Monday, November 03, 2014

Virginia 11th District Voters: Vote Scholte & Gillespie To Stop Obama Agenda...Plus, Final Thoughts About Tomorrow

OK, tomorrow is the day, folks.

If you are like me, a resident of Virginia's 11th Congressional District, I'm asking you to join me in voting for Suzanne Scholte for US Congress and Ed Gillespie for US Senate.

If you're in the 10th Congressional District, please vote for Barbara Comstock, who has been a great Delegate in the Virginia legislature and will be a worthy successor to retiring Congressman Frank Wolf.

I have to admit, Up until the last couple of weeks, I had been agnostic toward the idea of voting for Gillespie. He's struck me as an establishment choice who had been hostile to Reaganesque conservatism, based on a number of statements he made before. However, Mark Warner is hardly the "moderate," "bipartisan" Senator the media has spun him as. Warner, like VA 11 Congressman "Jihad" Gerry Connolly, has been a loyal soldier in blindly pushing Obama's radical socialist agenda without question.  The deciding factor was Warner's involvement in attempting to discuss job opportunities for the daughter of VA State Senator Phillip Puckett, in an attempt to stop him from switching parties and hamstringing Governor Terry McAwful's partisan scheme to foist Medicaid expansion on Virginia, which is essentially state-wide Obamacare.

By doing that, Warner is putting the interests of his party over the opinion and desires of Virginians and Americans, who increasingly don't like Obamacare.  Same is true of Connolly, who attacks people targeted by the Obama IRS(S) and walked out on the Benghazi families. It is "My Party, Right or Wrong," instead of "what is best for the country as a whole?"

Democrats who have this blind loyalty to this disaster of a President need to be removed from office because they swore an oath to the Constitution, not their party or their President. When any President is willing to act in such a lawless manner, never before seen in the history of this Republic, the best interest of the nation should come first.

So do I have any predictions?  No, I'm not sure what will happen.  At the very least, I think the GOP will squeak out a small minority. I'm concerned about voter fraud, as we've seen James O'Keefe show how easy it is.  I'm also concerned that the GOP establishment is becoming so cocky that they are beginning to act in a tyrannical manner within the party, trying to stifle debate and the voices of Tea Party conservatives.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, the GOP badly needs a makeover, especially for 2016. It has to become a party once again of "bold colors, not pale pastels." I sometimes have wondered if we might be looking at more of a blowout if the GOP wasn't afraid to state what they are for, and where Obama and the Democrats have gone wrong, instead of being too weak-kneed.  Stand for something, don't be afraid.

Most importantly, we have to select a winning, conservative candidate for 2016.

So, let's vote tomorrow...and pray afterwards to God to Bless and heal our nation.

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