Friday, December 18, 2015

Budget Sellout: The Only Difference Between Paul Ryan & John Boehner? No Martini & Cigarettes

But Paul Ryan proved not only can he bend over and surrender like Boehner to a lawless White House, but can be sold to lobbying interests like the cheapest trick on the block (Washington Times).
The White House declared victory Wednesday over congressional Republicans in the budget negotiations that concluded lateTuesday night, saying Democrats beat back the GOP across the board.
White House officials cited a long list of wins over majority Republicans on individual budget items ranging from funding for Planned Parenthood to an overall increase in spending beyond previous “sequestration” caps.
He listed half a dozen budget battles where the White House won, including fighting off efforts to delay Mr. Obama’s plan to accept Syrian refugees, defeating a GOP effort to cut funding to combat climate change, stopping an attempt to block the National Labor Relations Board from expanding employer liability, and halting an effort to repeal a tax on medical devices.
“We walked into these negotiations focused on making sure that Republicans would not succeed in advancing their ideological agenda,” Mr. Earnest said. “There were a variety of attempts… and we did succeed in fighting off those efforts.”
Even on one of the few setbacks for President Obama — the lifting of a ban on U.S. crude oil exports — Mr. Earnest said the loss was not particularly troubling because the U.S. already exports 4.3 million barrels of refined petroleum per day and another 500,000 barrels of crude oil via wavers of the ban.
Paul Ryan sold out the border fence, but doesn't mind having a fence built around his mansion (Breitbart). He also helps fund sanctuary cities, Obama's illegal and unconstitutional amnesty, more foreign workers (when more Americans since 1977 are out of the workforce), and Obama's terrorist resettlement Syrian refugee program.

Don't see any "orphans and widows" in this group arriving in Texas, huh?
Paul Ryan funds more of it for Il Douche Obama.

Rush Limbaugh articulated the disgust felt yesterday.
When you surrender the power of the purse -- and that's the primary power the House of Representatives has.  Not a penny of money can be spent in this country by this government without the House of Representatives authorizing it.  Obama can spend all he wants, but if the House doesn't give him the mechanism, he can't spend any of it.  But the Republicans squandered that.  They gave up the power of the purse.  The reason they did that is because for some inexplicable reason, they are literally paranoid and scared to death of even being accused of doing something that would shut down the government. 
So to avoid even the accusation that they were going to or would ever even think of shutting down the government, they signaled that whatever Obama wanted to spend, he would get, because they figured that had less damage to them politically than the allegation that they were shutting down the government.  So, very simply, ever since the Republican Party became the party of keeping the government open at all costs, we get bills like this.  There's simply no stopping the Democrats.  There's no mechanism.  Every constitutional mechanism found in the power of the purse, Separation of Powers, the Republican Party years ago gave it away, in total fear of the media
...This was out-and-out, in-our-face lying, from the campaigns to individual statements made about the philosophical approach Republicans had to all this spending.  There is no Republican Party!  You know, we don't even need a Republican Party if they're gonna do this.  You know, just elect Democrats, disband the Republican Party, and let the Democrats run it, because that's what's happening anyway.  And these same Republican leaders doing this can't, for the life of them, figure out why Donald Trump has all the support that he has?  They really can't figure this out?
Paul Ryan, Rinse Preebus, Marco Rubio and all the other Republican sellouts need an education, because these words are just as true today as they were 40 years ago when they were spoken.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Two Democrat Presidents, 74 Years Difference

Today, 74 years ago, a Democrat President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, despite being a big-government statist, nonetheless rallied and united a nation against an enemy who attacked us at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Contrast FDR with another Democrat President, who two days ago, after a terrorist attack by an enemy who he and his party refuse to name, spent more time lecturing the nation he swore an oath to protect than he did on how to defeat this enemy who has been at war with us since 9/11/01.  While, at the same time, he acts as an apologist and defender of radical Islamists.

Not only that, can you imagine FDR trying to act as an apologist for Japan after Pearl Harbor?

Mark Levin says it better than anyone, about Obama.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Treasonous Democrats Attend Radical Falls Church, VA Mosque To Show "Solidarity"

Leave it to the Democrat Party, the "Party of Treason," to side with an ideology that spurred another terrorist attack on American soil, at a mosque in the Northern Virginia neighborhood near Washington DC that has links to radicalism (NBC Washington).
D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton and Northern Virginia congressman Don Beyer, along with other elected officials, expressed solidarity with Muslims in the D.C. area following an appearance on Friday at a Northern Virginia mosque.
Holmes Norton and Beyer, both Democrats, were joined by U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., and state officials for Friday services at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque off Leesburg Pike in Falls Church, Virginia.
Beyer said he organized the gathering to help counter a wave of anti-Muslim rhetoric that has taken hold in the aftermath of recent terrorist attacks. He also urged House members across the country to attend mosque services to support U.S. Muslims.
"We don't all have the Donald Trump version of Muslims in America," Beyer told mosquegoers.
Last month, Fairfax County authorities charged a 27-year-old man with leaving a fake bomb at the mosque. According to the mosque's outreach director, Imam Johari Abdul-Malik, an intruder tried to enter the iron fence around the mosque about 2 a.m. Thursday and threw two smoke bombs and a Molotov cocktail toward the building. Members of the mosque who live in the neighborhood saw him, confronted him and he left, Abdul-Malik said.
Norton, who is African-American, said she understands how the Muslim community can be rattled by Islamophobic comments and actions.
"I know what it means to be a few among the many," she said. "I come not in sympathy. I come today in solidarity."
Dar al-Hijrah, one of the region's largest mosques, has been in the spotlight since the Sept. 11 attacks. Its imam at the time, Anwar al-Awlaki, later left the country and became a leader in al-Qaeda before being killed in a drone strike.
Inside the mosque on Friday, Imam Shaker Elsayed delivered a message to the group.
To his members, he urged them to carefully monitor their children's use of the Internet to ensure they are not swayed by radical online propaganda.
"Leave not your children to be misled," he said.
He urged the politicians to counsel their colleagues to curb the "high, heated rhetoric" and said politicians who urge the bombing of Mecca "should be disciplined."
"The rhetoric has led some people to go blind," he said, and view all Muslims as the enemy.
And he urged reporters to be careful in their reporting and avoid sensationalism or reporting that divides people into enemy camps.
"World wars happen because of words. We need not be instigators of World War III," he said.
Another imam at Dar al-Hijrah, Johari Abdul-Malik, told reporters that people's fear of the Muslim community can be overcome if the two communities engage each other, as occurred Friday.
So it's more of the "same-old, same-old" that I, and many others, have seen too much of after 9/11. An act of jihad and some of these Muslim leaders run to the microphone to act like they're the real victims. They play this "Islamophobia" card as a act of psychological terrorism against Americans, knowing that guilty white liberals and race-baiters like Eleanor Holmes-Norton will show up to remind everyone how bigoted Americans supposedly are.

