Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oakland CA Climate March Proves Movement Is More About Communist Advocacy Than The Environment

In a follow-up to the post from Sunday about the Climate March in New York, there was one as well in the ultra, far-Left Bay Area, Oakland, to be exact.

Zombietime writes:
None of this arose by chance. The entire “System Change, Not Climate Change” meme is a coordinated effort of “an ecosocialist coalition” of far-left and communist groups who banded together and developed a slogan to bring the environmentalist movement within the socialist fold. The effort was apparently spearheaded by the Socialist Party USA, though they don’t like to openly discuss which organizations are part of the coalition.
I didn’t pay much attention to the people on the stage, but at one point I did catch the speech of one of the keynote speakers, whom I believe was named “Kim Serrano” or something close to that. Here’s the video of her speech, which you really ought to watch because it reveals that this “System change, not climate change” meme was an official part of the rally’s messaging. (And for anyone who’d rather read the speech than watch a video of it, an exact transcription of her words is given below as well.)

This is some of what the speaker said:
Our situation is dire. But before we can begin to address any of the possible solutions, it is important that we discuss the root cause of the environmental catastrophe that we are experiencing.
What we are facing is a systemic problem. A conflict between two systems.
First is the environmental system, which sustains life on Earth.
Then there is the economic system of capitalism that is attacking the stability of our environment. Capitalism and a healthy environment cannot coexist!
Crowd: [cheers]
This conflict is not just about the decision-making of a few world leaders, or the bad intentions of capitalists. It is inherent in the system that they maintain. This economic system has one purpose: To generate profit.
To ensure massive profit, there has to be economic growth. That means constantly turning resources into products for sale. In this contradictory relationship, capitalism views our finite resources as opportunities for infinite growth.
For this system, the environment is nothing but means to an end. But for us, it is the basis of our existence.
One way to understand the magnitude and the insanity of this system is to look at the oil industry. Just one company, Exxon Mobil, plans on spending $100 million a day just on research, to find new hydrocarbons to drill out of the Earth. That’s just to drill out of the Earth. They are doing this while scientists warn us that even if we stopped CO2 in the atmosphere today, we would still increase the Earth’s temperature by 0.8 degrees. That would bring us up to a total increase of 1.6 degrees to what we have already added. Scientists tell us as well that a 2 degree increase, or over, could be catastrophic to life on Earth.
But those who head corporations are fully aware of this. They’re complicit with the operations of the system that is endangering the life on this planet.
…They [the government] are not going to put a stop to the capitalist practices. They can only mitigate them.
But we’re beyond the point of mitigation: What we need is transformation!

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