Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mark Levin: "No Way Thad Cochran Would Get My Vote, I Would Be Betraying Myself, What I Believe In"

Mark Levin was on fire last night behind the microphone, discussing the shameful tactics of the Republican Party "Good Old Boy" establishment in Mississippi against Chris McDaniel.  Listen here.
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark says that the Republican Party doesn't represent the people anymore and has no loyalty to conservatives, so why should we keep supporting it then? We used to be proud Republicans, but not anymore - not when they deliberately went to the Democrats in Mississippi to get their vote and to take out conservative Chris McDaniel. Mark says Republicans shouldn't vote for Thad Cochran in Mississippi - with a political battle cry of, "Remember Mississippi." Remember what the Establishment and the likes of Mitch McConnell and others did to conservatives. Chris McDaniel calls in and talks about the sleazy tactics that were used against him, the race baiting that was going on, and the fact that he received more Republican votes than Cochran did, but it was the Democrats that won the race for Cochran. How can we be proud of that?
In case you haven't been aware, this is what the Republican Party strategy was against a Tea Party conservative named Chris McDaniel.

And the dastardly deeds from Cochran and the GOP "good old boy" club worked.
We know turnout was higher in the runoff than it was in the initial primary. About 375,000 voters showed up Tuesday compared with 318,904 on June 3, an increase of more than 17 percent. Cochran raised his vote total by more than 38,000 votes, while McDaniel pulled in only an additional 30,000. That was more than enough to erase McDaniel’s 1,386 vote lead in the first round.
More specifically, from the DNC propaganda outfit known as the Washington ComPost.
Voter data shows that turnout rose sharply in Tuesday’s election in black areas of the state over the initial June 3 primary, a runoff made necessary when Chris McDaniel narrowly edged Cochran but was unable to win 50 percent of the vote.
That suggested that not only did traditionally Democratic black voters turn out on behalf of the state’s 76-year-old white Republican senator, but they may have provided his margin of victory.
We expect this kind of garbage from liberal Democrats year after year.  Race-baiting, fear mongering, playing class warfare and the phony "War on women" card.  But from Republicans?  And let me remind you, it was the GOP "good old boys" who were outraged at Newt Gingrich and others for attacking Mitt Romney's record at Bain Capital as a "vulture capitalist."  Yet the GOP-e, John McLame, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Grahamnesty, and that fat redneck (former Mississippi governor) Haley Barbour, use the gutter politics of the Left to smear conservatives and Tea Party candidates.  Then again, maybe these establishment types are just showing their true colors.  Remember how the RINOs like that crybaby lush John Boehner didn't care about defending the Tea Party when the untrue allegations first arose about racial slurs being yelled at black congressmen by the Tea Party (that never happened).

Speaking of which, where in the feckless Rinse Preebus, the head of the RNC? How come he has not weighed in on this despicable episode?  Just like he stayed silent as that RINO Bill Bolling and his aide kneecapped Ken Cuccinelli last year and thereby helped the corrupt Clintoniod Terry McAwful squeak into the governor's mansion here in Virginia.

I don't know about you, but this episode and what happened in Virginia last year has cemented my resolve to never vote for any Republican, unless they are a proven conservative. I'm tired of supporting a party whose leaders will bring out the long knives for the Tea Party and conservatives, but will sit and play "patty cake" with the corrupt and lawless Obama Regime, while making their phony Congressional investigations look more like a no-contact, black-belt exhibition instead of anything significant.

John Boehner wants to file a lawsuit against Obama?  What a bleeping joke!  How about impeaching that DickTator Obama and/or using the power of the purse the House has to cut off funds for the Executive Branch?  Boehner's too afraid any bad press will make him cry in his martini back to the tanning salon.

All the blustering by Paul Ryan at the arrogant IRS commissioner is just hot air.  You want to impress me Paul Ryan, Darrell Issa? Start contempt citations.  Start sending these corrupt IRS officials to jail or threaten them to where one might crack and give necessary information under immunity.  There is so much lawlessness going on in our government, yet these RINOs don't want to fight it because they're more interested in looking out for their "good old boy" network, their lobbyists, crony-capitalist buddies and special interests like the pro-amnesty US Chamber of Commerce, than they are the best interests of the American public.

It still might be early, but I'm afraid the GOP establishment is doing all they can to lose possibly gaining control of the US Senate by making the fatal mistake of alienating their voting base. If they do, they have no one to blame but themselves.

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