Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anti-American Jerk In Marin County Angry At Neighbor For Flying American Flag

And liberals don't want us to question their patriotism? This is why we do, especially if they live in Moron County, CA (KTVU).
An Army veteran is being criticized for displaying an American flag outside his San Rafael home.

For four decades Dean Morris has hung the flag outside his home. "I lost a great number of friends in the Vietnam conflict and it’s a tribute to them," said Morris.

But Wednesday he received an anonymous letter in the mail criticizing him for flying his flag. The letter contains some harsh language. "Can you please explain why you are flying your flag daily other than the fact you just may be a Republican a**hole," it reads in part.

It also makes a racial comment about President Barack Obama, referring to him as "your black President.”

The letter suggests those who display flags are trying to make a conservative statement, and that the flag should only fly on important holidays Ironically the letter, addressed only to "resident," was posted with a stamp bearing the image of an American flag.

Morris, who served in the Army says flying the flag and sending the letter are all part of free speech. He just finds it strange.

"I don't care if you are a liberal or conservative or whatever. This is not the ranting of person who has all their ducks in order." said Morris.

It's most likely the ranting of some member of the local America-hating, communist group in Marin, who spent the 1960s smoking dope and listening to the Grateful Dead, while calling our military "baby killers" and protesting any war.

If you Moron County liberals hate the country so much, there's an island 90 miles from Miami you could head to.  Just don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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