Sunday, June 15, 2014

"These Optics Suck" - Obama Golfs While Iraqis Are Brutally Executed & Beheaded By ISIS

Days after the terrorist attack in Benghazi in which our Ambassador and three other Americans were killed by Islamic jihadi terrorists, Michelle Malkin said the follow on Sean Hannity's TV show regarding the optics of the White House, jetting off to campaign in Vegas the next day while calling the terror attack a "tough day."

"These optics suck, White House!"

I thought about those exact words yesterday as I saw images on Twitter of Iraqis being rounded up by the truckload and then executed in cold blood by ISIS.

And then there's Obama in Palm Springs, playing golf like he's Alfred E. Newmann of Mad Magazine, "What me, worry?", right after giving a speech to UC Irvine's graduating class about the pressing issues of the day (h/t American Power).

And what is the pressing issue of the day to that rectal orifice Obama? Climate change.  Or, as I call it, GloBULL Warming.  This man-made fraud that we humans are somehow responsible for how hot or cold the earth gets. Never mind that the earth has been here millions of years before we came on to the planet, survived Ice ages and other events, and will be here for millions of years after.  Never mind the fact that there just might be some Higher Being in charge of it all. No, Obama and his Big Government liberals are using polar bears and melting ice caps as a way to scare you into giving up more of your freedom. Drive the cars, set the thermostat, take a trip, not take a trip, all based on what government wants us to do.

Meanwhile, parents like Debbie Lee have to watch the blood and sacrifice of their sons and daughter in Iraq be disgraced by this American Idol wanna-be leader who shows no respect for their service.

I wrote about this the other day and still POed at seeing this "ho-hum" attitude from Obama and his White House. So I repeat Michelle Malkin's words to you and your Regime, Obama, "These Optics Suck!!!"

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