Friday, May 30, 2014

Surge Of Illegal Aliens Flown From Rio Grande Valley To Arizona

What is happening on the border area of South Texas (Brownsville Herald).
The Department of Homeland Security dropped off some 140 immigrants — mostly women and children — at the Tucson Greyhound station this weekend, leaving them to find their own way to their destination cities across the country to report to immigration offices there. 
While such releases are not new, the number left here at the same time has put a strain on local border advocates and has customs and bus line officials working on a plan to accommodate the unexpected influx of travelers. 
ICE in Arizona is processing 400 people, mostly families coming from Central America and Mexico who were apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley and flown here over the weekend, officials said. 
To meet the demand coming from Texas, the Border Patrol is turning to all available resources at its disposal, said Daniel Tirado, Border Patrol spokesman for the Rio Grande Valley sector.
In the first six months of the fiscal year, the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents detained more people than Tucson did all of last year with an average of more than 600 apprehensions a day
About 70 percent of 140,000 people detained are from countries other than Mexico, mostly Central America. In comparison, Tucson sector Border Patrol agents have detained about 61,000 border crossers during the same period, with 18 percent coming from a place other than Mexico. 
Border Patrol agents in less busy sectors are processing people by taking their biographical information and completing a file online. 
Also, about 100 agents from other sectors, including Arizona, have been sent to Texas to help.
And they are flying apprehended immigrants to other sectors where they can be processed. The first flight was to El Paso on May 7. Four days later, the second one arrived in Tucson and the third landed here last week.
This photo came from Twitter, of the illegals from Texas at a bus depot in Arizona.

All that amnesty talk by Obama, liberals like the Brooklyn ambulance-chasing senator Chuck Schumer, and RINOs like Eric Cantor are encouraging all of this illegal immigration.

Meanwhile, our government does nothing about a US Marine being detained in Mexico.

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wendybar said...

If they can fly them into other cities for processing, they can fly their butts back down to Mexico where they came from.