The words coming from this mosque sound good at face value, but when you take the time to research what has actually gone on at Dar al-Hijrah, you wonder if they are playing the game of taqiyya which according to the ReligionOfPeace website says are circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

The mosque, according to the Counter Jihad Report, has had ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Anwar al-Awlaki was an imam at the mosque in 2001, and his sermons were attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers and the Ft. Hood jihadist Nidal Hassan. al-Awlaki was killed in a drone strike overseas in 2011. The mosque later claimed al-Awlaki had been "assassinated." A Muslim who was arrested before an attempted suicide bombing at the US Capitol building attended the mosque to pray before heading to the Capitol.

The current imam quoted in the NBC story above, Shaker Elsayed was, according to Discover the Networks, served as an unofficial spokesman for Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, who was arrested for an an-Queda plot to assassinate then-President George W. Bush. Elsayed "accused the U.S. Justice Department of unfairly targeting Ali and other young Muslims." Elsayed has also spoken in defense of Hamas and in favor of suicide bombings.

In February 2013, Elsayed was captured on video calling for armed jihad to a group of Ethiopian Muslim group at T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, VA (IPT).
"Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line," Elsayed said in comments seen on a YouTube video found by the Creeping Sharia blog. "They are the first in the prayer line. They are the first in the zakat (charity) line. They are the first in the hajj line. They are the first in the clean-up line. They are the first in the community-service line. They are the first in jihad line. They are the first in the da'wa line."
"But they are last if anything is being distributed, unless it is arms for jihad," Elsayed said. "We are the first to rush and run to defend our community and defend ourselves. The enemies of Allah are lining up; the question for us is, 'Are we lining, or are we afraid because, because they may call us terrorists.'"

Democrats have had a soft spot for this radical mosque. Bill Clinton, when he was President, sent a handwritten note to the mosque. In 2010, several Democrats, including then DNC Chair (now US Senator) Tim Kaine, Don Beyer's predecessor, Cong. Jim Moran, as well as Cong. "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, were listed as invited guests a fundraiser for the mosque. Moran and Kaine later rescinded the invitations, but there was no word whether or not Connolly did, or if the did not attend.

As for anti-Muslim bias crimes, there have been several instances of supposed "hate crimes" against Muslims that were later found to be faked (herehere and here). That fact is no way meant to excuse or condone what the 27 year old idiot did in recently vandalizing the Falls Church mosque. But the problem is when faked crimes or mistaken actions (see flying Imams and "Clock Boy") are used to create a false fear of "Islamophobia," and that causes citizens not to speak out for fear of being branded a racist due to these Muslim grievance mongers bullying Americans with their allegations.

It doesn't help matters either, when another racist named Loretta Lynch, in the spirit of her predecessor Eric "My People" Holder says she will not only make the Department of Racial Justice investigate the "Clock Boy" arrest, but also stands with Muslims (see Obama's quote from his book), and threatens prosecution against anti-Muslim rhetoric. But a nut can target Christians for killing in Oregon and the Obama Department of Racial Justice does nothing.

If the Muslim community was really interested in engaging or reassuring Americans, it would realize talk is cheap and actions are louder than words. Start rooting out radicalism in your community and quit playing the Islamophobia intimidation card. As Michelle Malkin wrote recently (h/t Marathon Pundit).
After seeing CAIR's bizarre press conference with the San Bernardino jihadists' family members, here's what I'd like to say to them:
You are not to be trusted. You put damage control above border control and jihad control. You are enemies of our national security and sovereignty.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

CAIR Leader At San Bernardino Press Conference Once Called Opposition To Syrian Refugees "Paranoia & Phobia"

Last night, the Southern California leader of the grievance organization known as CAIR, gave a press conference after the San Bernardino jihad (Gateway Pundit).
The CAIR religious leader at the presser said,
“Human life is precious. We respect human life… Please do not implicate Islam or Muslims. Our faith is against this type of behavior.”
The CAIR leader said the massacre may have been work related, mental illness or extreme ideology. The CAIR leader interrupted brother-in-law of suspect Syed Farook and urged people to wait before making any judgements.
“I had a chance to speak with Mr. Khan before and he truly doesn’t feel he’s informed enough, or anyone is informed enough to comment. We don’t know the motives. Is it work, rage related? Is it mental illness? Is it extreme ideology? At this point it’s really unknown to us.”
If the brother-in-law did not feel informed enough then why was he brought out to the press conference?
In a longer video, the leader stated his name as Hussam Ayloush.

Over at, a link was posted to an article from this past October about Redlands California Tea Party members opposing the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the area.
Members of both groups last week asked the City Council members their plan if asked to resettle refugees. They said they were concerned that Muslims who have beliefs contrary to the United States Constitution and ties to terrorist groups could be living in Redlands.

There is no formal proposal to resettle refugees in Redlands.

Mohammad M. Hossain, founder of the Islamic Center of Redlands, said the refugees are homeless and have nothing, so everybody has a duty to help them — that they would be grateful and not commit violence.

The Islamic Community Center of Redlands in Loma Linda is inviting the public to an Open Mosque Day on Sunday in the wake of the comments made during the Oct. 6 City Council meeting.

The center in Loma Linda declined an interview but sent comments by emailed statement. 
....Victoria Hargrave of Redlands Townhall said on Wednesday that our nation is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs, and we value freedom of speech, freedom of religion and property rights as protected by the Constitution. She said Muslims reject these values and are coming to America to impose Sharia law.
“This paranoia and phobia is rooted in a combination of ignorance and bigotry,” said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and chairman of the Syrian American Council in a telephone interview Wednesday about the Redlands tea party concerns.
Pointing the "Islamophobia" finger as Mr. Ayloush and CAIR always does is the type of psychological terrorism that is waged against those who have legitimate concerns. Look at how "Clock Boy" in Irving, TX was defended by CAIR, and is now threatening the city with a $15 million dollar lawsuit.

It's the constant playing of the "Islamophobia" card by CAIR and their liberal apologists that caused neighbors of the San Bernardino jihadists who had suspicions of their activities not to report them, for fear of being called "bigots."

More about Mr. Ayloush of CAIR from The Clarion Report:
CAIR-LA’s Executive Director has been Hussam Ayloush since 1998.[4] In December 2001, CAIR-CA's website published a photo of him with Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader and an avid supporter of Hamas.[5] During a discussion about zakat in October 2002, he referenced the view of "many scholars," but only mentioned Qaradawi.[6
On November 28, he reposted an article on his blog entitled, "Those Who Support Democracy Must Welcome the Rise of Political Islam."[7] Political Islam is another term for the Islamist ideology followed by groups like the Brotherhood, where a nation is ruled by Sharia law in the place of democracy.
In May 2004, he said that the U.S. had become the "new Saddam," the war on terror was a “war on Muslims” and implored the country to "end this hypocrisy, this hypocrisy that we are better than the other dictator."[8]
In March 2008, he said that in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia and other Muslim countries, the U.S. is "supporting occupation, instability, the interests of defense and war companies and the corrupt allies and puppet regimes." He envisioned "an America that can defeat terrorists without having to act like one."[9]
In January 2004, he spoke of the "legitimate right of the Palestinians to defend themselves against the Israeli occupation"[10] and in 2006, he described the kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers by Hamas and Hezbollah as a "military operation."
The Israeli response, on the other hand, he said was "very reminiscent to the Nazi style of collective punishment in response to a resistance."[11]  He has also posted a picture of an Israeli fighter jet with the words, "guilty Israeli terrorists" and has put up photos of a dead Palestinian baby wrapped in the flag of Hamas. [12]
MORE: JihadWatch -  Asked to condemn Hamas, Hussam Ayloush of Hamas-linked CAIR gives dishonest, bullying answer

