Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Are Jihadis Possibly In The Rio Grande Valley? Feds Warn Residents To Be On Watch

The Federal Government is warning residents living in my old stomping grounds of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to be on the lookout for possible terrorist activity (KRGV). (VIDEO)
WESLACO - Terrorists may be operating in the Rio Grande Valley. Federal officials said area residents must keep an eye for suspicious activity.
CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported how an al Shabab terrorist tried to cross into the Rio Grande Valley. Four years ago, Hezbollah had safe houses all along the border on the Mexican side, and they are doing businesses with the cartels.
Terrorists trekking through the region don’t don the typical battle garb. They tend to blend in with other immigrants, officials said.
Federal officials said they rely on the public for help.
“The FBI can't do this on their own. We can't monitor Twitter and Facebook and all entities. What we need are individuals in the community to reach to us if they see or hear anything that could be terrorism. Threats against individuals or entities in the name of terrorism,” FBI Special Agent Shane Utter said.
...“The point is that terrorism can occur anywhere. We've seen recently with online radicalization of individuals, anywhere is where terrorism can occur at this time,” Utter said.

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