Thursday, September 25, 2014

Attention NRSC: It's Lack Of Message & Attacking Your Base, NOT Lack Of Money, That Has GOP Winning Senate In Doubt

I got the following fundraising e-mail yesterday from the NRSC, via what appears to be a Tea Party connected group.

This solicitation is a regurgitation of excuses given by the GOP establishment consulting class, led by that human Pillsbury Dough Boy Karl Rove, in a WSJ column last week.

Well, I've not been one of those who has been putting my hope in the words of the same establishment consultants who were telling us two years ago how Mittens Romney was going to win in a landslide. In fact, the past couple of elections have made me doubtful the GOP can win control of the Senate.


One thing about Rove and the "good ole boys" in the GOP establishment, they can never admit they are wrong. They spent part of 2010 (attacking the Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell campaigns) and a good part of 2012 attacking Tea Party candidates or other primary contenders who didn't have the GOP-e Seal of Approval much harder than they did Richard Milhous Obama or any of the Senate candidates they ran against.

How did that winning strategy help?  Well, it didn't. Obama won re-election, and "Dingy" Harry Reid kept his iron-fist control of the Senate.  Last year, we saw a corrupt Clintonoid Terry McAwful win a close victory over Ken Cuccinelli in the governor's race here in Virginia. Why? Because the GOP pulled support from the conservative Cuccinelli after he was selected over the GOP "good ole boy" favored Bill Bolling.

So instead of taking responsibility for not defending Cuccinelli, the GOP establishment doubled down and immediately declared war on the Tea Party.

Then, we had the shameful example of the GOP establishment attacking Mississippi Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel in the most despicable manner that one would expect from a liberal Democrat, NOT a Republican. McDaniel was branded as a racist by the GOP establishment, in order to scare black voters into voting for incumbent RINO Thad Cochran.  The NRSC was behind some of these smear attacks, and the feckless GOP chair Rinse Preebus did nothing to denounce the despicable attacks against McDaniel or the Tea Party.

What we've seen time after time from the GOP establishment and the NRSC is the demand for all of us to unify behind one of their approved candidates when they win with such vicious attacks on conservatives, but they refuse to do the same when a Ken Cuccinelli, Chris McDaniel, or Christine O'Donnell beats their establishment candidate.  It's as if these RINOs are more comfortable with a liberal in power, especially if their candidate doesn't win the primary.

Add to that how the "good ole boy" hacks like Rove, McConnell, the weeping wino Boehner, Brad Dayspring and many others will attack conservatives, the Tea Party, and their spokespeople harder than they will Obama, Reid, Wasserman-Schultz or the extreme far-Left socialist agenda they push. In the same respect, their advice is to be quiet, don't be critical, don't try to shut down the government over Obamacare, amnesty. In short, don't stand for anything.

No, it's not money, Karl Rove. It is the way you and your cronies attack those of us in the conservative grassroots who make up the GOP voting base. Why should people be excited to vote when they see a party not willing to stand up for some core principles? Why should independents vote for GOP-e candidates who are too timid or afraid to stand against Obamacare or amnesty, which are both unpopular?  Why should potential GOP donors donate to a party apparatus that attacks them as racists or extremists?

And no, NRSC, I won't be donating. If it hadn't been for the Tea Party group you convinced to send your solicitation, I wouldn't have received it, because I unsubscribed from all GOP correspondence.

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