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

MASS SHOOTING IN CALIFORNIA; NBC News "Sayeed Farook" ID'ed As Suspect

Another horrible shooting, this time in Southern California. Fourteen are dead, and at least more are 17 injured (KTLA Channel 5)
Investigators saw what they thought was the suspects’ vehicle leaving a home in Redlands that was being looked into in connection with the deadly shooting the Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino Police Department Chief Jarrod Burguan. Officers saw a vehicle leave the area and followed it.
A pursuit led them back to San Bernardino, where the vehicle stopped on East San Bernardino Avenue near Mountain View Avenue.
Police fired on the vehicle, leaving the two people inside dead, Burguan said.
Aerial video from Sky5 showed the damaged SUV stopped with several of its windows shot out and the doors open. One person was down in the street — in a pool of blood — near the vehicle. Authorities used a pole to pull what appeared to be second person from the SUV.
Burguan later said the pair were armed with assault rifles and handguns, and were wearing “assault-style clothing.” The relationship between the two was not know, authorities said.
The injured officer, believed to be a San Bernardino city police officer, was transported to a hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life threatening.
Officers also could be seen surrounding multiple homes in the area, including on Gould Street, near Richardson Street, a few blocks away.
I've been following the information on the Internet and Twitter. Reports of explosives and IEDs having been found.

A few names have been put on the Internet from people following the San Bernardino PD police scanner. NBC news reports confirm one of the names as Farook Sayeed.

It's too early to speculate as far as to links Farook might have to terror groups, or if this is ISIS related.

It's worth noting a recent guest on Megyn Kelly's show around November 17th stated he thought there might be an attack in America within two weeks (FreeRepublic).

To their shame, Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and Fartin O'Malley wasted no time to exploit this tragedy / potential terror attack for political gain and to push their radical, gun-grabbing agenda.

Other than this, I really don't want to speculate until there is hard evidence.

VIDEO: TV Newscast Proves Some Muslims Celebrated On 9/11 In Jersey City

Maybe not in numbers, but Donald Trump was right about Muslims celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center in Jersey City.

Video proof found at FreeRepublic.

This editorial also was published in the New York Post, found only on the Internet Wayback Machine, as it is no longer found on the Post's website.

Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attacks in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New York- ers that it would be wrong to take their anger out on the city's Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible

Breitbart: 9 Pieces of Documentation that Vindicate Trump’s Claim of 9/11 Muslim Celebrations

Friday, November 27, 2015

Van Jones, Who Led Anti-US Rally In Oakland On 9/12/2001, Calls Donald Trump "UnAmerican" For Claiming Muslims In New Jersey Cheered 9/11

Oh this one is rich! (Breitbart)
CNN Political Commentator and former green jobs advisor to President Obama Van Jones argued that Donald Trump says things that are “un-American” and “somebody’s going to go hurt some Muslim, as a result of this kind of hatred” while discussing the controversy over Trump’s statements regarding Muslims in the US celebrating on September 11, 2011 on Monday’s “AC 360″ on CNN.
Jones said, “I just want to say this is just terrible. You have a presidential candidate who is deliberately stoking fear. and smearing a whole population of people. … You have a political candidate, your candidate [Jones was speaking to Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord], you come on night after night and defend, no matter what despicable, horrible, un-American, racist, inflammatory thing he says, you defend him. At some point, do you have no shame? He said there that were thousands of Arabs out there, and there’s not one picture, in a world of — where you got cell phone cameras, you got video cameras from coast-to-coast, not one picture, not one image. This is demagoguery. It is dangerous, and somebody’s going to go hurt some Muslim, as a result of this kind of hatred. It’s wrong.”
Jones later added, “every single time a Muslim extremist, or a jihadi does something horrible, we ask every Muslim ever born, from the crib to 97-years-old to denounce that kind of activity. At what point can we start asking every Republican to denounce this sort of scapegoating and demagoguery?”
As pointed out here, there is credible evidence (at least reported after 9/11) that Trump was right, maybe not in the number who were cheering, but that it actually happened. I've seen several comments from people over the years that it did happen not only in Jersey City, but also Patterson, New Jersey.

One story found at says a source at the FBI told of calls that were logged by concerned citizens who saw "Muslims celebrating over the the destruction of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon"

Since moving to Northern Virginia, I've heard stories of Muslim tenants who lived at a high rise luxury apartment complex near Falls Church cheering the 9/11 attacks. In looking at various accounts over the Web in the last few days, I've seen similar stories that happened in Michigan, Houston, TX; Austin, TX, even in Manhattan.

There was also an anti-American rally held in Oakland, CA the day after the attacks, where the 19 radical Muslim hijackers were called "heroes".  The irony? That rally was organized by the same Van Jones who dares call Donald Trump "un-American."

Here's some of the footage of Van Jones' hate-America fest in Oakland, the day after 9/11.

Text of Van Jones remarks:
It’s the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders. ...We’ve got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs.” 
Also, at about the 3:05 mark, someone who may have been the inspiration for Obama pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermon (at 2:10 through 2:45 of the video at the link) the next Sunday, talked of “chickens comin’ home to roost.” Imagine that.
(0:33) “…. use this time to show that we’re really upset about all the violence that is goin’ down not only in New York, but also the violence goin’ down around the world, and that the United States was founded on this kind of terrorism, and it still continues today.” 
(1:10) “We also want to be angry, and allow ourselves to feel that anger and that rage for those stolen lives. We want to also understand though, that those lives were lost because of our government’s inhumane foreign policy. And we should be angry, we should be p***ed off, that what our government does around rest of the world that leads us not to be safe here. That’s what we should be angry at ….” 
(4:10) “But when we knew what those places represented, we were kind of also glad that there’s a place called the Pentagon where, where, military strategies which have killed millions of people around the face of the world (unintelligible). We know, to see that place burnin’, there was some satisfaction to it.
One of the racists in the video even called the hijackers who murdered 3,000 "heroes." (3.38)
"Don't call them (the Islamic terrorists) cowards, they're heroes who died, and they're the people we need to support in these days, and the People of Color are rising..."
Jones resigned in 2009 from a post created by the Obama Regime as "Green Jobs czar" after it was revealed he'd signed a 9/11 Troof letter, one that he has disavowed after it's discovery and asked that his name be removed from.

I'd say the last person who needs to lecture about being un-American is Van Jones, whose past actions are anything but pro-American.

Dictator-in-Chief Obama Blackmails States: Take Syrian Refugees Or Else!

In September 2012, the would-be celebrity who lives in the White House, Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama, said the following on David Letterman's late night show in a rebuke to Mittens Romney's "47 percent" statement secretly taped at a fundraiser.

"If you want to be president you have to work for everybody not just for some."
It was good campaign rhetoric, but a statement that Obama time and time again has not lived up to. He's doing it once again.

Polls show that a majority of Americans, especially after the Paris jihadist attacks, oppose the resettlement of refugees from Syria in the United States, given how some of the jihadists who attacked Paris posed as refugees. In keeping with that statistic, almost thirty states, led by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, have opposed resettlement in their states.

