Monday, December 01, 2014

Ann Coulter's Anti-Amnesty Candidate Mittens Romney Says GOP Should "Swallow Hard" And Pass Amnesty

During a CPAC 2014 blogger's briefing (when she wasn't making crude rape jokes), alleged conservative Ann Coulter told bloggers in attendance the reason Mitt Romney was her 2012 preferred candidate (and may be in 2016) was because of enforcing e-verify and the idea of "self-deportation."

Well, in the wake of Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama's unConstitutional amnesty, Mittens Romney, the alleged "anti-amnesty" candidate showed why so many of us had doubts about him in 2012 (Breitbart).
Romney recently told Spanish-language Univision that Obama is "giving people false hope" and "communicating to people outside this country, ‘Hey, get into the United States illegally and stay, because they’ll always let you stay.'”
Romney's solution is for Congress to pass a “permanent clarification of our immigration laws so that people know where they stand," because Obama's executive amnesty is only temporary. But Romney said that he was "pretty confident that what the president’s doing will so inflame passions on the part of many in my party… that they will be far less likely to move aggressively on the type of permanent reform that’s so badly needed." He hoped the party could work on some piecemeal solutions on immigration to get the ball rolling.
"Maybe even then, Republicans will swallow hard and say, 'OK, even despite the fact that we now have a stick in our eye launched by the president, we’re going to go ahead and try and see if we can’t make some improvements to the immigration system,'" Romney said. "I hope we’re able to do that.”
Well Mittens, many of us swallowed hard to vote for you when you were simply not fit to run against Obama. Given that, our fears have now been verified.  This while Ted Cruz is one of the few talking about fighting Obama's illegal amnesty.

So whatcha gonna do now, Annie? Go back to Crispy Creme as your preferred candidate?

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I too am EXTREMELY fired-up to read Coulter's explanation/clarification, which she will undoubtedly be posting on her site any day now.

I'm starting to wonder if Coulter might not own stock in a company that manufactures some kind of "e-verify" amnesty equipment. Or perhaps she has a new boyfriend who is a Republican consultant or McCain strategist. SOMEBODY got to her a couple of years ago, that much is clear. She's morphed into a mouthpiece for the most liberal wing of the GOP establishment.