Monday, September 08, 2014

Reverse Chauvinism: Courtesy Of Democrat & Liberal Women

Feminism, which has been historically thought as a call for men and women to be treated equally, is hardly anything but that.

Unfortunately, and this was one thing I learned when I entered the working world (see About Me section), is that it has been used as a way of having power, especially having power over men.  It's not surprising being that most feminists are liberals.

Example #1 - Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the loudmouth chair of the DNC. She had to apologize last week for a comment she made about GOP Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker.

Why? According to "Thunderlips" Debbie, because Gov. Walker's position on some items is akin to "grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back." In Thunderlips' liberal feminist worldview, disagreeing with a woman is akin to battering her.

Which brings us to Example #2 - Liberal Democrat Senator from North Carolina Kay Hagan was outclassed in her debate last week against Republican nominee Thom Tillis.  In response, Hagan and the DNC spin was nothing but pure sexism, they accused Tillis of "mansplaining." (Sister Toldjah)

Tillis, so far, has not run away in fear from this attack but confronted it. (Politico)
“It’s just silly,” he said during a lunch stop this weekend with supporters over barbecue, fried oysters and chicken livers. “We’re talking about the future of the greatest nation on the earth, and this is what we’re going to?” ... “I knew Sen. Hagan when she was in the state legislature. I knew her husband Chip. This race isn’t about titles. It’s about results,” he said. “And in Sen. Hagan’s case, it’s a lack of results. If you look at it just objectively, if that is what the Hagan’s camp is focusing on in this debate, then they must have really felt in their own minds that they fell short on the issues. If it really comes down to that — I mean what about the substance of the debate?”
Kind of like how the substance of the Obama/Romney debates in 2012 couldn't be seen because of distractions like "Big Bird" or "binders full of women."  Never mind that in the debate over women deserving equal salaries to men, liberal Hagan is one of many liberal hypocrites.

But outside of the political world, you can see this new, reverse chauvinism in a lot of Twitter hastaging, as well as in the writings of "feminists" like Amanda Marcotte. Who is she? She used to be an official blogger for the 2008 John Edwards campaign (how ironic), but was dismissed after some of her comments (including blasphemous ones about the Virgin Mary and Holy Spirit) were make known.

Writing at liberal website Slate, Marcotte sees the traditional home-cooked family meal as "tyranny." (Newsbusters).
..[W]omen find that their very own families present a major obstacle to their desire to provide diverse, home-cooked meals. The women interviewed faced not just children but grown adults who are whiny, picky, and ungrateful for their efforts. "We rarely observed a meal in which at least one family member didn't complain about the food they were served," the researchers write. Mothers who could afford to do so often wanted to try new recipes and diverse ingredients, but they knew that it would cause their families to reject the meals....The saddest part is that picky husbands and boyfriends were just as much, if not more, of a problem than fussy children.
So hear that guys? You're like a fussy child because Susie burned the meat loaf, or she put cheese on the meal when you don't like it.

Is it any wonder many men are retreating from the institution of marriage.

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