But do you think the person who swore an oath to defend the Constitution and protect America would take this seriously? No he doesn't and now he's acting like a petty, tin-pot dicktator by threatening these states (Fox News).
The Obama administration warned states over the Syrian refugee crisis Wednesday, telling them in a letter they do not have legal authority to refuse the refugees, and states that do not comply may be subject to enforcement action.
The letter, from the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), told state resettlement officials that they may not deny benefits and services to refugees based on their country of origin or religion.
“Accordingly, states may not categorically deny ORR-funded benefits and services to Syrian refugees,” the letter, dated Wednesday, says. “Any state with such a policy would not be in compliance with the State Plan requirements, applicable statutes, and their own assurances, and could be subject to enforcement action, including suspension and termination.”
The letter went on to say that the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on race and national origin in all programs that receive federal financial assistance.
“Thus, it is not permissible to deny federally funded benefits such as Medicaid or TANF to refugees who otherwise meet the eligibility requirements,” the letter says.
The letter came after more than two dozen governors, mostly Republicans, announced they would resist efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in their states in light of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, and fears that ISIS militants could use the controversial program to infiltrate the U.S.
This is tantamount to blackmailing the states, especially when it involves the security of our nation. It is also a huge encroachment of separation of powers. But Obama is familiar with that (see: executive amnesty), and no one is willing to stand up to him over it.

This isn't the only time Obama has acted like a dicktator. His Regime has threatened states who sought to defund Planned Infanticide Parenthood. Why? Because Obama has ridden to power thanks to the abortion-on-demand lobby, who are big supporters politically and financially. It's an issue he can use as a strawman argument against his opponents and try to appeal to radical feminists.

But do you think Obama will stop or impose similar penalties on "sanctuary cities" who do so in violation of federal law? No! Because Obama does not represent all of America. He only represents illegal aliens, Muslims, racial grievance groups and any other group who he can pit against another...all for the sake of political expediency.

Notice too, when this nation, or the states, or citizens, dare to reject him, Obama acts like a petulant little man-child, threatening retribution, all because he's a raging narcissist still wounded by his father and mother (in many ways) abandoning him as a child, with his only role model being a Communist (Frank Marshall Davis) who fed into his anger and resentment.

And our security hangs in the balance.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2016 Endorsement: Ted Cruz for President

Well, the headline is giving it away, but I feel ready to now make an endorsement of who I would vote for, and hope to see as the 2016 Republican well as the 45th President of the United States.

None other than the Senator from my home state of Texas, Ted Cruz.

On March 23rd, I wrote the following after watching his announcement seeking the Republican nomination in a speech at Liberty University that I called one of the greatest in recent political history.
Why is this speech important. Because Ted Cruz used his 2016 candidacy announcement to remind America of the greatness of this nation, our core values, and how what we take so much for granted is not from government, but from God.  Basically, Cruz reminded us that what makes this nation great is far greater than any man or woman, any political party, or any government. It is in our core values and in the heart of the American people. That's something the current Regime, his party, and quite frankly too many Republicans have lost sight of.
True, Cruz spoke without a teleprompter, because maybe you don't necessarily need one when you are able to speak from your heart. In sharing his personal story, Cruz connected with his audience and showed the greatness of American. Plus, Cruz acknowledges a Being higher than him, instead of a certain guy who you'll find on a golf course in DC who mistakenly thinks he is God.
Whether Cruz will end up being the nominee is another thing, because it's a long way to the nomination. However, Cruz raised the bar that every 2016 GOP candidate must meet. It isn't enough just to be a Republican, you have to stand for something. Being for Common Core, being pro-amnesty, and making money off of Obamacare isn't acceptable. It's not enough to be for "quasi-big government," or  to be a "compassionate conservative." Talk is cheap. Are you as a candidate going to be willing to be one of "bold colors, not pale pastels"?
That's what Ted Cruz showed today, bold colors. That's what whoever the GOP candidate needs to articulate and show by their actions.
As we are nearing the time when the 2016 caucuses will begin, it is time to start gathering around a candidate. Cruz, in my book, lives up to his billing as being the most consistent conservative in the GOP field.

Why? Because he has shown something over and over which too many, and especially inside the Republican Party, have been afraid to show, something John F. Kennedy called a "Profile in Courage." Cruz has never made positions based on polls, or what is in the best interest of the party, it is always what is in the best interest of the nation. Very much like a similar character named Ronald Reagan who was seen as "too extreme" but ended up being our last greatest President.

Since Reagan, America has hungered for a leader, and everyone since then has fallen short of the mark. There never will be another Reagan, but it is not a "Cult of Personality" we seek, it is someone who can uphold the principles that made America great, that made it a land of opportunity, a beacon of hope and freedom, a "shining city on a hill."  That's what made Reagan great and as beloved as he is, and that's what I believe Ted Cruz can be for America.

Too many of the other candidates in the 2016 field are just the "same old, same old." Bush, Kasich, Christie, FioRINO, and even Marco Rubio, who has been a disappointment, especially in ganging up with the Brooklyn ambulance chaser UpChuck Schumer on the Senate's try at amnesty. Too many of these candidates have wanted to do the work of the GOPe Party Bosses in trying to take out Donald Trump. But Cruz hasn't played that game. He's smart, a lot smarter than the media and establishment types give him credit for.

I think Donald Trump and Ben Carson have done important work in illustrating the disconnect between many Americans and the political class. Not just Republicans, but also many Democrats. The GOP establishment has been too caught up in the "good ole boy" mentality that they could care less. Trump and Carson have shook that up. Carson, I don't believe has the seasoning to be President, but that doesn't mean he should not have a role to play in an upcoming Cruz administration. Trump could also be a good adviser, but Trump has gone many different directions over his lifetime as far as political beliefs that it's hard for me to trust him in a GOP primary. I think he's made important points about border security, national security, and economics that are on the minds of many voters, not just Republican voters. I know that Cruz believes the same way, but unlike many others in the GOP field, Cruz has been smart not to get in a fight with Trump, so as not to alienate his supporters.

So, there it is. If ever America needed a strong, conservative leader, it is now, and I believe in my heart Ted Cruz is the man. That's why I'm making this endorsement.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Here's Proof Trump Was Right About Muslims In New Jersey Celebrating9/11

Donald Trump has once again come under fire for stating he saw Muslim-Americans in New Jersey celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11 (Fox News).
The mayor of a New Jersey city slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Sunday after the real estate mogul repeatedly claimed that he saw people cheering the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks across the Hudson River from where the Twin Towers fell.
Trump first told the story Saturday at a rally in Birmingham, Ala., as he pressed the need for greater surveillance, including monitoring certain mosques, in the wake of the Paris attacks.
"I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering," Trump said.
Trump repeated the claim Sunday in an interview on ABC's "This Week" after host George Stephanopoulos explained that police had refuted any such rumors at the time.
"It did happen. I saw it," said Trump. "It was on television. I saw it."
"There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down," he said.
"I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it," he added, "but there were people cheering as that building came down, as those buildings came down. And that tells you something."
A spokeswoman did not respond to a request for clarification Saturday about Trump's comments.
In a statement, Jersey City Mayor Fulop criticized Trump for his statements.
"Trump is plain wrong, and he is shamefully politicizing an emotionally charged issue," said Fulop. "No one in Jersey City cheered on September 11th. We were actually among the first to provide responders to help in lower Manhattan."
The Washington Compost "fact-checker" says it didn't happen either.

