Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blogging Update — On Hiatus, Until?

Getting away from the discouraging news we’ve faced the last few days, I hope your summer is going well.

It is hard to believe that June is almost over, as well as half the year. Now is the time when things start slowing down, as I’ve noticed in the nine and a half years I’ve been blogging here.

With that in mind, I’ve decided that (with the exception of of anything of interest I wish to comment on or report) I’m going to take a hiatus from blogging the rest of the summer

I’ve been here typing away since January of 2006, when I was living in Marin County, CA. Since that time, I moved across the country a year later to the Washington DC area, and got to see and take part in a lot of things, as well as meet people, I probably wouldn’t have unless I’d started my little corner in the blogosphere.

But times change. Back when I started, there were a lot of smaller blogs who rose to prominence because they had interesting stories, found a niche, and had their stuff mentioned that they had an endurance. Today, independent blogs aren’t really what they once were. Many have decided to get out of the game, or perhaps become a contributor to an online news source. Yet in all those years, I wanted to continue my independence, plus the fact that I have a full-time day gig that doesn’t involve politics, kept me from doing this full-time. It was still a goal.

Regardless of whether or not you’re an independent blogger or get to a point where you do it professionally, it has to be fun. That’s the key. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten to a point where blogging just hasn’t been fun.

Some of it started after the November 2012 Presidential election, and continued with the 2013 kneecapping of the GOP Virginia ticket by the GOP establishment, and the full-scale surrender of the GOP leadership in Congress, who have now become the biggest enablers of Richard Milhous-Hussein Obama’s transformation of America (funding unconstitutional amnesty, Obamacare, giving him trade power). It is one thing to be outraged at what Obama is and has been doing. But having the so called “opposition party” enable it has been equally outraged, to the point where I’m “outraged out.”

But my discontent isn’t just political, it’s mostly personal as well. Back in March of 2014, in a post about my father’s miraculous recovery from an aortic aneurysm, I wrote the following:
Those closest to me know that this past year has been one of the most difficult in my life, probably since the struggles I faced when I first left home about this time 22 years ago to enter the "real world." In the last few months, I've undergone personal loss and heartbreak that has forced a great deal of self-examination.
I’m now ready to reveal to you, my friends, the personal crisis I’ve been going through. In the fall of 2013, a mutual decision was made by my wife and I to separate. We are planning to formally file for divorce this summer. Though it has been an amicable process (we are probably greater friends now and dedicated to being good co-parents to our son) for which we are both grateful, it has been one of loss, sadness and heartbreak, sometimes I've been too brave or too proud to show my hurt. Unless you’ve gone through it yourself, you cannot comprehend the heartbreak, and even sense of failure you feel, at the ending of a marriage.

As I mentioned also back in March 2014, all of these trials have brought me back to a right relationship with God. But just because of that, I’m by no means perfect, or “better than” anyone.  I’m just forgiven, even though I stumble every day, sometimes many times and of my own choice.

I know more than ever I am a fallen, broken creature, just as the rest of the world. Though I’m still passionate about conservatism and those ideals that I believe have and will work, I think (as referenced after the Charleston shooting) all of our problems we face today are not of a political nature, and no political solution will fix.

It is a heart problem. I’m at the point where I believe our only hope as a nation won’t be found in any human, it will only be found in a spiritual solution.

With that in mind, I’m going to use this hiatus for rest, recovery, and also prayer for guidance…not only for my own life, but the direction of my future writing projects.

But I won’t be gone completely. Feel free to e-mail (maroonedinmarin-at-yahoo), contact me on my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter. I’ll be showing up there, so please keep in touch!

And have a great rest of the summer!

A Central Texas sunset -- March 2015


Anonymous said...

This is bad news. I have enjoyed your writing for several years now. I'll keep the url and check back occasionally to see if you return. Good luck to you.

Trish said...

I have been worried about you of late, when I would drop in and not see any new posts. I will keep you and your family all in my prayers.
And along with you I will pray for the future of this nation.
It is blogs like your own which have helped a lot of us through the disappointments of the past 7 years. Without you speaking truth about the things which were happening, and without your insight to a lot of why and how it was happening, it would have been completely unbearable.
So rest up this summer, but don't go away! I have a feeling the country is going to be getting very interesting come fall. Whether for good or bad, I am not certain!
Best to you in your hiatus,

Anonymous said...

Peace my friend, enjoy the summer.