Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Left's Hobby Lobby Hysteria

Last night on Hannity, Dana Loesch did a great job of educating the former President of the NAGs (National Association of Gals) President, Patricia Ireland. The clip is important to watch because it illustrates how liberals and "feminists" have done nothing but engaged in demagoguery and dishonesty about the Hobby Lobby decision from the Supreme Court on Monday.

If one didn't know better (and judging from the lack of media reporting it, it was hard to know this) Hobby Lobby provides access to sixteen (16) forms of birth control in their health care plans. They, however, choose not to cover abortions or "morning after" abortion pills due to the family who owns it having a moral objection to abortion.

If you will recall, the one issue that kept the phony "Blue Dog Democrats" (ie Bart Stupak) from voting for Obamacare was to prevent abortions being covered by the law. So, Obama took out his magic pen and supposedly took it out, until HHS put it back in after the law was passed.

Liberals and "feminists" (who really don't care about equal rights or betterment for women) have been engaging in an endless orgy of hysteria, dishonesty and demagoguery since Monday.  Liberal Democrats, like Obama, "Dingy" Harry Reid, and that shrieking Hadrian Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (aka Thunderlips) are using this to keep pushing their "War on Women" victimization crap in an election year, while the GOP leadership is spooked of their own shadow again.

Let's be clear what this is all about.  It's all about abortion.  That is why modern feminism is, as far as an ideology, the biggest load of bovine excrement in the political discussion today.  Because it does not promote equality of women or women being individuals.  It is about, like all modern Leftism, "groupthink." Women are supposed to care only about having the freedom to abort their babies, not follow their individual conscience or desires.  Those who think for themselves are "traitors" to the cause. All these "feminists" want to blast men for "making women's reproductive decisions," which further shows what a lie modern feminism is, as it is nothing but reverse sexism and an ideology of anger toward men.

"They're forcing their religious views on people," the Left shrieks. Not quite.  No one is forcing people to work at Hobby Lobby or shop there. How many female employees are complaining about their benefits?

So who is forcing their views on America? It's not Hobby Lobby. It is the liberals and their feminist fringe, that's who!  This whole case boils down to abortion, the sacred, blood sacrament of the religion known as liberalism and forcing compliance of it upon everyone.  In the process of doing it, the Left uses lies to play on emotions of women and cast them as victims in their "us vs. them" divisiveness, all for political gain. Liberals and Democrats do this with any group. They've done it with minorities, they've done with with Muslims after 9/11, and they do it with women--you're the victims and were here for you. Pit one group against other, it's the liberal playbook.

Finally, lets come boil it down to something that doesn't seem to exist anymore...personal responsibility. If you don't want me making your "reproductive decisions," then you shouldn't look at me and ask me to pay for it. Instead, ask the guy who got you pregnant to be responsible and pay for it, or, better yet, to pay for the birth control before you engage in the act.

And if he's not willing to take that responsibility, then you shouldn't be sleeping with a loser like that in the first place!

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