However, those claims contradict what was in the September 18, 2001 edition of the Washington ComPost. (FreeRepublic)
In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners' plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.
Screenshot from Washington ComPost website:

Not only that, but the Creeping Sharia website posted something I've heard about a couple of high-rise apartments around Alexandria, VA.
The area also includes two luxury apartment high-rises that erupted into cheers when the World Trade Center fell on 9/11. Law enforcement has dubbed them the “Taliban Towers.” Investigators routinely find posters and computer screen savers celebrating Osama bin Laden as a hero.
Down the street is a Saudi charitable front for al-Qaida once run by bin Laden’s nephew. The U.S. branch of the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood is in the same office park. Farther down in Alexandria is the Saudi madrassa (MIM note: Islamic Saudi Academy) that’s graduated several terrorists, including the al-Qaida operative who plotted to assassinate President Bush.

But apparently, everyone who saw it must have imagined it, according to the gatekeepers of information.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama Emboldens Evil...Our Very Lives And Civilization Hang In The Balance

Honestly, when I saw some of the comments made by Richard Milhous Hussein Obama, in regards to the jihadist attacks in Paris, I could not believe those were real quotes, because they sounded like something from The Onion or some other parody news organization.

An American President not interested in defeating an enemy, and who attacks fellow countrymen for simply disagreeing with him, with more of a vigor than he is willing to attack radical Islamists (for which he refuses to name).

But the same Obama is willing to rush to the microphone to condemn gun violence, the police, any other "oppressed" group. But to do his job that he swore an oath twice to uphold? Forget about it!

Remember when he told David Letterman that he learned a President represents the entire nation?

Well, that was good rhetoric to use as a comeback to attack his opponent in an election. But we see again, in the last few days, how Obama is unwilling to defend and protect all Americans.

He has more concern for the plight of illegal aliens, Islamists, gang-bangers, and so-called Syrian "refugees" but displays a condescending, haughty attitude toward those of us who say no to this misguided plan with "Show me your plan."

I'll show you my plan...protect Americans first!

This is what got us to 9/11. A disconnect from reality. Liberals spent eight years after 9/11 complaining and attacking the war. Well, against our better judgement, we gave Obama and his Leftist Democrats their chance at power, and the problem didn't go away with the Kumbaya, hippie peace chants and the Grateful Dead music.

Instead, it only got worse.

The Little Rock recruiting center, Ft. Hood, Boston Marathon, Benghazi, Chattanooga, the Oklahoma City beheader, and now the growth of ISIS, with Obama wanting to welcome them into the country.

Now, what do we have today? Instead of a President unifying this nation, he and his party and their zombie-like followers pit us against each other, all for the sake of making some people who are looking for meaning in their lives feel better about themselves, which is why I say Liberalism is the philosophy of the selfish. It is all based on emotion...logic or common sense cannot factor into liberalism.

Every evil known to mankind was done for the sake of "good intentions." One such evil took place 37 years ago today in a South American jungle, after being aided and abetted by the liberal community in the San Francisco Bay Area. No one would listen until it was too late.

I thought about this again after hearing quotes of Obama over the last couple of days. One man who first tried to warn people in the Bay Area about this Cult of Personality that led a cult following to their "Kool-Aid" laced deaths wrote the following in 2008.
What do we have, then, if we were to lay out a comprehensive analysis of the Jim Jones history? An exciting and charismatic preacher comes out to California and is welcomed by his liberal compadres in a leftwing denomination fraught with theological deviancies so bizarre that it would shock Hollywood’s spicier icons. He claims to have been active in community organizing back in Richmond, Indiana. And he knows how to raise much money. He is clean, exemplary even. He professes a morality based in compassion for the underprivileged. With all that, he easily ingratiates himself with the far left politicians of San Francisco. Cecil Williams, pastor of the socialist oriented Glide Memorial Methodist Church, brought Jones on his TV show and plainly could not keep his hugging hands off the sleek and dazzling Jones.
The Bay Area elites saw Jones’ energy and how they could use it. The inner city crowd thought he was the answer to all problems, seen or unseen. Jones had invaded Bay Area ecclesiastical sanctuaries as well as political arenas throughout the State of California. Jerry Brown spoke from his pulpit, as did President Carter’s wife, Rosalynn. The Lieutenant Governor and Jones scratched each other’s backs to the bone, and even went to the Caribbean together. Indeed, this “Marxist Messiah” had managed more than ten years, scheming in and out and through the back alleys of California’s darkest political regions.
Jones succeeded because California was infested with liberals who laughed proudly at anyone to their right. They even scoffed at a couple of conservatives who shouted warnings into the deaf skulls of scoundrels unable to see past the glowing tips of their marijuana stogies.
...But, with all the failings and subterfuge I confronted throughout my long investigation of Jim Jones, certain questions have never left my conscious mind: Why did conservatives, alone, see Jones for what he was, a hazard to humanity? Why was it that only liberals fell for his charisma, his rhetoric, his deceit?
But now we come to my main point signaled by the title of this article: “Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived."  You see, after my having warned fellow workers, two journalists, a couple of attorneys and a family member, that Congressman Leo Ryan would not leave Jonestown alive—and after having this worst fear turn to reality—I was stunned to the point where I was barely able to accept the apologies that poured forth from my liberal minister friends. Then soon came the inquiries from people needing to know how such a horror could have happened. Some, however, asked the heavier question: “What is the meaning of it?”
These kinds of questions began only after people got their bellies full of the gorier details. The scapegoating was rampant, to be sure. But gradually a pursuit of meaning began. My response was something that I knew intuitively. And I would tell people, either directly or in letters, that we must look upon it as a portent, a mini-example, a kind of metaphor for where our country is heading. Jones was the hint of some more grotesque leader waiting on the dark horizon of a festering America.
I've quoted this section before, and after just reading it again, given the events of the last few days, it brings goosebumps to my arms.

Keep in mind, this was written in 2008.
Here it is, then, the manifestation of the portent. A young and charismatic black lawyer comes almost out of nowhere to work the hopes and weaknesses of a na├»ve citizenry. He molds them into an image of his Marxist-socialist vision. And, just as it was with Jones (where people, politicians, and radical activists flocked to him, believing he was just what they wanted and needed), it is now with Barack Obama who is looked upon as a saint of sorts—just as people told me Jones was a saint and a leader the world desperately needed. And just as I was forced to go up to Jones’ cult and study him close up (since one of my close friends said he was a tower of compassion and understanding, while another of my friends, within two weeks of the first friend, told me that “Jim Jones is doing weird things with my ex-wife and my kids”), I now had no choice but to study Obama. Why? Because, again, people had given me polar opposite assessments. So once again I was impelled to look heavily into the matter.

