Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Last Act Of A Desperate Party: Democrats Play The Race Card, Use Ferguson, MO And Trayvon Against GOP

It's hard to tell whether Election Day is around the corner or Halloween.

The smell of desperation is in the air for Democrats. Their "War on Women" tactic isn't working like it did in 2012. So, the Dems are getting their scariest costume out of the closet, their old faithful...racial fearmongering (NY Slimes).
In the final days before the election, Democrats in the closest Senate races across the South are turning to racially charged messages — invoking Trayvon Martin’s death, the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Jim Crow-era segregation — to jolt African-Americans into voting and stop a Republican takeover in Washington.
The images and words they are using are striking for how overtly they play on fears of intimidation and repression. And their source is surprising. The effort is being led by national Democrats and their state party organizations — not, in most instances, by the shadowy and often untraceable political action committees that typically employ such provocative messages.
In North Carolina, the “super PAC” started by Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, ran an ad on black radio that accused the Republican candidate, Thom Tillis, of leading an effort to pass the kind of gun law that “caused the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.” Continue reading the main story Related Coverage
In Georgia, Democrats are circulating a flier warning that voting is the only way “to prevent another Ferguson.” It shows two black children holding cardboard signs that say “Don’t shoot.”
“They have been playing on this nerve in the black community that if you even so much as look at a Republican, churches will start to burn, your civil rights will be taken away and young black men like Trayvon Martin will die,” said Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican Party. “The reality of it is, the Democrats realize that their most loyal constituency is not as loyal as they once were.”

Here's photos of some of the fliers Democrats have mailed in an effort to scare minorities into voting for them by playing the race card.

In Maryland...

In Georgia...

This one was mailed out by Democrats in Arkansas (Townhall).

And in North Carolina.

My friend Sister Toldjah used Soundcloud to capture the radio ad by a Harry Reid PAC referenced in the Times story that tied the Trayvon Martin killing to Thom Tillis, running against Sen. Kay Hagan in Norfh Carolina. 

Of course, all this fearmongering is being ginned up because the Democrats cannot run on their records of supporting and voting for the failed Obama socialist agenda, so, as with the phony War on Women meme, they are throwing the race card to distract from their failed record.

It's the perfect game of "SQUIRREL!"

What the Democrats won't talk about is how the history of Jim Crow, segregation and slavery is the Democrat Party legacy, until that scumbag LBJ, the biggest embarrassment ever to come from Texas (though Wendy Davis is catching up), used majority GOP passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for purely political reasons, in which he was overheard using racial epithets on Air Force One making the point.

But, when they're desperate, past history doesn't keep these despicable tactics from being used by Democrats.

MORE: (Right Scoop) Mark Levin Calls Out the Racist & Misogynist Democrat Party

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