Thursday, August 21, 2014

Golfing After Speaking About Islamic Savages Beheading James Foley...It Doesn't Get Tackier Than This


That was the attitude Richard Milhous Obama had after his comments made about the vicious beheading of American journalist James Foley by these sixth century Islamosavages called ISIS or ISIL or whatever they're called (NY Daily News).

President Obama put his own spin on the oft-quoted advice of Teddy Roosevelt: Speak sharply and carry a big nine iron. 
The vacationing commander-in-chief, after promising a relentless hunt for the terrorist butchers of a U.S. journalist, teed off on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course just a short time later. 
“Obama is more dedicated to golfing than he is to defending the nation,” sniped Liz Cheney, daughter of the former GOP vice president, via Twitter. 
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius also took a swing at Obama. 
“I know in Western countries, this is vacation period,” he said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “But when people are dying, you must return from vacation.”
It's bad when even the French have to attack the President for being on an endless vacation. Reminds me of that scene from The Naked Gun...

"Not one man will rest until the scum who did this is behind bars. Now let's get a bite to eat."

Speaking of Obama's statement, Bookworm Room makes a great argument for why it was awful.

While I predicted that Obama would express sadness on his own behalf and on behalf of the American people, it turns out that Obama, still a legend in his own mind, felt called upon to speak on behalf of the entire world: 
Today, the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group ISIL.[snip]
Jim was taken from us in an act of violence that shocked the conscience of the entire world.[snip]
The world is shaped by people like Jim Foley and the overwhelming majority of humanity who are appalled by those who killed him.
I don’t want to be too pedantic, but I do feel it’s incumbent upon me to point out that large swaths of the Muslim world aren’t appalled at all by “Jim’s” death but are, instead, quite pleased. (And am I the only one who finds bizarre Obama’s faux familiarity with a man he never met, who died with a dignity that at least deserves the respect of his full name?) 
Anywhere that there is radical Islamism and/or anti-Americanism you will find people celebrating the slaughter. Perhaps Obama has forgotten the spectacle of Gazans handing out candy when Americans died on 9/11 or of the 2000 Ramallah lynching that saw Muslims joyfully bathing their hands in the blood of murdered Israelis soldiers:
Ramallah lynching. 
So, no, Mr. President, the entire world is not “appalled,” and a big part of America’s problem lies in the fact that (a) you refuse to recognize that reality and (b) you think you speak for the world. 
As I also predicated, Obama did issue a strongly worded condemnation of the killers, but he combined it with the second part of my prediction, which was his assurance that the killers, despite rejoicing under a name with the word “Islamic” in it, despite dedicating their acts to Allah, and despite self-identifying as Muslim are, in fact, not Muslims at all: 
Let’s be clear about ISIL. They have rampaged across cities and villages killing innocent, unarmed civilians in cowardly acts of violence. They abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rape and slavery. They have murdered Muslims, both Sunni and Shia, by the thousands. They target Christians and religious minorities, driving them from their homes, murdering them when they can, for no other reason than they practice a different religion. 
They declared their ambition to commit genocide against an ancient people. So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings. Their ideology is bankrupt. (Emphasis added. 
Does Obama actually believe this mush-brained babble? Does he actually think he’s the one who gets to define what constitutes Islam? If it’s good and harmonizes with his hard Left values, it’s Islam; if it’s bad and actually follows the word of the Prophet, and dedicates all acts to its religion, than Obama gets to say it’s not Islam. Obama seems to be aggregating an awful lot of godlike power to himself there.
What has been sickening to me, as an American, is how Obama and his party have been part of the problem for the last 12 years. We had a lot of 30 day patriots after 9/11, whose unity and resolve lasted about as long as the flags on their car antennas. Then, when the Left realized they could make political hay and start exploiting the War on Terror for political gain, they did it. That's not to say criticism of a President during a time of war should be off limits, but to make false allegations we were "lied" to for a war in Iraq, to claim the "war is lost," and to act as an apologist for imprisoned terrorists while attacking our military guarding them was tantamount to treason...all because the Democrat Party was madder about November 2000 than they were about September 11, 2001, and wanted revenge.

Not once has Obama dared to mention the words Islamic terrorism. Instead, it's "workplace violence. The only time Obama speaks of Islam is to defend it, like when he stood in front of the UN and say their "prophet" shall not be mocked, while peddling the lie about a video being the reason for the second 9/11 in 2012.

Maybe this is the only way Obama will wake up about Islamofascism.

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