I have done so. But in this case, and unlike with Jim Jones where I had no real bias, I was right at the start predisposed against Obama, for economic and political reasons. He was a far left extremist, documented to be the most liberal man in the Senate. So I observed him and his wife (just as I did Jim Jones and his wife). I studied their rhetoric. And I can now assure you that there is no significant difference between Obama’s rhetoric and that of Jim Jones. As with Jones, I saw the clever fashioning of an out-group in order to solidify the loyalty of the in-group. I saw straw man fallacies, and the lack of moments wherein a truth is uttered strictly for the sake of truth. Obama lacked authenticity, the character that puts national stability ahead of self-achievement. I saw in Obama a sense of entitlement, a belief that he should have what he wants, meaning that he does not consider those deeper elements of his desires, the whys and wherefore of them. He desires being the nation’s president much more than the well-being of the nation. He, as did Jones, wants and needs to change the external world, not for the sake of the world, but for the sake of himself. That is to say: Though he thinks he is dynamic, he is in fact static. So he needs to change the world into a wild entity that tolerates almost everything, and enslaves the minds of its denizens. That is the world that will tolerate the Obama who is death-oriented, un-alive, hopelessly static. He is a statue molded by the dull artisans of socialism. He is hopelessly ignorant of inner change, the “new creation” heralded two eons ago. I tell you an irony: Jim Jones sensed that he was un-alive. It accounts for his preoccupation with death, from childhood up to the moment he gasped his last breath. But Obama, with his static mind, has not a clue that he got it all backward, that he is a lost artificiality. My fear is that he might well see the Light only after some cataclysmic event of his own making. Because, you see, unlike Jones who had his own little cult, Obama leads a gigantic cult. He leads it disguised as an outsider. The cult is Islam. And Obama leads it by way of being its great Western Defender. In the most insidious fashion he has become the energizer of Islam’s massive incursion, from East to West. As President, he would be the principal driver of Islam’s invasion, and therefore the ultimate manifestation of the Jonestown portent.
Obama is merely a purveyor of other peoples’ ideas. He fears scrutiny. He thrives only in company with fellow radicals. It’s a cult-like characteristic used metaphorically in several theater and literary classics such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Night of the Living Dead, Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, and Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
In other words Barack Obama is not a genuine thinker. He therefore disallows the tough questions. There is, then, but a bare chance that he, by way of powerful questions, would ever be drawn to those dungeons of his own absurdities. (I do not say this glibly. For my specialty over the years has been in questioning the cult-like thinking within the radical minds that have pushed America to the edge of chaos. My assessment of Obama comes without any doubts. It could easily be proven, were he to allow a confrontation with the truth. (But, of course he would never allow it.) Truth demands certain questions. Obama fears those questions. He fears truth even though he is not cognizant of it. It has been said other ways: “The light shone in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.”
Do you have doubts? Does he have doubts? Well, then, let him answer the questions that have not thus far been put to him.
Politically correct, spiritually incorrect: that was the Jim Jones cult. 
And now comes its portent: the immensely more dangerous Barack Obama.

Dangerous and evil, because he is emboldening evil, while all our lives and civilization hang in the balance.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Montage Of Obama Praising Islam, Even At The Expense Of Christianity

This audio montage appeared on Sean Hannity's radio show today.
Since his election, President Obama has gone out of his way to praise the tenets of Islam--sometimes even at the expense of Christianity. A few of his greatest hits include:
- "We are no longer a Christian nation."
- "Since our founding, Muslim Americans have enriched the United States."
- "Islam has always been part of America's story."
- "We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world."
Here's a trip down memory lane of President Obama bending over backwards to make nice with Muslims.

Never forget these two quote, either.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Shame On YOU, Terry McAuliffe! VA Governor Refuses To Block Syran Refugees After Paris Jihad

Today, the governors of Michigan, Alabama, Louisiana, as well as my beloved native state of Texas (among others), used their authority to say they refuse to take Syrian "refugees" after Friday night's jihadist attack in Paris by radical Muslims, after evidence has shown some of them posed as refugees.

But some states are refusing to, apparently the current home base of the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of them (Richmond Times-Dispatch).
Gov. Terry McAuliffe indicated Monday that Virginia would not be among the growing number of U.S. states seeking to block Syrian refugees, despite calls from Republicans for the state to close its doors to those fleeing war in Syria as a security precaution following Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris.
As of early Monday afternoon, nearly a dozen Republican governors had announced they were taking steps to block Syrian refugees from their states, and Virginia Republicans urged McAuliffe to follow suit. In a statement, the governor's office said security measures are in place for all refugees entering the United States.
"With respect to refugees, the governor and his public safety team are in constant communication with federal authorities about all refugee resettlements, including those involving refugees from Syria," McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy said in a written statement.
"Every refugee who is settled in the U.S. undergoes intensive security screening, and the governor has asked [Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian J. Moran] to ensure that every proper precaution is taken to keep Virginians safe."
The governor left Friday for an 11-day trade mission to India and the Middle East, where he recently met with leaders of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to discuss economic development.
I don't believe one word of this clap-trap from from the aptly named Brian Coy. If McAwful really wanted to keep Virginians safe, he wouldn't accept these refugees, especially when DHS officials have admitted there's no way that these "refugees" can be properly vetted. McAwful sounds no different from Hillary Rotten Clinton or any of the other contenders for the Party of Treason (Democrats) seeing the 2016 nomination.

So here, we clearly see that McAwful's loyalty is not to the citizens of the Commonwealth, whom he swore an oath to defend. His loyalty is only to the Clintons, Obama, and the Democrat Party. His only goal as Virginia's governor is not to make Virginia safe or prosperous, but to make sure it ends up in the electoral column of that criminal witch Hillary in November hook or crook.

Where Terry McAwful's loyalty lies...with the Clinton Crime Syndicate

If that's the way he wants to be, then Terry McAwful should be prepared to be held responsible should any terrorist attack, or any killing of an American be perpetrated by a Syrian refugee who was residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, because he (like all liberals) puts ideology and party ahead of his state and country.

Shame on you, Terry McAwful! And shame on the Virginia RINOs who helped elect him in 2013!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

TREASON! Obama Releases Five Islamic Terrorists From Gitmo...Two Days After Paris Jihad

Breaking (Fox News).
The Department of Defense announced late Sunday that five detainees at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have been released and sent to the United Arab Emirates.
The transfer of Ali Ahmad Muhammad al-Razihi, Khalid Abd-al-Jabbar Muhammad Uthman al-Qadasi, Adil Said al-Hajj Ubayd al-Busays, Sulayman Awad Bin Uqayl al-Nahdi, and Fahmi Salem Said al-Asani, came after a “comprehensive review” by the interagency Guantanamo Review Task Force, according to the Pentagon.
The Pentagon said the five Yemeni men were accepted for resettlement in the Persian Gulf nation after U.S. authorities determined they no longer posed a threat.
The Defense Department said in a statement Sunday that their release brings the Guantanamo prisoner population to 107.
Is there any denying whose side Obama is on?

He is on the side of the Islamofascists, or, as David Beamer said, he is a Muslim sympathizer and has the track record to prove it.

If we had real leaders who care about this nation, impeachment proceedings and charges of treason would be brought upon this scumbag who desecrates the White House.

After Paris Jihadi Attacks: Democrat Debate Shows They're Unfit To Lead

In case you didn't know, there was another Democrat Party Presidential debate last night.

