Monday, November 03, 2014

Moochelle Obama Makes Plea To "Our Community" Vote Democrat No Matter Who Is On The Ticket

"I'm a sheeple, your a sheeple, he's a sheeple, she's a sheeple...."

That's what Moochelle Obama implied when speaking with to Rowland Martin on TV One (Breitbart). There's a video at the link, but I won't embed autoplay videos.
"Thats my message to voters, this isn't about Barack, It's not about person on that ballot, its about you, and for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on regardless of who said what or did this, that shouldn't even come into the equation." 
But she also said...
"Voting is critical no matter who's on the ballot," the first lady said. "And that's one of the things we have to continuously work on in our communities of new voters — folks who maybe voted for the first time because they voted for Barack Obama, young people who voted for the first time because they were inspired by this president."
The key to this is that the interview with Martin, as well with this interview earlier today for a black Sirus XM radio station, all address the black community.

Isn't the President supposed to represent all of America? At least that's what Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama told us on David Letterman back in 2012.  But here the Obamas and other Democrats essentially telling blacks "Don't think for yourself. Just pull the lever next to the 'D'."

Ben Stein really hits the nail on the head when he made this comment the other day.

“What the White House is trying to do is racialize all politics and they’re especially trying to tell the African-American voter that the GOP is against letting them have a chance at a good life in this economy, and that’s just a complete lie. ...I watch with fascination — with incredible fascination — all the stories about how the Democratic politicians, especially Hillary [Rodham Clinton], are trying to whip up the African-American vote and say, ‘Oh, the Republicans have policies against black people in terms of the economy.’ But there are no such policies. It’s all a way to racialize voting in this country. This president is the most racist president there has ever been in America. He is purposely trying to use race to divide Americans.”

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