Wednesday, January 07, 2015

#CharlieHebdo - On Which Side Do You Stand?

My friend Larry O'Connor made the point on Twitter and on his Drive at Five radio show on WMAL in Washington DC these two points, in regards to today's Jihad in Paris.
"I prefer to die standing up than live on my knees" VERSUS "The future does not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam"
Who said which?

The editor of Charlie Hebdo, who was among those murdered today by Islamofascists.

Or Richard Milhous-Hussein Obama.

Note that while he and his propaganda minister gave the lip service to condemning the attack, the Obama Regime criticized the magazine who was the victim of today's Islamic terror attack back in September 2012.

Unfortunately, too many still have not learned, or have willingly stuck their heads in the sand, the lessons of 9/11/01. People like Howard "the Scream" Dean, who refuses to label the attackers as Muslims.  So many of them are of a liberal mindset, just like Obama and his Regime, who act as nothing but apologists for radical Islamic terrorism.  Remember how Hillary Rotten Clinton said we should "empathize" with our enemies. But they're always the first to blame the Tea Party, gun owners, the police or the military for violence here in America, even before all the facts are in.

Liberal Logic is Deadly

San Francisco photojournalist Zombie wrote the following at Zomblog: Do Not Submit! Republish the Mohammed Cartoons Everywhere. Here’s How.
Today’s terror attack on Charlie Hedbo, the irreverent French satirical magazine that was one of the few media outlets in France to publish the original “Mohammed cartoons,” is an attempt by Islamic fundamentalists to enforce shari’a worldwide, even on non-Muslims.
We must not let them succeed.
Self-censoring out of fear means self-imposition of shari’a (Islamic law).
Self-censoring out of “respect” (actually just a euphemism for fear) means you are submitting to the terrorists’ worldview.
The way to overcome them in this instance is to overwhelm them with disrespect and mockery.
They can silence one magazine, but they can’t silence the entire Internet.
Every blogger, of every political stripe, be it left, right, and everywhere in between, needs to realize that freedom of speech and freedom of the press are the two keystones of your ideology, whatever it may be. You need to make a stand. You need to make these terrorists lose the ideological battle.
And the way to do that is to republish the Mohammed cartoons yourselves. Today. Right now.
Fill the world with images of Mohammed so that the terrorists realize they can never expunge them all.
But where to get the pictures? Easy.
The Mohammed Image Archive, which I have hosted at zombietime since the day of the original “Mohammed cartoon crisis” back in May of 2006, has not only a full collection of the original cartoons, but more importantly the largest collection of Mohammed imagery ever assembled in the history of the world.
I hereby grant permission, and even encourage, anyone reading this to repost any images found anywhere on the Mohammed Image Archive. No limits. Repost them all, if you want to.
In that vein, here is a video of some of Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed cartoons with English translations.

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