I didn't watch it, have only read reports of it afterwards (I don't like listening to BS), but was surprised yesterday to hear the debate was still on, given what had happened Friday evening in Paris.

But, after reading the highlights of the debate, it was probably a good idea it wasn't postponed, because what those who watched it heard was more of the dangerous policies that led to the rise of ISIS and Islamic extremism, instead of rooting out this evil that threatens the Western world.

First, despite the fact that 9/11, 9/11/12, Ft. Hood, the Boston Marathon, Chattanooga, and now Paris all have Islamic Terrorism in common, every Democrat refuses to acknowledge who the enemy is (Breitbart).
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Democratic Party presidential debate on Saturday evening in Iowa that she would not use the phrase "radical Islam" to describe the enemy responsible for attacking the United States and the west in general.
The exchange with moderator John Dickerson of CBS News was as follows (rush transcript):
Moderator: Secretary Clinton, you mentioned radical jihadists. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), also running for president, said this attack in Paris showed that we are at war with radical Islam. Do you agree with that characterization  "radical Islam" 
Clinton: I don't think we're at war with Islam. I don't think we're at war with all Muslims. I think we're at war with jihadists
Moderator: Just to interrupt. he didn't say all Muslims. He said "radical Islam" 
Clinton: I think you can talk about Islamists who clearly are also jihadists, but I think it's not particularly helpful to make the case that Senator Sanders was just making that I agree with that we've got to reach out to Muslim countries. We've got to have them be part of our coalition. If they hear people running for president who basically shortcut it to say we are somehow against Islam.
Plus, despite the fact that we now know some of these radical Muslims who attacked Paris posed as refugees from Syria, all the Democrats think we should roll out the red carpet for them. Never mind they're already landing on our shores and receiving government aid.

We know who Hillary thinks is the enemy...

But radical Islamists, who have attacked America several times? Hillary thinks we should "empathize" with them.


This is why the Democrat Party was unfit to lead in 2008 and is unfit to lead now.

When you listen to this kind of talk, you have to ask yourself, what planet are these people from? Keep in mind, not all Democrats thought like this. FDR, the statist that he was, was willing to take action against the evil of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Had Bill Clinton been President on December 7, 1941, he probably would have sent the FBI to investigate Pearl Harbor, like he did the USS Cole attack.

Democrats were quick to act patriotic after 9/11, but turned when they saw it was politically expedient for them to. 9/11 has always been something Hillary Rotten has tried to play politically, see how she did it last night, as well as with her vote for the Iraq War. But when it was politically expedient for her, she was quick to join the appeasers of radical Islamists in attacking the war effort.

There was a time when politics "stopped at the water's edge, " but that's not the case anymore. The Democrat Party of FDR and JFK doesn't exist anymore. The modern Democrat Party has more in common with radical, left-wing terror groups like the Symbionese Liberation Army than your great-grandparents Democrats. You think I'm being extreme? Look at how Barack Hussein Obama got his political start in the living room of an unrepentant domestic terrorist. Bill Clinton not only commuted the sentences of FALN terrorists in 1999, but also gave clemency to two Weather Underground (Obama's friend Bill Ayers' terror group) members. Remember too, how Hillary was so quick to blame Benghazi on a video but not on Islamic terrorists. Democrats always appear more sympathetic to terrorists who attack America, the West, and capitalism, but always point to the defenders of capitalism and a civil society as the enemy.

Yes, insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Obama State Department May Rule Christians Aren't ISIS Genocide Victims

This is stunning! (National Review Online)
A report by a renowned journalist states that Christians are to be excluded from an impending official United States government declaration of ISIS genocide. If true, it would reflect a familiar pattern within the administration of a politically correct bias that views Christians — even non-Western congregations such as those in Iraq and Syria — never as victims but always as Inquisition-style oppressors. (That a State Department genocide designation for ISIS may be imminent was acknowledged last week in congressional testimony, by Ambassador Anne Patterson, the assistant secretary of the State Department’s Near East Bureau.)
Yazidis, according to the story by investigative reporter Michael Isikoff, are going to be officially recognized as genocide victims, and rightly so. Yet Christians, who are also among the most vulnerable religious minority groups that have been deliberately and mercilessly targeted for eradication by ISIS, are not. This is not an academic matter. A genocide designation would have significant policy implications for American efforts to restore property and lands taken from the minority groups and for offers of aid, asylum, and other protections to such victims. Worse, it would mean that, under the Genocide Convention, the United States and other governments would not be bound to act to suppress or even prevent the genocide of these Christians. 
An unnamed State Department official was quoted by Isikoff as saying that only the attacks on Yazidis have made “the high bar” of the genocide standard and as pointing to the mass killing of 1,000 Yazidi men and the enslavement of thousands of Yazidi women and girls. To propose that Christians have been simply driven off their land but not suffered similar fates is deeply misinformed. In fact, the last Christians to pray in the language spoken by Jesus are also being deliberately targeted for extinction through equally brutal measures. 
Christians have been executed by the thousands. Christian women and girls are vulnerable to sexual enslavement. Many of their clergy have been assassinated and their churches and ancient monasteries demolished or desecrated. They have been systematically stripped of all their wealth, and those too elderly or sick to flee ISIS-controlled territory have been forcibly converted to Islam or killed, such as an 80-year-old woman who was burned to death for refusing to abide by ISIS religious rules. Pope Francis pronounced their suffering “genocide” in July. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and a broad array of other churches have done so as well. Analysis from an office of the Holocaust Museum apparently relied on by the State Department asserts that ISIS protects Christians in exchange for jizya, an Islamic tax for “People of the Book,” but the assertion is simply not grounded in fact. 
ISIS atrocities against Christians became public in June 2014 when the jihadists stamped Christian homes in Mosul with the red letter N for “Nazarene” and began enforcing its “convert or die” policy. The atrocities continue. Recently the Melkite Catholic bishop of Aleppo reported that 1,000 Christians, including two Orthodox bishops, have been kidnapped and murdered in his city alone. In September, ISIS executed, on videotape, three Assyrian Christian men and threatened to do the same to 200 more being held captive by the terrorist group. Recent reports by an American Christian aid group state that several Christians who refused to renounce their faith were raped, beheaded, or crucified a few months ago.
How telling that this is coming from a State Department under the Muslim Sympathizer-in-Chief, who wanted to lecture Christians earlier this year about "getting off their high horse."

NATIONAL INSECURITY: Syrian Refugees Already Arriving In New Orleans

Here's a story from The Hayride, a Louisiana blog, which was published November 3rd that should raise eveyone's eyebrows, especially after the events of yesterday in Paris.
After the Hayride broke the exclusive story on 10,000 Syrian refugees possibly resettling in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie, it has now come to light that refugees are already coming into the New Orleans area.
Catholic Charities, which receive federal grants from U.S. Department of State/Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, have apparently taken in two Syrian refugee families already and are expecting many more.
There are approximately 180 cities in the country that are eligible to accept the 10,000 Syrian refugees. Here is the full list of those cities, which includes Baton Rouge, Matairie and Lafayette:
US Refugee Public Affiliate Directory by zerohedge
The 10,000 Syrian refugees are first flown to the United States, according to the French news wire Agence France-Presse, with the State Department paying the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the airfare.
Then, once the refugees arrive in the country, they could be dispersed across the 180 cities listed above, where they are to aided within the first 30 to 90 days in settling and finding employment in the area.
After approximately 90 days, refugees are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support that they were receiving through migrant and refugee services. However, they are able to join support programs through the Department of Health and Human Services.
Additionally, it is unclear how much the screening process for the 10,000 Syrian refugees will cost American taxpayers.
The State Department spent $1.1 billion resettling people from around the world in the country last year. That’s about $16,000 per person.
After yesterday, and how Judicial Watch has revealed the FBI has 1,000 active ISIS investigations here in America, how are we able to properly screen these refugees Obama and Kerry want to bring into this country?

