Friday, October 24, 2014

Hatchet-Wielding Jihadist In Queens Attacks Police, Shot Dead

One day after the Canadian jihadist shot and killed a Candian soldier, an axe wielding jihadist attacked a group of rookie NYPD officers in Queens (NY Daily News).

Police are investigating the possibility that the attacker killed on a rainswept shopping corridor, identified by police sources as Zale Thompson, 32, had links to terrorism. A Zale Thompson on Facebook is pictured wearing a keffiyeh and had a recent terrorism-related conversation with one of his Facebook friends, according to a police source.
Thompson made no statements as he approached the four officers with hatchet in hand on Jamaica Ave. near 162nd St. in Jamaica at 2 p.m., officials said.
The officers, who all graduated from the academy in July, had huddled together to take a photo for a freelance photographer when Thompson ran up and started swinging, striking a 24-year-old cop in the right arm, said NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.
He then brought the axe down on the second cop, cracking his skull, police sources said.
The two uninjured officers pulled their weapons and blasted away at Thompson, firing 19 rounds, the source said.
“It was a completely unprovoked attack,” said NYPD Chief Kim Royster, a department spokeswoman.
Thompson died at the scene. It was not immediately clear where on the body he was hit.
“I saw the cop on the ground,” said witness Kelli Reddick, 24. “He looked so bloody. His face was just covered in blood. He was laying on his side. He wasn’t moving at all.”
It’s not believed that the photographer who asked the cops to pull together was working with Thompson, Bratton said.
 At Twitchy, there is an unconfirmed report that Thompson also went by the name Zaim Farouq Abdul-Malik.

I'm sure Richard Milhous Hussein-Obama, the Muslim-sympathizer-in-Chief, will be quick to assure us all that this is not representative of Islam, on his way out to the golf course.

And again I will ask, how many more people have to be maimed or killed before the civilized world wakes up from the denial about the threat posed by this ideology?

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