Sunday, June 29, 2014

Reince Priebus' Silence On GOP-e's Race-Baiting Against Tea Party In Mississippi Is Complicity

Reince Priebus, the feckless RNC Chairman, appeared on NBC's Meet the Depressed today to contend with Obama bootlicker David Gregory. Priebus spent his time defending the lawsuit by John Boehner against Obama and saying people are getting Hillary fatigue.  You know, the same old party line.

But Mr. Chairman, there is a two ton elephant in the room you are ignoring, because I haven't seen you address it, and you are a fool if you think you can just wish it away.

It would have been one thing if Thad Cochran had won the primary over conservative Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel because he had a better message, had been willing to listen to his constituents and what they wanted to see happen not just in DC, but have their state represented.

But he didn't. Instead of a better message, Cochran, Haley Barbour and his family and the GOP-esablishment types (John McCain, the NRSC, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Grahamnesty, Karl Rove) used the liberal playbook (with help from liberals) of fear-mongering and race baiting against not only McDaniel, but the Tea Party, running some of the most despicable ads and engaging in a "get out the vote" campaign that has turned up illegal votes in many areas.

All this while you stayed silent, Mr. Priebus.

Unfortunately, this establishment war against the Tea Party didn't start with Chris McDaniel. It started way back in 2010, when establishment architect Rove decided to attack Christine O'Donnell as unelectable, never mind she had her IRS forms leaked to the media in a way to malign her. Lisa Murkowski couldn't accept the fact that a Tea Party candidate, Joe Miller, beat her with a better message, so she ran as an independent to keep her seat.

We're always being told how we must have "outreach" with women and minorities, but we saw the establishment "gentlemen" do nothing (and in some cases, aid and abet...I'm looking at you Karl) while articulate conservative women like Sarah Palin get tarred and feathered with slander, innuendo and untrue attacks by the Obama lapdog media.  The same happens to Allen West, Ted Cruz, Herman Cain...they're branded as troublemakers because they're not willing to toe the establishment line.

We saw the establishment pile-on Newt Gingrich with a vicious, scorched-earth smear campaign in 2012. But any criticism of Romney's business dealings? Can't talk about that.  Is it any wonder why Romney couldn't shake that off of him, because that soft spot was something we couldn't talk about, and if we did, we were "attacking capitalism."

More recently, we saw a great, upstanding conservative in Virginia named Ken Cuccinelli have his gubernatorial campaign kneecapped out of spite by establishment RINO Bill Bolling.  Now, we in the Commonwealth have a corrupt, Clintonoid governor using Obama-style dictatorial tactics in passing a state budget with Medicaid funding, all because of RINO Bolling's little temper-tantrum.

Through all of that, you stayed silent. Somehow, you were re-elected to your leadership post in 2013 after leading the GOP in losing the most important election in our lifetime, 2012.  What have you done? Continuously stuck your finger in the eyes of conservatives and the Tea Party, but expected us to go vote for whomever the establishment decides will run in November.

Arrogant and out of touch--I always applied that term to Democrats, liberals, and the Hollywood, New York, New England elitists who look down their noses through their chardonnay glasses at those of us who are not like them.  More and more, it's becoming clear that the establishment Republicans are just as arrogant and out of touch as liberal Democrats. Both sides play partisan politics like it is a Redskins vs. Cowboys football game.

But it's not a game. Our nation is dying from a massive debt, overspending, an economy that has not recovered from the 2008 recession, an erosion of liberty, and a lack of leadership domestically and on the world stage. Yet while we conservatives bring those concerns forward, we are treated as if we are what's wrong with the country...not just by Democrats, but also by GOP establishment elitists who expect us to vote for whom they decide the candidate will be, arrogantly thinking we will settle for the "lesser of two evils."

Well, after your dastardly deed in Mississippi, you might just have well outraged enough folks who won't be voting this year, because they no longer see the value in voting for someone just because they have an "R" by their name. They no longer see the use in having a majority in power who act so easily spooked by the libs and their media acolytes. "My Party, Right or Wrong" might be the operating procedure for the sheepish liberals who vote Democrat, but any American who cares about the future of his nation must break out of this party tribalism, especially when the GOP leadership is unwilling to confront those on the other side who destroy the very foundation of our nation.

Republicans ran on repealing Obamacare in 2010, but thus far have only offered lip-service to the idea. When Ted Cruz and Mike Lee went on an effort to defund it, the establishment types (McCain, Graham, Rove) got spooked by the Obama Media coverage and became the Left's useful idiots by attacking Lee and Cruz.

The IRS scandal against the Tea Party is a massive abuse of power that should be leading to jail sentences in order to get to the truth. But Darrell Issa is all bull and no cattle. If he really meant business, Lois Lerner would be residing in the gray bar hotel right now, or would have sought immunity to reveal what she really knew. Same goes for that arrogant IRS head. I don't want Paul Ryan sitting up there acting like a blowhard for the cameras, I want to see pressure put to him where he'll either sing like a bird or get issued an orange jumpsuit.

Richard Milhous Obama has willfully violated his oath of office in such a manner he is deserving of impeachment several times over, yet all John Boehner wants to do is file a lawsuit against him? What a bleeping joke!  Boehner must have had one too many martinis to realize he has the power of the purse and could cut off funding to the Executive Branch, if he doesn't have the gonads to impeach. Or is he just too afraid to use that power? He might burst out crying if he's attacked.

Leadership is what we desperately need, in Congress and also at the RNC, and we're not getting it from you, Boehner, or McConnell. You all act like young George McFly from Back to the Future, afraid of being bullied and kicked around by the Democrats (Biff and his band of bullies), when what is needed is someone with the backbone to punch the bullying Biff in the mouth.

Unlike some, I'm not going to play the game of take the loss and keep the eye on the ball, especially after what happened in Mississippi was done in such a vile, despicable manner. Don't count on me to carry the GOP water here at this blog. Likewise, don't expect me to vote unless you have candidates who do more than give lip service to conservative principles. 

Why? Because when you attack your base, why should they come out to vote again in November? Right now, your silence about what happened last Tuesday is being viewed as complicity, by the grassroots. If you do not fix it, you are  on the verge of another losing election season for the GOP that they should have won.

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