Saturday, June 07, 2014

Not Incompetence: Obama Showed What He Really Thinks Of Our Military & No Longer Can Claim Plausible Deniability

I could be wrong, but I think we hit a milestone a week ago when Richard Milhous Obama announced he'd traded the deserter Bowe Bergdahl for the Taliban Dream Team.

He came out to take credit for something that blew up in his face, whereas before, he'd been able to escape blame for the failures of his Regime.  It is something known as the "Limbaugh Theroem," put forth by Rush Limbaugh.

Well, this time, instead of being able to come out after the fact and act unattached to the Bergdahl swap, Obama has this whole thing stuck to him, because the blowback happened after he announced it. Thus, Obama is unable to campaign against it or act like he had anything to do with it.

And this brings up another item that I've heard and see many people (some of whom I admire) discuss about Obama. He's incompetent, or, as Mitt Romney put it, he's in over his head.

That is a nice thought and it appears correct on the surface, but it is an underestimation of who Obama really is.  It's not that Obama is incompetent, and to think so is incredibly naive. This is how he really thinks and believes.  He believes in big government and socialism. In addition, it should be seen that the release of Bergdahl and the reaction towards those who condemned he showed us further evidence of his dislike and contempt for the United States and our military.

Think of this. Obama is a student of radical Saul Alinsky. He got his political career started in the home of 1960s Weather Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. He had the support of anti-American, anti-military radicals like Jodie Evans of Code Pinko. He spent 20 years in a supposed church where racism toward whites, and hatred of the US and Israel was preached instead of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Obama is the epitome and the fruit of the 1960s New Left and anti-war movement.  Like Alinsky wrote about, these anti-American radicals infiltrated the Democrat Party and are in places of power today.  The rhetoric is still the same. No war is just. Americas enemies (Communists, Islamofascists) hate us and attack us because of alleged wrongs the Left regurgitates against America, hence why former US Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick called them "blame America first." That is why the only program liberal Democrats want to cut is the US military. People who join the military are seen by today's liberals as uneducated or have no other avenue to make it in life.

We saw this contempt on display when all the platoon mates of Sgt. Bergdahl came forward to tell how he had deserted them. It was time for Obama's Regime and fellow leftists to attack these honorable men who had served and risked their lives for this nation as being politically motivated "psychopaths" who were trying to "Swiftboat" Bergdahl. In 50 years, the anti-military, blame America first Left has gone from physically spitting on our veterans (remember how Vietnam vets were treated by these hippie scumbags, which they deny today) to figuratively spitting on them by besmirching their character and motivations via their government positions through their media lapdogs.  Yet these liberals will always hide behind a deserter (Bergdahl), a phony soldier (remember the Jesse MacBeth controversy & "phony soldiers"?), or a traitor who besmirches the uniform they once wore (Hanoi John Kerry, Jackoff Murtha) as someone they can hide behind.

Quite telling too, is how Obama sat at a ceremony yesterday honoring the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and rudely chewed gum like a cow munching on grass.

That is right up there with what we saw from him and Moochelle on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

What else is this but utter contempt of our nation and the lives lost on these sacred days in our history by this SOB?  He dishonors the office he holds and those who are being honored at these ceremonies.

This is not incompetence, being over your head or not knowing any better, this is how Obama and the Left operate and think, because it's who they are.

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