Tuesday, October 28, 2014

At Wendy Davis Rally, Texas Democrat Says Greg Abbott "Just Kind Of Rolls Round" Getting Tort Reform For Himself

The Texas Democrat Party and the Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis have doubled down on attacking Greg Abbott's being confined to a wheelchair.

Video and story via PJ Media of Texas Rep. Dawna Dukes campaigning for Davis at a rally in Pflugerville, north of Austin:
She spent a Saturday campaign rally in Pflugerville claiming that Texas Republicans have “taken everything away everything that matters to the people of Texas,” which doesn’t make a bit of sense in the small-government state that is the engine of America’s economic growth.
...Dukes carried right on into mocking the Republican governor nominee, Attorney General Greg Abbott.
...“And then we have this guy who just kind of rolls around thinking that he can get tort reform for himself, but take it away from everybody else in the state of Texas.”
And the Democrat base crowd cheers, as you can hear in the video below.
Davis’ Battleground Texas supporters have been caught on tape mocking Abbott’s disability (and condoning voter fraud) during this campaign cycle. Wendy Davis herself just got into trouble for that ad with the image of the empty wheelchair. Then she shamelessly used some disabled folks as props, which predictably backfired.
And now this from Dawna Dukes.

Capping this episode perfectly, Wendy Davis later thanked Dukes for her comments, reports Sarah Rumpf at Breitbart.
Nice party ya got there, Texas Democrats. Enjoy a few more years in deserved political exile.
Clayton Williams is smiling somewhere, because he no longer owns the worst gubernatorial campaign in Texas history.

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