Monday, July 21, 2014

Well Well: Obama DIDN'T Pay For Peggy Joesph's Gas And Mortgage After All

Remember this video from near the end of the 2008 Presidential Campaign?

Fast forward almost six years later, and the lady in the video above, Peggy Joseph, has a different view of Richard Milhous Obama (TPNN).
Joel Gilbert caught up with Peggy Joseph for the filming of his new full-length documentary film, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” six years after Joseph thought that Barack Obama would pay for her gas and her mortgage.
Ms. Joseph told Gilbert, after viewing the 2008 segment together that gave her notoriety, that not only has Obama not been paying her gas or mortgage, but both have gotten progressively harder to pay.
“During that time, we needed a change, but change for the better, not for the worse,” an awakened Peggy Joseph told Gilbert.
“He had a very big voice, just like the Wizard of Oz,” Joseph said, comparing Obama to the famous phony wizard. “The wizard was this little teeny-teeny tiny man, and I think it’s the same thing with Obama, the man behind the curtain,” Ms. Joseph said in a reflective, disappointing tone.
Ms. Joseph looks back at the time of her 2008 interview, saying, “I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. That’s how I feel.”
“What I learned is never trust the Wizard,” Joseph now says. “It’s within ourselves to have the determination, the courage, and the brains, to bring us to our destiny.”
Gilbert told WND that he was shocked to find Peggy Joseph “was a suburban soccer mom with four children, who earned her living as a hard-working nurse, the daughter of Haitian immigrants,” and had “no history of ever accepting any form of government assistance or taxpayer-funded handouts.”

She's not alone. So many people got suckered in because the media made Obama sound like the second coming, that they didn't care to look deeper into this guy's record or his rhetoric.

And now, our nation, and the world, are paying a price.

Peggy Joseph, like I'm sure many others, learned an important lesson I always remember the late, great Lee Rodgers say on KSFO-AM in the mornings. "Never fall in love with a politician ... they'll break your heart every time."

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