Wednesday, June 04, 2014

What Might Help Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Get Obama's Attention To DemandHis Release From Mexican Jail

The United States has always had a pretty sacred rule, and that is: We don’t leave our men or women in uniform behind,” - Richard Milhous Obama.

That might have been true at one time, but there are three American heroes and a US ambassador who might still be alive if Obama and his Regime had cared to rescue them as they called for help while fighting off an attack by Islamofascists in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12.

Similarly, there's a US Marine Corps Sergeant and combat veteran Andrew Tahmooressi, who is being imprisoned in Mexico for accidentally entering the country with guns in his car, which he (in good faith) reported when he entered the country.

But despite news reports and demands from legislators, you don't see the White House or Obama demanding the release of Tahmooressi, who (unlike Bowe Bergdahl) served this nation honorably.

I cannot comment about the Bergdahl outrage without wanting to rant (and not deleting the expletives), and there's probably people who could do better than I can. So, as I thought about how Sgt. Tahmooressi is being left behind in a Mexican jail while Obama announces the release of a suspected deserter, for whom he traded terrorists for, I wondered, what could the Marine Sgt. do to help get the President's attention.

So I began to sarcasticly think, maybe Obama would bargain with Mexico and demand Tahmooressi's release if....

1. Tahmooressi converts to Islam.

A year after Bergdahl "disappeared," the UK Daily Mail ran a story that he had converted to Islam and was training Taliban fighters in bombmaking and ambush skills. But also, Bergdahl's father, who tweeted out messasges saying he wanted to see terrorists detained at Gitmo released, praised Allah right next to a smiling Obama this past Saturday at the White House.

Walid Shoebat noted.
What no one in the media captured was Robert Bowe Bergdahl’s favorites on his Youtube account.

It reveals a dark mind, a collector of a litany of ‘terrorist favorites’, videos from training on how to become Muslim Jihadist to urging American troops to desert and even favorite speeches by confirmed terrorists like Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki, condemning America as a terrorist state.
Keep in mind how Obama noted the Muslim call to prayer was one of the most beautiful sounds he'd heard, has been cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood, and even said at the UN that "the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."  This while Obama has drawn down the US war on al-Queda and had refused to call the jihad at Ft Hood a terrorist attack.

2. Tahmooressi writes anti-American letters from prison.

More is still being found out about Bergdahl. We did see how he had gone on anti-American rants in letters. Maybe Sgt. Tahmooressi needs to write letters to his family and release them to the media, about how America sucks. Maybe throw in a few comments about how he's gotten to know people in Mexico, how hard-working they are and he's ashamed to risk his life fighting for a bunch of racist crackers in America who won't let hard working illegal "Migrants" get amnesty.  That might get Obama's attention and he'd work to have Tahmooressi released.

After all, Obama can sympathize with anti-Americanism, after attending a racist "church" where the Lord's name was taken in vain to damn our nation, and the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 were called our "chickens coming home to rooooooooooooost"

Now, I'm not trying to make light of what is happening to Sgt. Tahmooressi. I'm outraged at the hypocrisy of a Marine who has fought for and served this nation honorably being punished for a sincere mistake, while someone suspected of deserting and got six soldiers killed looking for him is celebrated by a President who can't tell the difference between a corpsman and a corpse-man.  While, at the same time, releasing five dangerous Islamofascist terrorists back to the Middle East.

How can Obama or anyone in his Regime look the rest of America in the eye and say they leave no one behind when Sgt. Tahmooressi and the Benghazi Four are examples of how that is not the case?

When will the media finally realize what their false Messiah is doing to hurt not just the foundation of this nation, but the security of all Americans here and around the world?  When will Congress stand up to this abuse of power from an alleged Constitutional scholar who treats that document like a roll of toilet paper?

What will it take to wake up a nation addicted to reality TV and pop-culture icons, who shamelessly fell for an American Idol presidency that has been one big fantasy detached from reality?


Anonymous said...

Tahmooressi's father is an iranian born shia muslim. That makes Sgt. Andrew Tahmooresi very likely a muslim. I say, may he die a long death in a Mexican jail.

Anonymous said...

you do the crime you pay the crime muslim boy Tahmooressi.

Anonymous said...

It is assumed here that Tahmoressi's father is a Shiite. Iranians come in all religions, especially in US where they can practice Christianity, Judaism and Bahaism without the threat of death penalty. Also I know for a fact that majority of children born to Iranian Americans are not practicing Islam of any flavor, especially if the mother is not Iranian. Thankfully we live in US where 1st Amendment is still in force (not sure for how long), so please express your ignorance while you still can - I am here to educate you.

Another line of thought - If Tahmooressi is really a Moslem, our President would surely call Mexico's President and this marine would have been home next day after arrest.

As for the crimes - how about arresting all illegals from Mexico upon entry regardless of age and deporting them immediately without any access to resources that our citizens cannot get no matter how they need them.