Thursday, July 10, 2014

"For What?" I'll Tell You Just What For, President Richard Milhous Obama!

Obama was down in my home state of Texas today, finding time to fundraise and ear barbecue, but couldn't find time to go down to the border of Texas and Mexico.

Instead, he found time to politicize (Yahoo).
Obama has a long list of grievances with Republicans who control the House of Representatives, who have blocked much of his second-term agenda. Problem No. 1 is the lawsuit that House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner is threatening to file over what Republicans feel is Obama's wanton use of executive orders to skirt around congressional inertia. "You hear some of 'em, 'sue him, impeach him,'" Obama said, then added a sarcastic, "Really?"
"For what? You're going to sue me for doing my job? OK. I mean, think about that, you're going to use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job, while you don't do your job?"
Ok, here's a brief list for starters.

That "phony" scandal called Benghazi. Those four Americans who died weren't phony lives, and you dishonor their service to this nation by pretending they don't mean a thing to you, except being a "bump in the road." The idea that a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 blew a hole in your phony election year claim of "al-Queda being decimated." So, you and Hillary Rotten Clinton had to blame a video, and even now your Regime won't admit in court the video was to blame. What are you hiding?  No one died because of the Watergate cover up.

Speaking of Watergate, did you know that the mere suggestion that the IRS should be used against Richard Nixon's enemies was to be used as an Article of Impeachment against him?  Under your Regime, the IRS went after Tea Party and conservative groups. E-mails are missing, just like an 18-minute gap in the White House tape recordings. Yet you say there's "not a smidgen" of corruption. Really? How do you know that when the facts say otherwise? Again, what are you hiding?

Well, you are partially right about al-Queda being on the run, but they're running toward us, because you've shown them they don't need to fear you. You released five top al-Queda generals from Gitmo in exchange for a US Army deserter, and have a "ho-hum" attitude as even more radical Islamists ISIS take over Iraq and engage in mass slaughter, while threatening our allies and the stability of the region, but it's tee time for you, isn't it? 

Now our borders are being overrun by children from Central America, because you've shown by your words and executive orders that no one needs to fear deportation. All indications show your Regime knew about it and were preparing for it, so you could use the Cloward-Piven playbook to create a crisis to demand the Congress pass amnesty.

You claim to be doing your job, but so many of us are trying to figure out just what the job that you claim to be doing is, Richard Milhous Obama?  You were elected twice to be President of the United State, leader of the free world, and instead you treat the office as if is nothing but a platform for you to act like some reality TV star.  All you ever find the time to do is raise money for the Party of Treason, golf, or vacation, and then repeat all three.  Now, you're lashing out because you don't like being called out.

Yes, you deserve impeachment, and removal from office. America deserves a leader, not some American Idol pop-star who treats our highest office like it's an ego fix and acting like Hugo Chavez when he gets called out.

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