Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nancy Pelosi Shows The Insane Disconnect Of Modern Liberals: GOP Bigger Threat To Civilization (She Forget ISIS?)

I've often written here how liberal Democrats act like conservatives, Tea Party, etc are a bigger threat than Islamic jihadists like the kind of attacked us on 9/11.

Nancy Pelosi proved my point last night (The Blaze).

Now think about how absolutely insane this type of thinking is.

It was Pelosi and her Party of Treason (Democrats) who started a war against the war back when Bush was President, and all they wanted to do was get out of Iraq, but were too cowardly (at the time) to say get out of Afghanistan.  Their hopes were consummated with the election of Richard Milhous Obama, who took all troops out of Iraq (against all the advice of military commanders for leaving security forces), and began the drawdown of Afghanistan. Obama also went on the endless "apology" tours.

Now where are we at? Thanks to Pelosi, Obama and the Democrats 1960's hippie Grateful Dead foreign policy, Islamic terrorists are on the rise. ISIS has beheaded two Americans, has taken over many of the areas our military bled and died fighting to liberate, threatened Christians in Iraq with the demand of "convert or be killed," and are threatening our nation.

Here in America, our borders are open and ISIS is threatening to use that vulnerability to wage attacks on us. Also, we have domestic jihadis who are killing in the name of Islam. Have you heard of the name Brendan Tevlin from New Jersey?  Probably not, because the media have ignored a story that several blogs (and this one) reported back in late August, how he was killed by Ali Mohammad Brown back in June. Brown said he killed to get back for all the deaths in the Middle East due to the War on Terror. In addition to Tevlin, Brown also went to the Seattle, Washington area and used a smartphone app to lure two gay men for a hook up, in which he murdered them.

But Eric "My People" Holder and the Department of Racial Justice have been too busy investigating the police department in Ferguson, MO. "Hanoi" John Kerry and Obama say were not at war. Obama refuses to (despite all the evidence) acknowledge the link between Islam and terrorism.

But civilization will be threatened if the Democrats lose power?

Thanks Nancy, for proving my point, and showing how insanely disconnected from reality liberal Democrats are.

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