Paul as someone who "hates women and brown people" (Reason).

So I imagine that some fans may be distressed to learn that, according to this excellent new Rolling Stone profile of the band, Peart's self-described "bleeding-heart libertarian" tendencies include automatically voting Democrat, and sending cease-and-desist letters to an allegedly racist Rand Paul: 
Rush's earlier musical take on Rand, 1975's unimaginatively titled "Anthem," is more problematic [than 2112], railing against the kind of generosity that Peart now routinely practices: "Begging hands and bleeding hearts will/Only cry out for more." And "The Trees," an allegorical power ballad about maples dooming a forest by agitating for "equal rights" with lofty oaks, was strident enough to convince a young Rand Paul that he had finally found a right-wing rock band. 
Peart outgrew his Ayn Rand phase years ago, and now describes himself as a "bleeding-heart libertarian," citing his trips to Africa as transformative. He claims to stand by the message of "The Trees," but other than that, his bleeding-heart side seems dominant. Peart just became a U.S. citizen, and he is unlikely to vote for Rand Paul, or any Republican. Peart says that it's "very obvious" that Paul "hates women and brown people" — and Rush sent a cease-and-desist order to get Paul to stop quoting "The Trees" in his speeches. 
"For a person of my sensibility, you're only left with the Democratic party," says Peart, who also calls George W. Bush "an instrument of evil." "If you're a compassionate person at all. The whole health-care thing — denying mercy to suffering people? What? This is Christian?" 
Thus proving once again that politics and music are like bourbon and vodka—generally a bad idea to mix, especially on those rare occasions when they seem to taste great together. 
First of all, why do I need a lecture from a professed non-believer about how to be a Christian, if Peart mistakenly thinks Christianity is about generosity and compassion. Second of all, consider the fact that Peart just insulted and publicly attacked a fan by the name of Rand Paul, who I'm sure had supported him and the band for many years. What a classless jerk! He acts like a lot of atheists/agnostics whom I've had the misfortune to come across--angry and bitter people.

And as far as Rand Paul supposedly hating women and "brown people" (gee Neil, are you a bigot?) let me introduce you to an online friend by the name of Zuri Davis writing at
In a recent interview with The Rolling Stone, Rush’s Neil Peart said Rand Paul “hates women and brown people.” Peart, a self-described “bleeding heart libertarian,” also said “For a person of my sensibility, you’re only left with the Democratic party.”
As a woman who is brown, a few thoughts.
I typically run in conservative and libertarian circles, where Peart apparently believes sexism and racism is abound. Though I am still waiting for someone to tell me to get back in the kitchen or go pick some cotton, I have heard much worse, scarier things within these groups.
Dark tales of “equality under the law.” Folklore regarding something called a “free market.” The mysterious promotion of “economic prosperity.” Advancing something sinister called “liberty.” Protecting a mythical creature called “the Constitution.”
These ideas and values helped create a level of happiness without parallel in history—they all contributed to the American Dream.
The American Dream is not a dog, a house, and a white picket fence. Rather, it is the uninhibited opportunity to obtain such wealth and happiness. Though this does not mean we will all be millionaires, it means we all have an opportunity to prosper.
Sen. Paul the supposed bigot and misogynist took up for Ms. Davis after she was attacked on Facebook for voicing her support for him (The Blaze).
“Last night a Facebook notification showed up on my screen. A friend had posted a picture to my wall. What I saw disgusted me.”
That’s how Zuri Davis, 19, describes the moment she saw a Facebook post targeting her for being a black, female supporter of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).
A FEMALE AFRICAN AMERICAN who is standing with Rand,” the post said. “She must not realize the platform. The fact he’s pretty much regarded as racist, sexist, a**hole along with the rest of his party.”
“Honey, honey, honey,” it added.
There is your bigotry and hatred of women, Neil! From one of your fellow liberal Democrats who attacked a black woman for daring to be an individual and not part of a collective. You wrote about that once, didn't you, in "Subdivisions"?

But I guess "glittering prizes and endless compromises," as well as living in the socialist hell-hole of Santa Monica, will shatter one's integrity.


Anonymous said...

Write a letter to Rolling Stone regarding the article about Rush/Peart refuting what Peart says. Maybe they will publish it.

Peart could have been way more tactful and civilized towards Rand Paul. I'm not saying I would vote for Rand Paul, but I sure as hell won't vote Demoncrap.

But Rush fans must face it - Peart is an elitist. He is one of 'them'. Peart wants to ram his nose up Hollyweird's ass. I can see him hobnobbing with Hitlary Clinton, Obama and other elitist Demoncrap politicians and those scum in the entertainment industry. Perhaps he will start forking out tens of thousands of dollars to attend fancy dinners and fundraisers for Demoncrap politicians, the party of the downtrodden and poor. He will start swooning all over useless celebrities, taking selfies with these degenerates. Maybe now MTV will play Rush's videos.

Unknown said...

"...if Peart mistakenly thinks Christianity is about generosity and compassion."

Lol. Then what is Christianity about if it's not about generosity and compassion? It sure as heck isn't selfishness and indifference.

Anonymous said...

Neil's politics and the politics of any person will change due to world travel. He has spent more time traveling throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America on his bicycle than anyone you will ever meet. His Rand obsession certainly changed as he saw more and more people in the world who can't change their circumstances no matter what they do.