Monday, August 04, 2014

IRS Sides With Atheists, Will Monitor 99 Churches For Messaging Behind Pulpit

Another attack on the freedom of religion by the Obama Regime's IRS (Independent Journal Review).
After the IRS presented a letter to the Justice Department that states 99 churches “merit high priority for examination,” the FFRF dropped their lawsuit against them.

The IRS also held private talks with the FFRF, purportedly, to assure them that the monitoring of churches will definitely happen.

Justice Department attorney, J. Christian Adams, explains on Fox News:
“They want them to convert theology to political. They want them to convert them to politics and say, “hey that’s not theology that’s political and you shouldn’t be talking like that.” And they wan to use the IRS as a weapon against Christianity, against faith.”
The FFRF has accused these 99 churches of illegal electioneering activities by expressing one sided views on ‘political’ issues. These ‘political’ issues are things such as stances on homosexuality, abortion, and religious freedom rights even though no candidates are associated or mentioned.

Example: The FFRF asked the IRS to sanction Billy Graham’s ministry for a newspaper ad that ran in several publications including the Wall Street Journal in a ‘vote Biblical campaign,’ urging voters to consider the same three same issues. Again no specific candidate endorsed, just reminder of what fundamental Christian values are.

But it’s not just the national level that the FFRF is fighting — it is also doing things like calling out a small parish for including these same value statements in an election season letter.

This certainly appears to be a ploy by the FFRF to take away a church’s basic rights because they don’t agree with them. The situation is even more ridiculous because the IRS seems to be taking the FFRF’s bait like a fish attracted to gold flecks on bedazzled bobber.
How much do you want to be that the churches and pastors being monitored aren't ones that are friendly to Democrats, such as this one?
“Faith is an integral part of the Democratic Party,” the Reverend Derrick Harkins proclaimed Wednesday as he kicked off a panel on religion at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. “Don’t put any credence to the lie that somehow faith is not an integral part of who we are as Democrats—somebody ought to say, ‘Amen!’” Applause filled the forum. The event, the second that Harkins helped organize this week in addition to a daily morning prayer series, is the most recent attempt by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to rally the faith vote for President Obama in November. And Harkins is the man behind the mission.

The first time Harkins met the president was six years ago, when then-Senator Obama gave his Call to Renewal speech—perhaps his most openly Christian public address—at Washington’s National City Christian Church. “If we truly hope to speak to people where they’re at, to communicate our hopes and values in a way that’s relevant to their own,” Obama said, “then as progressives, we cannot abandon the field of religious discourse.” At the time, Harkins was on the board of the progressive evangelical organization Sojourners, which was hosting the conference. From the pews, he listened carefully as the young congressman outlined how his Christian commitments informed his progressive agenda. “Even then, when people were just beginning to buzz about his possibly running for president, I was struck by the depth and authenticity of his own understanding of his personal faith,” Harkins recalls.
And I'm sure churches that allow Democrats to use their pulpits as campaign stumps for Democrats, or promote liberal causes instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will be exempt from any IRS scrutiny.  You can even bet mosques will be exempt from any scrutiny at all, under Obama.

More proof of the Obama Regime's hostility towards faith. It is also another reason why the IRS, for all practical purposes, needs to be abolished, and why the Republicans leading the House Oversight Committee are dropping the ball by not stopping this.

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