There is also the topic of taxpayer dollars being used to house and find work for them. How can we as a nation afford this and pay for it? Why should we be bringing more people from out of the country and find them work, when more Americans since 1977 are out of the labor force? And, after 90 days, they're able to go to programs through Department of Health and Human Services, which when you read between the lines means they're eligible for taxpayer-funded welfare.

After yesterday, we need to have Congress look into this and put a stop to this program immediately. Even though Obama and Kerry only care about serving and representing illegal aliens, Muslims, and radical racial activists, our government took an oath and has a duty to protect Americans.

Friday, November 13, 2015

TERROR IN PARIS - Sources Say 100 Dead, Terrorists Scream "Allah Akbar"

Sadly, it has happened again!

Paris, France has been the target of multiple terrorist attacks around the city, including a bombing at a soccer stadium and a hostage situation at a concert hall. 

Right now, 100 are feared dead, according to AFP.
Paris (AFP) - Around 100 people were killed in an attack on the Bataclan concert venue in Paris on Friday night, police sources said. 
Three suspected jihadists were killed when police stormed the venue, the sources said.
Forty more around Paris are dead, according to Fox News, who is also reporting the following.
The massacre inside the music venue ended around midnight local time when French police stormed inside, killing at least two Kalashnikov-toting gunmen who witnesses said wore flak jackets as they slaughtered horrified spectators. The victims had gathered to see the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal, and a handful managed to escape to tell of the horror taking place inside as the killers shouted "This is for Syria!" and "Alahu Akhbar!" as they cut down patrons from a balcony before the band took the stage.
There was one unconfirmed report one of the attackers claims he is from ISIS.

But, the Muslim-sympathizer-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama did not want to speculate on the motives behind the attacks, when he spoke to the press this evening.

Earlier, Obama spoke with his sycophant at ABC, "Curious" George  Stephanopoulos, and had the audacity to say the following.

“I don't think they're gaining strength,” the president told Stephanopoulos in an interview at the White House Thursday. “From the start our goal has been first to contain, and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq. And in Syria it -- they'll come in, they'll leave. "But you don't see this systematic march by ISIL across the terrain," he added, using the government's acronym for ISIS.
Well, obviously the same clown who once called ISIS a "JV team" shows how he's spending too much time on the golf course instead of being aware of the threats facing the United States and the Western world by the Islamists.

But never mind that the clown who couldn't even make a JV golf squad who acts as President wants America to take thousands of Syrian refugees, even when we don't know if there are ISIS terrorists mixed in. Not only that, but how this Regime refuses to close the border and instead offers unconstitutional executive amnesties which only acts as a magnet to illegal border crossers. Did you notice what the French prime minister did tonight? He closed the border. Something our "leadership" doesn't have the will to do in this nation for fear of being called "RAAAAACIST" by every left-wing racial grievance monger group.

No, but these same clowns want us to believe ISIS is under control so they can say GloBULL warming is our greatest threat.

After tonight, anyone in our government, namely Obama and "Hanoi" John Kerry, who has the audacity to claim GloBULL warming is our greatest threat needs to have their head surgically removed from their butt.

We need leadership in our nation and our people to demand two things first.



Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hypocrite Hillary: Speaks Out Against Violence On Women; Laughs At Man Who Wants To Strangle Carly Fiorina

I'm no fan of Carly FioRINO and I think she would be a horrible choice if she were to be the GOP nominee, as I've explained earlier.

But despite that, I have to shake my head in disgust at what happened yesterday in New Hampshire, when a man told Hillary Rotten Clinton about Fiorino...
 “Every time I see her on TV, I want to reach through and strangle her.” 

There were no lectures of civility, no repudiation of the remark, just the Hildebeast laughing hysterically and saying "I wouldn't mess with you. (witch cackle follows)"

Now, can you imagine if some man told, lets say Donald Trump, how every time he saw Hillary on TV he wanted to strangle her, and Trump's reaction was similar to Hillary's? You'd never hear the end of it on TV.

But what is worse is the hypocrisy from this (rhymes with witch). She will laugh at some big ogre who wants to strangle a Republican woman, but she will pen pieces saying how it's time to get tough on violence against women. She will supposedly champion sexual assualt survivors but says nothing about the women who were assualted (and even one allegedly raped) by her "husband". Just like she laughed at her defense of the rapist of a 12-year old. She has no soul.

It's further proof of how unfit she is to even run for President. The only thing Hillary deserves in 2016 is a clean cot in a prison cell for her lies about Benghazi and putting our national security at risk with her unsecured e-mails.

Monday, November 09, 2015


Breaking news tonight (Bloomberg News)
President Barack Obama’s plan to shield more than 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation before he leaves office was dealt another blow by an appeals court’s refusal to let the program begin while 26 states fight to derail it.
The U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans said a federal judge’s ruling blocking the plan was “impressive and thorough” and that states led by Texas were likely to ultimately win the lawsuit. The judge in Brownsville, Texas, ruled the White House had skipped required federal policy-making steps and halted the program in February, hours before it was to begin taking applications.
The White House may take the dispute to the U.S. Supreme Court, where further delays would likely thrust immigration policy onto center stage in the 2016 presidential contest. Newly elected Speaker Paul Ryan has said House Republicans won’t be offering legislation on immigration reform, calling Obama an unreliable partner because he had attempted to go around Congress with executive orders.
The appeals court “has pretty effectively closed down any meaningful chance of immigration reform before Obama leaves office,” Richard Murray, a pollster and political science professor at the University of Houston, said in a phone interview. If the administration appeals, the Supreme Court will likely order the status quo maintained as the court fight continues, out of reluctance to “inject itself” into such a divisive issue, “especially during the final year of a presidential term,” Murray said.
If the high court’s four Democratic appointees vote to take the case, the decision will come down in June, “just as the political parties are settling in on their candidates,” Murray said. “Immigration has already become a huge issue; I think it will be a wedge issue in the presidential campaign.”
Obama’s initiative targets undocumented immigrants who’ve been in the U.S. for at least five years, can pass a criminal background check, and have a child who is an American citizen. Obama announced the unilateral policy shift in November 2014, after he failed to persuade the Republican-controlled Congress to pass reforms he said would bring illegal immigrants “out of the shadows” into productive society.
The pushback on Obama's 2014 illegal executive amnesty began in February when a Federal judge in Brownsville blocked it.  It even got to the point where the Regime was investigated for lying to the judge.

Now that the tyrant Obama has been smacked down, I wonder what the petulant little tinpot dicktator's response will be?