Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Five GOP Gains in US Senate, Tight Race In Virginia Between Gillespie and Warner, Obama Going Full Mussolini - GOP Has Six!

At this point, (10:30 pm EDT) the Republican Party has picked up five US Senate seats, one short of the six needed for majority control (NY Slimes).
Republicans on Tuesday picked up the fifth of six seats they needed to gain control of the Senate, as voters in Arkansas and Colorado ousted the Democratic incumbents Mark Pryor and Mark Udall, and elected Republicans in West Virginia, Montana and South Dakota.
Representative Cory Gardner knocked off Mr. Udall in a state that President Obama had won twice and where Democrats had pointed to a strong ground game that they said would hold off the Republican challenge.
In Arkansas, Representative Tom Cotton, the Republican candidate, defeated Mr. Pryor after hammering the Democrat’s ties to Mr. Obama in a state where the president is deeply unpopular. Mr. Cotton, an Iraq combat veteran and a first-term congressman, won despite feverish campaigning by former President Bill Clinton on behalf of Mr. Pryor, according to projections by The Associated Press.
In West Virginia, Shelley Moore Capito, a Republican, easily defeated her Democratic opponent to replace Senator Jay Rockefeller, who is retiring after 30 years in the Senate.
Mike Rounds, a former Republican governor of South Dakota, won the third pickup to add to the Republican gains, according to projections by The A.P. And in Montana, Representative Steve Daines, a Republican, won a seat that had been in Democratic hands for decades.
The victories bring the Republican Party closer to its goal of taking the Senate back from the Democrats eight years after losing the chamber amid a wave of angry voter sentiment aimed at President George W. Bush and the Iraq war.
Per Breitbart.com live radio, Tom Tillis is currently leading in North Carolina by 50,000 votes, Jodi Ernst appears to be headed to victory in Iowa, which would bring the totals to seven.

Here in Virginia, the Senate race between incumbent Mark Warner and Ed Gillespie is closer than polls had been showing. Gillespie had been trailing in the polls by double digits, but narrowed the gap.

Part of what helped Gillespie was this brilliant ad played during the Washington Redskins Monday Night Football game.

I just saw this Tweet:

Per CNN, Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama is acting defiant, fulfilling Mark Levin's prediction that Obama would go "full Mussolini."
"one White House official said you can bet that the president is going to take executive action on immigration. They said John Boehner had his chance and he blew it and so the president will move forward and keep his promise on that.

David Purdue wins, so that's six! GOP Control of the US Senate!  Ernst wins in Iowa as well.

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