Monday, March 23, 2015

A Once in A Lifetime Speech: Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Run & Sets A High Bar for 2016 Field

I just finished watching what is probably one of the greatest political speeches in recent American history, probably since Sarah Palin's 2008 GOP VP nominee address, and echoing Ronald Reagan's various speeches from 1964 onward.

I'm talking about Texas Senator Ted Cruz's announcement that he is running for President in 2016, which he made earlier today at Liberty University.

Why is this speech important. Because Ted Cruz used his 2016 candidacy announcement to remind America of the greatness of this nation, our core values, and how what we take so much for granted is not from government, but from God.  Basically, Cruz reminded us that what makes this nation great is far greater than any man or woman, any political party, or any government. It is in our core values and in the heart of the American people. That's something the current Regime, his party, and quite frankly too many Republicans have lost sight of.

True, Cruz spoke without a teleprompter, because maybe you don't necessarily need one when you are able to speak from your heart. In sharing his personal story, Cruz connected with his audience and showed the greatness of American. Plus, Cruz acknowledges a Being higher than him, instead of a certain guy who you'll find on a golf course in DC who mistakenly thinks he is God.

Whether Cruz will end up being the nominee is another thing, because it's a long way to the nomination. However, Cruz raised the bar that every 2016 GOP candidate must meet. It isn't enough just to be a Republican, you have to stand for something. Being for Common Core, being pro-amnesty, and making money off of Obamacare isn't acceptable. It's not enough to be for "quasi-big government," or  to be a "compassionate conservative." Talk is cheap. Are you as a candidate going to be willing to be one of "bold colors, not pale pastels"?

That's what Ted Cruz showed today, bold colors. That's what whoever the GOP candidate needs to articulate and show by their actions.

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